Real Estate Transactions: May 13-17, 2013

June 7, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from May 13, 2013, through May 17, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Kenneth W. Manno to John Loughlin-Presnal and Jacinda C. Li, 428 E. Lamb St., $142,900.

Benner Township

Robert M. Berry, by sheriff and Sheri S. Berry, by sheriff to Saratoga Partners LP, property located along Purdue Mountain Road, $105,150.

Boggs Township

KC Development Group LLC to Harry E. Eby, property located along Spirit Lane, $1. Edwin L. Witherite and Melody L. Witherite to Hunter L. Witherite, property located along Moose Run Road, $1.

College Township

Stearns Boal LP to Patrick S. Powers and Lisa M. Powers, 100 Mossey Glen Road, $93,000.

Donald G. Abbey to Gotham City Enterprises LLC, 405 Brandywine Drive, $1.

TSG Penn Realty LLC to Kenneth D. Johnson, 2125 E. College Ave., $230,402.

Daniel R. Schmehl and Kerrie J. Schmehl to Evan Kelly, 124 Kuhns Lane, $182,500.

Seymore E. Vonada, Estate and Joyce M. Vonada, executrix, to Twelve-Two LLC, 701 Thompson St., $111,000.

Delores H. Branigan, Estate and David E. Branigan, executor to Edward D. Grunenwald and Eileen K. Grunenwald, 1226 Edward St., $235,000.

John Chernega and Joan O. Chernega to Eric J. Porterfield, 240 Kennedy St., $395,000.

Anne Dattilo to Michael P. Quinn, 1225 Mayberry Lane, $259,900.

Curtin Township

Eugene G. Weaver, Deanna L. Weaver and Timothy E. Weaver to Loretta L. Whitman, property located within the Township, $1.

Ferguson Township

Kevin N. Lewis and Sarah K. Lewis to Henry T. Bream III and Lisa D. Bream, 2474 Prairie Rose Lane, $323,000.

Michael A. Biek and Cynthia L. Biek to Cynthia A. Biek, 1521 Kennelworth Court, $1.

William M. Primeau and Jennifer L. Primeau to George Hromnak and Mary Jane Hromnak, 303 Marengo Road, $115,000.

Anthony P. Monaco and Christine L. Monaco to William Horlacher and Kathryn Horlacher, 719 Linnet Lane, $257,000.

Gerald F. Russell to Eileen Moser, 3221 Shellers Bend, $1.

Gerald A. Greenland and Kelly Jo Greenland to Gerald A. Greenland, Kelly J. Greenland, Shaun M. Greenland and Lyndsey M. Greenland, 2866 W. Pine Grove Road, $1.

Tessa M. Winkler, also known as Tessa M. Antolick, to Tessa M. Antolick and Brock A. Antolick, 1330 Linn St., $1.

S & A Homes Inc. to Rajendra P. Palepu and Harshitha R. Chalimeda, 2331 Prairie Rose Lane, $389,900.

Halfmoon Township

Kyle D. Bodine and Adrienne M. Bodine to National Residential Nominee Services, 81 Winesap Drive, $301,500.

National Residential Nominee Services to John A. Maitland and Amanda P. Maitland, 81 Winesap Drive, $301,500.

Haines Township

Bryan Swires and Shawn Swires, also known as Shawn Saftler, to Bryan Swires and Shawn Swires, 318 N. East St., $1.

Harris Township TOA PA IV LP to Merrill L. Snyder and Charlotte K. Snyder, 269 Plymouth Circle, $401,861.74.

David J. Johnson and Brenda J. Johnson to Timothy T. Lulis and Jennifer R. Lulis, 106 Berwich Drive, $223,000.

Trubuild LLC to Edward H. Satalia and Patricia S. Satalia, 2035 Waltz Ave., $105,000.

Catherine A. Dunkelberger, also known as Cathy A. Dunkelberger, Edwin W. Dunkelberger Jr., and Edwin W. Dunkleberger Jr. to Edwin W. Dunkelberger Jr. and Catherine A. Dunkelberger, 1526 Brush Valley Road, $1.

Helen May Cox and Helen M. Cox to Thomas C. Wareham, 203 Pine Aly, $112,500. Stanley I. Lindsay, Sr. and Bernice C. Lindsay to Wiley D. Sittler and Judith A. Weaver, 407 Belle Ave., $177,500.

