Real Estate Transactions: April 8-12, 2013

May 3, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from April 8, 2013, through April 12, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Benner Township

William C. Hockenberry and Maryann Hockenberry to Maryann Hockenberry, 1183 Buffalo Run Road, $1.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Christopher L. Lambert and Jacqueline Bilodeau-Lambert, 224 Amberleigh Lane, $163,490.

Centre Hall Borough

Tara L. Stine, also known as Tara L. Homan, and Jarrod R. Homan to Tara L. Homan and Jarrod R. Homan, 135 E. Allison St., $1.

College Township

Shiny Mary Varghese to Shiny Mary Varghese and Ryan Varghese George, 200 Jefferson Ave., $1.

Denise Hinds-Zaami to Randy K. Young and Rita A. Young, 111 Oak Pointe Circle, $294,000. Ferguson Township

Judith A. Karaky to Judith A. Karaky and Issan A. Karaky, 1355 Harris St., $1.

Curt J. Kowalski and Arthur Weisen to Francis James Doyle and Elizabeth Doren Doyle, 173 E. Aaron Drive, $228,000.

Craig H. Ganoe and Mary Ann Suriel to William C. Bower and Donna L. Bower, 335 McBath St., $183,500.

Halfmoon Township

Halfmoon LLC to Jason E. Terosky and Tammy L. Terosky, property located along Halfmoon Valley Road, $85,000.

Lynn M. Kalinosky to Leo W. Kalinosky, 45 Blue Spruce St., $1.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP to John R. Kelly and Carol A. Kelly, property located within the Township, $468,016.14

Boalsburg Investment Group and Calvary Baptist Church of State College to Boalsburg Investment Group, 347 Discovery Drive, $1.

KBBH Partnership to Randall R. Haubert and Lindsay M. Pecht, 133 Honeysuckle Drive, $1. Boalsburg Fire Company Inc. to Boalsburg Fire Company Inc., 113 E. Pine St., $1.

Boalsburg Investment Group to Brick City Associates LLC, 347 Discovery Drive, $340,000.

Millheim Borough

Sherry R. Hughes, also known as Sherry R. Porter, to Kerry Lingo and Tana Lingo, 206 Gramley Ave., $224,900.

Patton Township

Alexander W. Bailey, estate, Alex W. Bailey, estate and Connie L. Bailey to Connie L. Bailey, property located along Circleville Road, $1.

Thomas Lamotta and Erin L. Lamotta to Angela Steffy, 2191 N. Oak Lane, $219,900. Richard L. Swanger and Ginger S. Swanger to Brett R. Hanlon and Dana M. Hanlon, 104 Heiskel Drive, $406,000.

S & G Contractors LLC by sheriff to Lezzer Capital Resources Inc., 131 Cherry Tree Lane, $338,424.

Vera M. Sneff to Thomas Lamotta and Erin L. Lamotta, 119 Sandy Ridge Road, $330,000.

Penn Township

Joseph H. Hicks and Sharon R. Hicks to Stephen D. Manbeck and Courtney A. Manbeck, property located along Phoenix Lane, $68,000.

Betty R. Stover to Jesse R. Stover, 160 Tea Hollow Lane, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Margaret E. Paul to Randolph J. Bock and Lisa M. Bock, 502 Berkley St., $55,000. Thomas Rex Pryde and Janet Rose Pryde to Thomas Lee Pryde and Susan Mae Wall, 117 Sixth St., $1.

Potter Township

William Taylor to C. Wayne Company LP, 124 Sinking Creek Road, $69,000.

Rush Township

Alvin G. Stone and Vicky L. Stone to Alvin G. Stone, Vicky L. Stone, Michael A. Stone, Thomas J. Stone and Mary B. Stone, 221 Handte St., $1.

Daniel H. Hummel Jr. and Amelia D. Hummel to Rebecca A. Briggs, 309 Walker St., $75,000. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company to Charles L. Navasky and Jaye E. Navasky, 1033 Tyrone Pike,$47,520.

Spring Township

George T. Scott, Brenda S. Scott and Joanne M. Scott to Jason T. Scott and Amanda R. Scott, 497 Jacksonville Road, $1.

Ray A. Walker Jr. and Carol L. Walker to Tracey A. Peters, 412 Lower Greens Valley Road, $189,900.

Bank of New York Mellon to James L. Farrah, 197 Musser Lane, $113,600.

Dolores K. Dershem, estate and Glenn C. Dershem, executor, to Glen C. Dershem, 115 Locust Lane, $1.

U. S. Bank and Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency to Tammy Jusits and Edward Jusits, 913 Axemann Road, $70,000.

State College Borough

Timothy F. O'Connell, Kathleen E. O'Connello, Gary L. Himes and Dawn M. Himes, to Horacio Perez-Blanco, Teresa L. Shock, Jonathan M. Perez-Blanco and Marcos E. Perez-Blanco, 1741 Blue Course Drive, $143,000.

1631 South Atherton Street to 96 Park Forest Joint Venture, 1631 S. Atherton St., $1,850,000.

Stephanie L. Peters to Gary M. Godine, 805-5 Stratford Drive, $107,000.

Avery August and Geva M. Dimanche to Manuel Llinas and Moriah L. Szpara, 658 Glenn Road, $530,000.

Ronald H. Scott to Ronald H. Scott Second Amended Revocable Trust, 500 E. College Ave., $1.

Jason T. Hoffman and Laura S. Hoffman, also known as Laura S. Simpao, to Jason T. Hoffman, 803 Stratford Drive, $1.

Union Township

Murray E. Conerby III and Christopher S. Conerby to Kenneth E. Haupt Jr. and Thomas E. Haupt Sr., property located along Wallace Run Road, $1. Walker Township

Michael Anthony Stone and Pamela Mae Stone to Adam C. Spotts and Heather L. Spotts, 1027 E. Springfield Drive, $303,875.

Justin J. Ault, Jodi L. Confer, Lodi L. Ault to Justin J. Ault and Jodi L. Ault, 127 Cambiun Ave., $1.

Richard P. Micallef Jr. and Rosemary Rosig-Micallef to Zachary J Wynkoop and Jacqueline M Wynkoop, 256 Walker Crossing, $208,000.

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