Real Estate Transactions: April 29-May 3, 2013

May 24, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from April 29, 2013, through May 3, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Benjamin F. Bidelspach III and Marci L. Bidelspach to Andrew C. Cortopassi and Erin L. Cortopassi, 133 S. Thomas St., $175,000.

Rodger F. Frank Jr. and Claire S. Frank to Wendy H. Cooper and Stephanie L. Cooper, 387 E. Linn St., $325,000.

Benner Township

Joshua A. Martin and Lisa A. Martin to Karen E. Peterman, 143 Dorchester Lane, $175,000.

James W. Schaal and Judith F. Schaal to Derek M. Gross, 224 Meadow Flower Circle, $239,500.

Douglas F. Baldwin and Jaime L. Baldwin to Stacey Lynn Peeler, 163 Dorchester Lane, $177,000.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Tracy L. Wolfe, 214 Amberleigh Lane, $165,290.

Boggs Township

Richard R. Wollett and Sandra K. Wollett to Rodney N. Wellar and Sherri L. Wellar, 114 Sno Fountain Drive, $88,947.36.

Dora A. Lucas to Philip E. Lucas and Susan J. Lucas, 2056 Old 220 Road, $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Henry C. Taylor and Debra K. Taylor to Bradley L. Bressler and Amy M. Bressler, 144 W. Ridge St., $249,900.

College Township

Helen N. Schroeder to Kathryn T. Gines, 139 Harris Drive, $292,000.

Brooks A. Way and Sharon A. Way to Danelle LaFlower and Paul LaFlower, 600 Pike St., $120,000.

Sibtosh Pal and Anne Mouis to Christopher G. Walter and Jennifer Walter, 1321 Shamrock Ave., $277,500.

Stearns Boal LP to Equity Trust Company and Kenneth Ira Bachman, 175 Fernleaf Court, $108,000.

Lisa R. Sharer to Tania Luciow, 211 Limerock Terrace, $169,900.

Carol Danberry Jagoe to Jagoe Family Trust and Carol Danberry Jagoe, 363 Village Heights Drive, $1.

Richard G. Kissinger to Frederick J. Kissinger LP, 600 E. Branch Road, $1.

Irene M. Bowman, estate and Herbert R. Dolaway, executor, to Steven A. Seman and Susan L. Seman, 1050 Oak Ridge Ave., $224,000.

Joan V. Griesel to Watoga Investments LLC, 301 Hunter Ave., $225,000.

John D. Vesci to Jeffrey M. Vesci, property along Linden Hall Board, $1.

Ryan Michael Cavanaugh, Marsha Lynn Cavanaugh and Marsha Lynn Dreibelbis to Jonathan E. Howells and Julie M. Neild, 106 Mitch Ave., $184,000.

Ferguson Township

Joseph B. Filko and Beth A. Filko to Lorah D. Dorn, 3222 Shellers Bend, No. 215, $361,500.

Robert J. Munnis and Stelli R. Munnis to Victor G. Badding and Nancy C. Badding, 1244 Westerly Parkway, $320,000.

Helen S. Forman, estate, also known as H. S. Forman, estate, Seth T. Forman, co-executor, and Gregory S. Forman, co-executor, to William B. McCormick and Nancy L. McCormick, 1245-63 Westerly Parkway, $285,000.

Trevor D. Squillario and Stacy L. Squillario to Phoenix International Investment LP, 824 W. Aaron Drive, $197,500.

Leda H. Smeltzer to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 130 Sycamore Drive, $1.

Patrick A. Jeanmenne and Karen Jeanmenne to Paul C. Horn and Gina M. Horn, 2308 Saratoga Drive, $440,000.

Lawrence E. Yont and Phyllis G. Yont to David Randolph and Susan Randolph, 2421 Oak Leaf Drive, $119,000.

Anthony A. Boslett and Lisa D. Boslett to Richard J. Showalter and Martha F. Showalter, 101 Thornridge Drive, $398,000.

James L. Thompson to Ellen Jane Thompson, 1140 W. Aaron Drive, $1.

Gregg A. Brooks to Douglas E. Molhoek and Anna R. Molhoek, 490 Hawknest Road, $241,000.

Michael R. Sylvie and Carole J. Otypka to Hangjuan Zhu, 116 Gala Drive, $211,500.

Builders Association of Central Pennsylvania Inc., to Buildiners Association of Central Pennsylvania Inc., property within the Township, $1.

LEDJ LLC to Kevin L. Michael and Regina B. Michael, 172 E. Cherry Lane, $370,000.

Gregg Township

DKT2 LLC to Nicole J. Schaeffer, 120 Pearl Drive, $117,600.

Halfmoon Township

Central Penn Capital Management LLC to Jason M. Gagliardi and Candice Y. Gagliardi, 12 Julie Circle, $227,500.

Kimberly S. Lieb and Robert A. Lieb to Edward B. Behrer and Brein L. Behrer, 70 Blue Spruce St., $234,500.

Harris Township

Betty R. Bloom, estate, also known as Esther E. Bloom, estate, and Colleen B. Prokopik, executrix to Takhmina Nurmagambetova, 623 Beaumont Drive, $180,000.

Frederick J. Kissinger and Frederick J. Kissinger LP to Richard G. Kissinger, 2047 Earlystown Road, $1.

