Real Estate Transactions: March 25-29, 2013

April 19, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from March 25, 2013, through March 29, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Bonnie P. Snyder to Sheila Brewer, 427 E. Beaver St., $87,500.

Dean E. Sholl and Marjorie M. Sholl to Tammy A. Whitehill, 846 E. High St., $189,000.

Mark E. Williams, Jane L. Williams, Chris A. Williams, Amy L. Williams, Scott M. Williams and Kelly J. Williams to Virginia K. Lucas, 525 Halfmoon St., $1.

Christin May Veah-Dixon to Richard L. Williams and Nichole E. Williams, 530 E. Beaver St., $167,000.

Benner Township

Grove Park Associates Inc. to Paul Ross and Tracy L. Ascah, 201 Aster Drive, $72,000.

Wyatt D. Parrish Jr. and Lillian M. Parrish to Diego F. Menendez, also known as Diego Federico Menendez, and Maria F. Lodeiro, also known as Maria Fernanda Merlo, 251 Millgate Road, $255,000.

College Township

Xiaochuan Hu and Xiaowei Zhang to Xiaowei Zhang and Xiaochuan Hu, 1228 Cottonwood Ave., $1.

White Heron Inc. to Louis G. Anthony, 720 Tussey Lane, $178,000.

Robert E. Quinn and Shawn L. Quinn to Robert E. Quinn, 144 Aberdeen Lane, $1.

Ronald L. Wiser to Kelly D. Kennedy, 83 Henszey St., $175,200.

John T. Howell and Ellen B. Howell to Stephen A. Hoover and Kimberly M. Johnson, 301 Gregor Way, $350,000.

Curtin Township

David E. Seyler, by attorney and Amber D. Seyler, also known as Amber Dawn Falls, to Timothy U. Carter and Adelphine E. Carter, 2099 Summit Hill Road, $93,000.

Ferguson Township

Brian J. Derksen and Anne Martin-Derksen to Brian J. Derksen, 281 Grissinger Camp Lane, $1. P. David Porter and Joyce F. Porter to Westview Commons LLC, 100 S. Corl St., $1.

Carol Lewis to Lynn E. Saxton, 1988 Harvest Circle, $186,700.

Alice L. Markle and William C. Markle to Kirk B. Zuercher and Julie G. Zuercher, 125 Lilac Lane, $184,536.

Daphne Hernandez to Eileen P. Peachey, 177 Harvest Run Road North, $271,000.

Truebuild LLC to Matthew R. Umbel and Lauren A. Umbel, 347 McBath St., $82,500.

Haines Township

Eli R. Zook and Madelene L. Zook to Jonathan E. Yoder and Hannah M. Yoder, 141 Eli Drive, $1.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP to Richard E. Wilber, property located within the Township, $309,852.77.

Howard Township

Harold D. Tressler by attorney and Harold D. Tressler St. to Skylar K. Burke, 504 Tressler Ave., $148,000.

Liberty Township

Corby R. Hilliard and Shannon Day Hilliard to Alexander H. Mahfood and Beth A. Mahfood, 112 Woody Lane, $168,900.

Marion Township

Florence L. Poorman, estate, Florence Louise Poorman, Melanie Melius, executrix and Bryan S. Poorman, executor, to Edward B. Poorman, property located along Slaughterhouse Road, $13,500.

Robert J. Whitehill and Tammy A. Whitehill to Shannon Day Hilliard and Corby R. Hilliard, 230 Little Pond Lane, $245,000.

Miles Township

Shawn P. Meyer to Frank J. Kachurak, 111 W. Main St., $168,500.

David C. Esh and Martha Z. Esh to Melvin Z. Esh and Katie S. Esh, 170 Broad St., $150,000.

Patton Township

Fay R. McKenzie to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Centre County, 201 Woodycrest St., $1.

Cynthia A. Neibert and Ryan J. M. Arnold to Robert S. Ames and Sandra L. Ames, 892 Galen Drive, $179,900.

Ryan P. Diehl and Kelly M. Yost to Robert W. Burk and Ruth A. Burk, 652C Oakwood Ave., $202,500.

Michelle L. McCotter to Phoenix International Investments LP, 205 Fernwood Court, $167,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Samuel B. King and Anna Mae King to High Street Rentals LLC, 823 E. Presquisle St., $117,000.

Rush Township

James E. Miller Jr. and Stephanie Lynn Miller to Brent P. Cowher and Julie P. Cowher, 280 S. Linwood Drive, $198,000.

Brent P. Cowher and Julie P. Cowher to Bradley M. Firth, 494 State St., $98,000.

Spring Township

Frederick E. Rosefsky and Marjorie P. Rosefsky to Dmitrity S. Tashliyev and Yuliya M. Tashliyev, 141 Stover Road, $189,900.

Frank J. Kachurak to Clifford Louis Moten and Jennifer Moten, 115 Steeplechase Drive, $179,000.

Schryl L. Weber to Sabrina L. Weber, 127 S. Main St., $1.

Schryl L. Weber to Tina M. Bressler, 129 S. Main St., $1.

Schryl L. Weber to Tammy L. Belsky, 133 S. Main St., $1.

Koltay Homes Inc. to Mary G. Corman, property located within the Township, $208,000.

Devrim Erol and Atila Erol to Robert E. Bowersox, property located along East Rolling Ridge Drive, $90,000.

Barbara Edith Gettig and Barbara G. Sunday to Robert A. Robinson and Rexenne Y. Robinson, 122 Sweeney St., $114,000.

State College Borough

Heather J. Johnston, also known as Heather J. Royer, and Jeremy R. Royer to Justin M. Collins, 1534 Blue Course Drive, $160,000.

Marcella D. Speth, estate and Pat C. Corey, executrix, to Thomas G. McElhaney III and Michele P. McElhaney, 926 Hart Circle, $195,000.

Alan S. Krug and Elaine M. Krug to Gail G. Gilchrest, 120 E. Mitchell Ave., $240,000.

Richard A. Weiss and Kristie Weiss to Ru-Lan Wang, 710 S. Atherton St., $106,000.

International Friendship House to State College Co. Space LLC, 244 E. Nittany Ave., $410,000.

Walker Township

Scott T. Brown and Amy Jo Brown to Amy Jo Brown, 149 Jefferson Circle, $1.

Charles E. Fortin and Judith J. Fortin to Mounties Rest Hunting Club LLC, 710 Sampsel Lane, $1.

Worth Township

Audrey Schwartzberg and Ezra G. Schwartzberg to Kelly Johnson, 486 W. Sawmill Road, $162,180.

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