Real Estate Transactions: April 15-19, 2013

May 10, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from April 15, 2013, through April 19, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Roy Hall Jr., by attorney and Roy Hall, by attorney to Ricky A. Bowmaster and Melissa L. Roan, 446 E. High St., $30,000.

Mitchell S. Lebold and Carol J. Lebold to Eric Wolanski and Kristin Wolanski, 424 W. High St., $127,000. Benner Township

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Stanislav V. Sukovatitsyn and Nadezhda A. Sukovatitsyn, 196 Amberleigh Lane, $165,375.

Boggs Township

Jean Lois Artz and Jean L. Artz to Lewis S. Artz, property located along Artz Road, $1

Jean L. Artz to Donna J. Chronister and Carolyn Stoicheff, 793 Yarnell Road, $1.

College Township

Kenneth W. Reeves, estate and Stephen F. Reeves administrator to Robert B. Zimmerman and Brenda Lee Zimmerman, 1119 Jonathan St., $264,900.

Kara L. Henry, Matthew R. Henry and Kara L. Humilovich to Matthew R. Henry and Kara L. Henry, 728 Tussey Lane, $1.

Jeffrey L. Hollingshead, by sheriff to U. S. Bank, 115 Lenor Drive, $7,524.50.

Abida Hussein, by sheriff, Arsalan A. Ali, by sheriff and Selman Ahmed Ali, by sheriff, to PNC Bank, 382 Matilda Ave., $8,423.45.

Curtin Township

Sarah M. Welsch and Sara M. Welch to Sara M. Welch and Tina Stover, 785 Summit Hill Road, $1.

Ray Tressler, by sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association, 645 Orviston Mountain Road, $65,000.

Ferguson Township

Lawrence E. Yont and Phyllis G. Yont to Michael P. Kinzel and Marta Reviriego Mendoza, 2425 Pine Hurst Drive, $430,750.

Gregory S. Copenhaver, Thomas R. Knepp and C-K Management to Michael G. Morden, 110 S. Corl St., $

Michael Macneely and Melissa Macneely to Benny Y. Wang and Shanna Gee Wang, 2387 Saratoga Drive, $360,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Kevin D. Dinant and Shannon M. Dinant, 2451 Praire Rose Lane, $326,450.30.

S & A Homes Inc. to Michael Macneely and Melissa Macneely, 1987 Autumnwood Drive, $397,985.

Edward A. Hanna and Christy E. Hanna to Ryan J. Knowles and Kristin M. Knowles, 344 Madison St., $219,900.

David M. Myers to David M. Myers, Gary E. Myers and Carol J. Myers, 3031 Ernest Lane, $60,000.

Sheri L. Laird, also known as Sheri L. Greenleaf, to Sheri L. Greenleaf and Stephen W. Greenleaf, 1460 Circleville Road, $1.

Gregg Township

Steven Jennis, Stephen Jennis and Karen Jennis to Stephen Jennis and Karen Jennis, 125 Limestone Lane, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Federal National Mortgage Association to Wells Fargo Bank, 94 Bethel Court, $10.

Haines Township

Bonnie L. Darlington to Ivan B. Fisher and Sadie Ruth Fisher, 114 Carefree Drive, $275,000.

Joel D. Zook and Dorothy A. Zook to Joseph S. Yoder and Elizabeth B. Yoder, 124 Buggy Drive, $215,000.

Harris Township

David A. Smith and Taya M. Smith to Luree Hendrick, 116 Indian Hill Road, $264,500.

GTW Associates to GTW Associates, 411 Homestead Lane, $1.

GTW Associates to GTW Associates, 413 Homestead Lane, $1.

Kissinger Family Limited Partnership to Richard G. Kissinger, Frederick J. Kissinger and Frederick J. Kissinger, 2047 Earlystown Road, $1.

TOA PA IV LP to Richard D. Adams and Joyce D. Adams, property located within the Township, $332,763.88.

Joshua E. Adleson and Jean Helwege Adelson to George J. Harrigan and Mary E. Harrigan, 307 Fairfield Drive, $370,000.

Howard Township

Joshua First and Vivian M. First to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Game Commission, property located along North Eagle Valley Road, $315,000.

Marion Township

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Jeffrey Allan Jordan and Kerri R. Jordan, property located along Hubler Ridge Road, $49,900.

Milesburg Borough

Richard E. Newman and Carol L. Newman to Darryl L. Cox, 301 Front St., $109,900.

Millheim Borough

James E. Gill and Andrea L. Gill to Casey L. Gunsallus, 121 Locust St., $98,000.

Patton Township

Walter Joseph Embser and Traci Embser to Sung Ho Park and Chung Sook Park, 662-A Oakwood Ave., $233,000.

Haubert Homes Inc. to David C. Smith and Sujata K. Smith, 120 Bolton Ave., $65,000.

Patricia Sue Bullock to Patrick W. Ebel and Sandra L. Ebel, 145 Meeks Lane, $248,500.

Sunrise Partnership to Christine S. Bowie, 1977 Park Forest Ave., $184,000.

Stefan T. Thynell and Lizette M. Gibson to Stefan T. Thynell, 101 Wildernest Lane, $1.

Michael T. Lanagan and Danielle Y. Lanagan to Harold Raldolph Poulsen and Dorothy D. Poulsen, 555 Westgate Drive, $300,000.

Penn Township

Luree R. Hendrick and Luree Schnitzler to John P. Whiting, 494 Paradise Road, $285,000.

Ruth E. Wolfe and Ruth E. Bair to Vivian J. Myers and Kristopher J. Myers, 514 Main St., $18,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Robert J. Smerk, by sheriff and Michelle A. Smerk, by sheriff to Bank of America, 214 S. Centre St., $5,861.33.

Jeremy W. Lumadue and Sarah A. Lumadue, also known as Sarah A. Berry, to Jeremy W. Lumadue and Sarah A. Lumadue, 300 S. Front St., $1.

Rush Township

John Mekis and Marianne Mekis to Joseph A. Mekis and Ashley A. Mekis, property located along Earnestville Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Brett A. Meyers and Roseanne M. Meyers to Roseanne M. Meyers, 290 Askey Road, $1.

Spring Township Deborah E. Boscaino and David C. Holsworth to Quality Rehabs Inc., 933 Halfmoon St., $98,000.

Paul Brubaker and Betty Brubaker to Tammac Holdings Corporation, 461 Sunnyside Blvd., $1.

State College Borough Frank Wernet and Joanne Wernet to IG Rentals LLC, 933H W. Whitehall Road, $102,000.

Dennis J. Rallis and Erin G. O'Leary-Rallis, also known as Erin G. O'Leary, to Erin G. O'leary and Erin G. Oleary-Rallis, 632 W. Beaver Ave., $1.

Carter L. Ackerman Living Trust, Ruby L. Ackerman Living Trust, Carter L. Ackerman, trustee, and Ruby L. Ackerman, trustee, to Robert Allen Kimel and Kim-Li M. Kimel, 810 Webster Drive, $230,000.

Zillah Holtzer to Judith Holtzer Smelter, 301 E. Waring Ave., $1 Unionville Borough Trevor J. Walter and Megan E. Walter to Joshua R. Lee and Jessica M. Lee, 201 Apple St., $179,900.

Walker Township George P. Zimmerman and Hollie E. Zimmerman to Stephen Proper and Dina Proper, 2825 Zion Road, $146,000. Natalie M. Summey, David W. Summy and Natalie M. Ballenger to Natalie M. Summey and David W. Summey, 151 Scenic Drive, $1.

Laura D. Dunkle to Michael D. Reish, 377 Hublersburg Raod, $1.

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