Scott Kimler, candidate for Penn State board of trustees

April 12, 2013 

About Kimler:

•  Retired consultant in oil industry, currently web developer and executive team member of

•  1983, M.S. geophysics

•  From Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

Past performance is the best predictor of future performance. Elect a trustee who has already had a positive impact on fixing the board of trustees.

I’m one of six executive team members leading PSU-ReBOT (Penn Staters Reforming the Board of Trustees). Our 2,500-member grassroots group joined with former Auditor General Jack Wagner to develop recommendations for reforming PSU governance. These recommendations are based on research into best practices at 60+ other land-grant institutions. They are also the driving force behind six bills currently before the Pennsylvania General Assembly (HB-61, HB- 299, HB-310, 311, 312 & SB-410). If passed, these bills will improve the board’s effectiveness by reducing its size, increasing its accountability and forcing transparency.

Legislated changes are a great beginning, but they only affect Penn State’s charter, established by statute. The board must get their own house in order, by amending their bylaws and standing orders.

If elected, I will hit the ground running on board reform, reining in tuition, reducing administrative bloat and restoring the Penn State brand. In short, I will put “trust” back into the word “trustee.”

Now is the time for change. Penn State doesn’t need another high-powered executive, lawyer or politician.

It needs a trustee with the time to devote to the job, a demonstrated commitment to improving Penn State, a track record of reform, a fresh perspective, new ideas and a willingness to challenge the status quo.

Help me help Penn State. Vote Scott Kimler. Last on the ballot, first for Penn State.

Learn more:;;; @fix_psu

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