Huston Township

Miriam E. Johnson and Royce K. Johnson to Joseph A. Guenot and Sharon R. Guenot, 1453 Steele Hollow Road, $1.

Liberty Township

George W. Wolford, Patricia Wolford, Debra Ann Schwenk, James Schwenk and Debra Ann Baker to Betty L. Wolford, 112 Bush St., $1.

Betty L. Wolford to Charlotte Berryman, 112 Bush St., $75,000.

Crossman Enterprises LLC to Ronald D. Spangler and Gale M. Spangler, 110 Spangler Lane, $5,000.

Ronald D. Spangler and Gale M. Spangler to Ronald D. Spangler and Gale M. Spangler, 110 Spangler Lane, $1.

Crossman Enterprises LLC to Crossman Enterprises LLC, property along Spangler Lane, $1.

Milesburg Borough Steven D. Shutt and Michelle A. Bechdel to Skills of Central Pennsylvania Inc., 303 Third St., $182,500.

Patton Township

Moisey Guysinsky, by attorney to Moisey Guysinsky and Vera Guysinsky, 547 Marjorie Mae St., $1.

Michael J. Young and Barbara A. Young to Michael J. Young, 139 Blackbear Lane, $1.

Evelyn Leach to Toan Trong Nguyen and Thanh Thi Hai Tran, 556 Lanceshire Lane, $247,500.

Walter P. Kilareski and Linda T. Kilareski to Mark E. Barnoff, 216 Woodpecker Lane, $450,000.

Penn Township

Walter B. Burkholder, Chester B. Burkholder, Vernon B. Burkholder, Delmas B. Burkholder, estate and Galen M. Martin, administrator, to Pine Knot Resort LLC, 255 Pine Swamp Road, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

M & T Bank to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 1201 E. Pine St., $1. Potter Township

Donald Lee Rose to Deborah S. Mulhatten, 117 Wynwood Drive, $162,000.

Rush Township

Randall J. Curtorillo Jr. and Traci Curtorillo, also known as Traci L. Curtorillo, to Traci L. Curtorillo, property located along Sleepy Hollow Road, $1.

Sarah A. Knepp and Gerald L. Knepp Jr. to Timothy A. Brungart and Janine Ferguson, 162 Laurel Hill Drive, $457,500.

Snow Shoe Borough

Rena Nastase to Andrew F. Prisk, 105 Fourth St., $62,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Randall Viedorfer and Cheryl Viedorfer to Paul A. Simcisko and Christine W. Simcisko, 114 Spruce Road, $20,000.

Ellen Vozniak to Norman C. Eger Jr. and Renae L. Eger, 1020 E. Sycamore Road, $126,000.

Stanley W. Borger and Geraldine Borger to David A. Yearick and Julene A. Yearick, property along West Sycamore Road, $57,000.

George Almashie Sr., Estate, and Linda Bressler, executrix, to Steven D. Shutt and Michelle A. Shutt, 1250 Clarence Road, $30,000.

Spring Township Elva Grace Weaver Revocable Living Trust and Scott P. Weaver, trustee, to Amanda L. Dewald, 267 Whitman Ave.,, $80,000.

John A. Muck and Nicole L. Muck, also known as Nicole L. Story, to Brian Smith and Ashley Smith, 214 North Vanessa Drive, $174,500.

Amberleigh LP to Berks Construction Company Inc., 185 Farmington Lane, $37,000.

Donald R. Bierly and Linda L. Bierly to Jason T. Scott and Amanda R. Scott, property located along Musser Lane, $300,000.

State College Borough

Wayne A. Bicehouse and Edna S. Bicehouse to Nathan N. Aileo, 1126 Westerly Parkway, $262,000.

David M. Falkenstern and Sharon L. Falkenstern to Donald S. Miller and Jennifer B. Miller, 215 Logan Ave., $174,000.

Thomas Bruening and Beverly Bruening to Kristoffer L. Greenert and Katie P. Greenert, 1096 Saxton Drive, $290,000.

Erin G. O’Leary and State College Children’s House Inc. to College West LLC, 632 W. Beaver Ave., $525,000.

Rita S. Wasson to 100 South Atherton Street Associates, 418 W. College Ave., $1.

Union Township

Lori Brooks-Young, also known as Lori Rae Rockwell, to Brian Scott Rockwell and Lori Rae Rockwell, 3282 S. Eagle Valley Road, $1.

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