Saturday’s youth baseball and softball results from around Centre County

From CDT staff reportsApril 28, 2013 

Youth Baseball

State College Little League

S&A Homes 13, National Penn 0

Batteries: S&A — Sean Kelleher to Jason Thomas; NP — Bryn Schoonover, Sean Scanlon, Owen Lamottet o Tanner Brandamarte.

Top hitters: S&A — Tyler Gulley single, double; Thomas 2 singles; Kelleher 2 singles; Joe Brucker 2 singles

Legion 6, Allegheny Analysis 2

Batteries: L — Justin Vescio, Ryan Terrizzi, Hayden Davidson to Trent Decker; AA — Shawn Beattie to Alex Kelly, AJ Hand

Top hitters: L — Trent Decker home run, Mitch Freeland home run, Hayden Davidson triple, single, Justin Vescio 2 singles; AA — Chase Longenecker (home run), Shawn Beattie (double)

State College Teener League (13-14)

Hawbaker 4, McQuaide Blasko 3

WP: Evan Moerschbacher; LP: Davis Kelleher

Top hitters: H — Evan Moerschbacher double, Brett Graham double, Cameron Aungst triple, Taylor Hawbaker double; MB — Zach Ripka double, single; Brady Schafer double, single

Nittany Oil 15, HRI 11

WP: Joe Johnson

Top hitters: NO — Johnson 2 singles, double; Haffner 2 singles, double; Yoder 2 doubles; HRI — Swatsworth 3 singles; Paloskey single, double

Bellefonte-State College Teener League (13-14)

Maria’s Pizza 19, Marcon 0 (4)

WP: Joe Knapp. LP: Connor Simons

Top hitters: M—Greg Watson 2 doubles, single; Adam Armstrong 3 singles; Caden Lucas 3 singles; Knapp 2 singles.

Bald Eagle Area-Bellefonte Teener League (13-14)

Davidson Brothers 12, Bellefonte Eagles 8

WP: Luck Jozefick; LP: Horner

Top hitters: DB Jacob Gates double, home run; Riley Bechdal 3 singles; Jozefick 2 singles, Brian Egan 2 singles; BE — Zucco double, single; Breon double

Bellefonte Little League

Plumbs Drug Store 5, Knights of Columbus 4

Batteries: P — Cade Fortney, Colton Burd to Burd, Joey Wheeler; K — Clayton McClelland, Zane Thornburg to Thornburg, Cooper Gilham

Top hitters: P — Cade Fortney single, home run; Terrence Howard double, Kagan Eckley double, Joey Wheeler double, Jesse May double; K — Cole Breon 2 singles

State College Little League Softball (Majors)

East Coast Health and Fitness 18, Rapid Transit 11

Batteries: EC — Sophia Keene and Ashley Thomas to Kylee Gooding; RT — Emily Lieb, Emma Wolf, Catelyn Brannon to Lauren Alexander

Top hitters: EC — Lexi Risha single, double, triple; Ashley Thomas 2 singles; RT — Catelyn Brannon 3 singles; Lauren Alexander 4 singles; Emma Wolfe 2 singles

State College Little League Baseball (Majors)

HRI 6, Subway 5

Batteries: S — Nastasi, Moore, Singer to A. Van Horn, Hlivia; HRI — Aungst, McCann to McCann, Ehrensberger

Top hitters: S — Singer single, double; Moore 2 triple; HRI — Marsh single, double

Bellefonte Little League Baseball (Majors)

M&T 8, Undines 7

Batteries: U — Ashton Wetzler to Cooper Crunick; Connor Grey to Crunick; M&T — Hunter Brooks to Harry Horner; Ben Macafee to Horner & Nick Fisher; Horner to Fisher

Top hitters: U — Crunick double, homerun; M&T — Fisher single, double, home run; Hunter Brooks single, double; Eddie Fitzgerald double

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