The Bellefonte Art Museum: Nancy Burch Brassington

Posted on April 27, 2013 

One of the more than 60 artists listed in the Bellefonte Art Museum’s registry is Nancy Burch Brassington. Here is her statement: 

Prior to the last four years my artwork has been an expression of my internal self, the woman I became as a result of my childhood influences while growing up on a farm in northern Virginia.  Looking back, I expect that it was then that my drive to make art began to develop. My making of art is motivated by my need to understand myself as a woman, and my desire to create is driven by the guilt and denial that grew within me as a young girl and woman.

I have always looked at the world around me, the external world. I enjoy seeing the repetition of houses, trees, shadows, light and dark, color in nature and man made things; all that make up nature and civilization.

In 2009 I began to photograph groups of houses that I saw as I went about my daily life of driving to teach at Penn State Altoona, shopping in Central Pennsylvania, or walking my dog in Bellefonte, where I live.

My growing up in the segregated south no doubt motivates “American History Triptych”. Those in power used the African-American slave for their own wealth and success. Is there not hope that Barack Obama, a man who is a combination of the powerful and the powerless, a descendent of light skin and dark skin, is now president of the United States of America? This hope of African-American success is, however, greatly tempered by the marginalization of the young black male in America.

The Bellefonte Art Museum celebrates the human spirit through the arts, recognizing the importance of art in our lives. In 2011, the museum experienced a large increase in attendance, private donations and membership and completed refurbishing the historic Linn House. The museum opened three new galleries: the Children’s Creativity Center, the Anna Wagner Keichline Gallery and the new Louise Bloom Sieg Gallery. The museum is opened Friday through Sunday from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Phone 814.355.4280.

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