Real Estate Transactions: May 6-10, 2013

May 31, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from May 6, 2013, through May 10, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds, 420 Holmes St., Bellefonte.

Boggs Township

Ronald E. DeHaas and Carol L. Cartwright, also known as Carol L. DeHaas, to Ronald E. DeHaas, 243 Lucas Road, $1.

Brian N. Green and Jessica D. Green to Rachel L. Altemus, 1110 Old Route 220, $165,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Edward R. Gensimore, estate and Barry Lee Gensimore, executor, to Daniel Gensimore, 102 E. Potter St., $115,000.

Edward R. Gensimore, estate and Barry Lee Gensimore, executor, to Daniel Gensimore, 106 E Potter St., $115,000.

College Township

Bank of America to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 212 Rainlo St., $1.

Wendell V. Courtney and Linette K. Courtney to Gary L. Mullen and Beverly B. Mullen, 879 Greenbriar Drive, $850,000.

Karen F. Conroy and Janine R. Fraser, by attorney to Shirley N. Minier, co-trustee, Russell C. Minier, co-trustee, and Shirley N. Minier Housing Trust, 305 Village Heights Drive, $169,900.

Michael J. Hite and Judith A. Hite to Michael J. Hite, 416 Spring Lea Drive, $1.

Ferguson Township

Stephan Levitsky and Nancy A. Levitsky to Martin Turecky and Zuzana Turecky, 1194 Northampton St., $485,000.

Katherine H. Canich and Michael R. Canich Jr. to Katherine H. Canich, 1722 Princeton Drive, $1.

Robin L. Restall, Trina M. Restall and Matthew B. Restall to Matthew B. Restall, 612 Old Farm Lane, $1.

Gary L. Mullen and Beverly B. Mullen to Peter H. Seidenberg and Jennifer K. Seidenberg, 1324 Deerfield Drive, $470,000.

Timothy A. Tuggy and Jean Tuggy to Jean Tuggy, 175 Irion St., $1.

S and A Homes Inc. to Jeffrey W. Seger and Karen A. Seger, 2457 Prairie Rose Lane, $336,744.

Michael J. Hendrickson and Jennifer Tressler Hendrickson to Peter Newman and Siri Newman, 2622 Sleep Hollow Driove, $565,000.

Haines Township

Robert W. Woodring and Heather D. Woodring to Robin Lee Harlan, 229 E. Duncan St., $168,000.

Harris Township

Elliott Kakraba, also known as Eliott Kakraba, and Juliet Kakraba to Eliott Kakraba and Juliet Kakraba, 716 Brookside Drive, $1.

Susan Y. Oh and Benedict Y. Oh to Benedict Y. Oh and Susan Y. Oh, 290 Meadowlark Lane, $1.

Huston Township

RJ Housel Rentals LLC to Robert E. Reese and Janette A. Reese, 6044 S. Eagle Valley Road, $59,900.

Marion Township

Roy J. Bartley Jr. and Judith E.Bartley to Roy J. Bartley Jr. and Judith E. Bartley, 4305 Jacksonville Road, $1.

Patton Township

Joshua W. Glantz to Joshua W. Glantz, 802 Meeks Lane, $1.

Stefan T. Thynell to Stefan T. Thynell and Lena K. Thynell, 101 Wildernest Lane, $1.

Clarence R. Griffin II and Jessica M. Griffin to Xiangfen Zhou, 635 Marjorie Mae St., $164,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Paul E. Dunlap and Melanie L. Dunlap to Jason C. Yoder, 402 Hampton St., $145,000.

Micah Hershock Shiflet and Cassandra Marie Shiflet to Amanda J. Thompson, 123 N. 9th St., $93,500.

Potter Township

Thomas H. Siegenthaler and Loretta Siegenthaler to Thomas H. Siegenthaler and Robin L. Siegenthaler, 114 Horseshoe Lane, $1.

Rush Township

Barry L. Lannen Sr. to Barry L. Lannen Sr., 3631 Casanova Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Douglas R. Stoner to Ty R. Long, Todd A. Long, Tracy L. Long, Jay D. Bomgardner and Amy R. Bomgardner, 736 Gorton Road, $42,000.

John A. Kachik, estate and Dolores M. Mihalik to Travis A. Kachik and Crystal L. Kachik, 1126 Clarence Road, $20,000.

Spring Township

Anne G. Houck, estate and William G. Tressler, executor, to Carol J. Day, 717 N. Allegheny St., $111,900.

Kellie Lynn Guinan and Matthew Anthony Nimerosky to American International Relocation, 143 Faust Circle, $185,000.

American International Relocation to Loretta Michon, 143 Faust Circle, $185,000.

Donald R. Bierly and Linda L. Bierly to Donald R. Bierly and Linda L. Bierly, 832 Jacksonville Road, $1.

Merrel A. Kellander and Lorraine E. Kellander to Deborah L. Kearns, 112 Musser Lane, $1.

Union Township

Robert E. Reese and Jeannette A. Reese to Jerry L. Young and Eileen S. Young, 125 Aztec Court, $89,500.

Lala M. Hall Revocable Living Trust, Lala M. Hall, trustee, Lalah M. Lindsey, trustee, Lalah M. Hall, trustee and Lala M. Linsey, trustee to Lalah M. Lindsey, 1242 Rattlesnake Pike, $1.

Walker Township

Zion Associates to Lorna J. Tedrow, property located within the Township, $137,900.

Gary J. Habovick and Caroline A. Habovick to Gary J. Habovick and Caroline A. Habovick, 110 Cedar Lane, $1.

Joshua E. Wilburn and Nalinee Wilburn to Tyler Marie Quiggle, 138 Pine St., $1.

Patrick Burke and Johanna Lee Burke to Tyler Del Martz and Destiny Rae Martz, 117 Meadow Lane, $169,900.

Worth Township

D. Marshall Norton and Sandra H. Norton to Robert J. Peters and Theresa D. Peters, 916 Mountain Road, $190,000.

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