Robert Grimes, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

April 12, 2013 

About Grimes:

•  Entrepreneur and executive in technology for the Global Foodservice, Hospitality and Retail Marketplaces; founder & CEO of ConStrata Tech Consulting LLC and its affiliated companies; FSTEC LLC; TechAdvisor Media LLC; Hostec Events LLC; Capitol Fresh LLC; CEO SargeCorp LLC

•  1980, B.S. in food service & housing administration (now hospitality management)

•  From Potomac, Md.

Since graduating from Penn State, I proudly carry the Blue and White with me in unwavering support of our students, faculty, university and athletics. While Penn State has always been a dynamic institution, the challenges of the recent past have been all-consuming, making it difficult to focus on Penn State’s future.

I have known the time would come to step up and do more for Penn State; to make a meaningful contribution and difference in the leadership of the university. My entrepreneurial thinking and know-how to get things done, ability to network and connect, and my business and community leadership experiences and skills are assets I will put to work for you and Penn State.

With an understanding of the elements that make Penn State great; from academics and research to athletics and development that will continue to secure the future financially, I know now is the time for me to be a part of the leadership required to move forward at this critical time.

When I meet those who would question Penn State’s commitment to education and focus on doing what is right for the students and community, I remind them of the great accomplishments of the university, students, faculty, athletes and alumni. We all make a difference and I hope you will allow me to represent you in accomplishing our goals now and for future of Penn State. To that end: “We are ...”

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