Huston Township

Jeffry D. Herrold and Jeffrey D. Herrold and Eileen L. Herrold to Jeffry D. Herrold and Eileen L. Herrold, 1491 Steele Hollow Road, $1.

Liberty Township

Charles D. Delaney Jr. and Colleen A. Delaney to Tessa J. Irvin, 153 Main St., $110,000.

Leland E. Bechdel and Amy G. Bechdel to McGhee Scrap Company, property located along Birch Street, $95,000.

Doris C. Mackey to Ashley D. Kalbach and Ryan M. Kalbach, property located along Beech Way, $1.

Marion Township

John R. Etters Sr. to John R. Etters Sr. Revocable Living Trust and John R. Etters Sr., trustee, 235 Sunset Drive, $1.

Miles Township

Donna L. Wittmer, estate, Jodi L. Gates, co-executrix, and Douglas P. Gill, co-executor to Donna L. Wittmer, estate, 7178 Brush Valley Road, $1.

Donna L. Wittmer, Douglas P. Gill, co-executor and Jodi L. Gates, co-executrix to Donna L. Wittmer, estate, property located along Brush Valley Road, $1.

Milesburg Borough

Bank of New York Mellon to Eh Pooled 213 LP, 406 Front St., $26,750.

Patton Township

Joshua W. Glantz to Warren G. Lugue and Danine L. Lugue, 136 Vail Lane, $79,000.

Clair H. Broome Sr., estate and Carol C. Tussey, executrix to Camillo Properties Inc., 303 Strouse Ave., $175,250.

Weaver Street LLC to Mario R. Lopez-Urzua and Claudia M. Lopez-Urzua, 1920 Waddle Road, $95,000.

Peter Depasquale and Rosemarie M. Depasquale to William R. Donley and Margaret N. Donley, 222 Varsity Lane, $405,000.

Martha T. Conklin to Martha T. Conklin, 128 Honors Lane, $1.

Michael Masood Arjmand, Masood Michael Arjmand, Monica Mitra R. Arjmand, by agent and Mitra Zhaleh Arjmand, by agent to Sts Capital LLC, 300 Fifth St., $148,000.

Gregory D. Hanson and Isabel C. Hanson to Pars Real Estate LLC, 12 S. Barkway Lane, $267,000.

Penn Township

Martin’s Feed and Fertilizer Inc., to EJW Properties LLC, 534 Main St, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Ace Rentals of PHBG Inc. to Terry Fleck, property located along Maple Street, $400.

Betty Kosut, estate, Betty B. Kosut, estate, Martin G. Kosut, co-executor and Kenneth A. Kosut, co-executor to David W. Cramer and Sandra L. Cramer, 517 N. Ninth St., $55,000.

Potter Township

Phyllis Palmer to David H. Caster and Marie D. Caster, 114 Penns Court, $179,000.

Kenneth B. Long and Ruth E. Long to Scott K. Long, 2353 Upper Brush Valley Road, $1.

Rush Township

Charles L. Navasky and Jaye E. Navasky to Navasky Real Estate LLC, 1033 Tyrone Pike, $1.

Charles L. Navasky and Jaye Navasky to Navasky Real Estate LLC, 999 Tyrone Pike, $1.

Edward B. Behrer and Brein L. Behrer to Andrew R. Pletcher, 242 Moshannon St., $94,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Barry L. Matincheck and Cheri L. Matincheck, to Brian Vecellio, 151 Turkey Ridge Road, $72,000.

Spring Township

Michael J. Forsberg to Emily M. Granville, 108 Danielle Drive, $169,900.

Mary G. Corman to Dondi D. Smeltzer and Kimberly C. Smeltzer, 102 Garbrick Road, $1.

Leonid I. Tovpeko and Alla Libinetskaya to Curtis Lepp, 259 Gwenedd Lane, $200,000.

State College Borough

William B. McCormick and Nancy S. McCormick to Michael J. Busges and Phoebe E. Busges, 936 Ringneck Road, $340,000.

Anna Koch also known as Anna Molhoek, and Douglas Molhoek to Thomas Hoy and Tina Hoy, 800 Stratford Drive, $125,000.

Katarzyna Kordas and Grzegorz K. Kordas to Shirley E. Gorski and Christopher A. Gorski, 1151 William St., $280,000.

Gary A. Delafield, Daniel McGee, Alfred Jones Jr., Rosadele T. Kauffman and Cosmic Realty to Equity Trust Company FBO acct Z1355473 IRA, property in the Borough, $235,000.

Gary A. Delafield, Daniel McGee, Alfred Jones, Rosadele T. Kauffman and Cosmic Realty to Midtown 302 LLC, property in the Borough, $190,000.

Walker Township

Martin F. Mattocks and Margaret Newton Mattocks to Emma Lou Kerstetter, 313 Chadham Court, $131,000.

James D. Hammond to Emma Lou Kerstetter, 205 Fieldstone Lane, $131,000.

Robert B. Russell and Jane A. Russell to Christian C. Lauck and Lori M. Lauck, property located along Benner Road, $117,500.

Worth Township

Merrill H. Moore and Isabell W. Moore to Dean A. Rudy Jr. and Tonia L. Rudy, 296 Flat Rock Road, $1.

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