Edward ‘Ted’ Brown, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

April 12, 2013 

About Brown:

•  President and CEO of KETCHConsulting

•  Class of 1968

•  From State College

Endorsed by the Paterno family, PS4RS, Franco Harris, Lou Prato and others.

I’ve decades of experience planning for/recovering from disasters, including year-long leadership restoring the hurricane-devasted university of the Virgin Islands, thus the only candidate to lead a university crisis recovery; and only Penn Stater elected to the Crisis Planning Hall of Fame. I’ve reviewed a dean’s plans for a Virginia Tech-type response. PSU’s not prepared. I consult on workplace-violence. I’ll work to chair a crisis management/campus violence trustee committee.

Faculty and staff are critical, and their morale is low. There’s a lack of trust that must be restored. Key people are leaving.

At Commonwealth campuses, in the 1990s enrollment was declining. Fixed by making them four-year institutions, competition for these campuses is increasing. I will visit them all, and invest in them because they and University Park are Penn State’s future.

I’ve held leadership positions from manager to president, including executive positions in 30 years at IBM. I’ll get things done!

I’m the proud father of a Special Olympian. Penn State needs to do more for special people!

Trustees need to be visible university ambassadors, conveying “We are … proud… Penn Staters” to the world. I speak at conferences, always mentioning Penn State. Trustees must embrace/follow “due process” as I’ve done through decades of leadership.

State funding will continue declining. Trustees must be PSU advocates to the state, community, business (CBICC member), and alumni. I’m a well-accomplished fundraiser, for Penn State, Theta Delta Chi, Thon, Parmi Nous. Trustees need to lead by example.

Learn more: brownforpennstate.com; www.linkedin.com/pub/edward-ted-b-brown-iii/1/b44/55; www.facebook.com/TedBrown4PSU

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