William Oldsey, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

April 12, 2013 

About Oldsey:

•  Independent consultant in education, publishing and learning technologies. Former executive with Pearson Education and McGraw-Hill

•  1976, English and public relations minor

•  From Basking Ridge, N.J.

The Penn State board of trustees needs fresh ideas and new leaders.

The incumbents have made tragic mistakes and they have compounded those mistakes by refusing to acknowledge or redress them. They have lost the trust and support of their alumni base and they should be retired.

I have been endorsed by Anthony Lubrano and Penn Staters for Responsible Stewardship (PS4RS). They recognize that I am a reformer with the experience and judgment to help guide Penn State to a brighter future.

My family includes three generations of proud Penn Staters dating back to 1942. I was born and raised in State College and my wife and I own a home here. I grew up knowing and respecting the Paterno family and always embracing “success with honor” as a way of life.

After 30 years in the business of education as group president for Pearson Education and executive vice president of McGraw-Hill, I am now able to commit to being a 12-month-a-year full-time trustee. Penn State should be a leader in adopting new technologies that satisfy the need for engaging and affordable world-class education. My years of working with universities and educators across the country will be invaluable in making that happen.

We cannot allow ourselves to be defined by the mistakes of the past 17 months.

We are, after all, Penn State. And we owe it to future generations to pay forward the values and benefits we have enjoyed.

Learn more: billoldsey@gmail.com; www.billoldsey.com; facebook.com/bill.oldsey; @billoldsey

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