June 9, 2013 


First Energy, serving much of the region, can be reached at 800-686-0021.

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Some landlords provide electricity for their tenants, but in other cases, it’s up to you to sign up.

First Energy serves the county, through its subsidiaries West Penn Power and Penelec, and can be reached at 800-686-0021.

You’ll need to provide your new address, move-in date, Social Security number, birth date and a phone number where you can be reached. A credit check will be run to determine whether you need to provide a security deposit.

You can call up to 30 days ahead of time. There is also a form to make a request for service at www.firstenergycorp.com. Click on “turn on service” on the left side of the site.

Caps on electricity rates that had been in place in Pennsylvania since 1997 expired at the end of 2010. The deregulation is intended to create competition, providing Centre County consumers a choice of electricity suppliers. To learn more, visit the state Office of Consumer Advocate at www.oca.state.pa.us and follow the link to “Residential Electric Shopping Guide.”


To ensure you won’t be without phone service when you move, call Verizon at 800-660-2215. You can complete an application over the phone.

If Verizon has questions after receiving your credit report, a representative may ask you to fax two forms of ID, including one photo ID, before your order is processed.

Also providing local and long-distance phone service in the borough of State College is Windstream Communications at 877-759-9066.

Vonage ( www.vonage.com or 800-980-1455) and Comcast ( www.comcast.com or 800-266-2278) also provide long-distance via broadband for many Centre County municipalities.


In many cases, the landlord will take care of water and sewer services. If he or she doesn’t or if you’re building a new house, contact your municipality or the Centre County Planning and Community Development Office at 355-6791.

There are many water and sewer systems in Centre County, and Planning Office personnel can direct you to the correct one.


Television content providers include the companies listed below. Some apartment complexes include television packages with the cost of rent. Certain companies supply service to specific areas. Channels and available packages vary with service area. Call for information.

•  Comcast, 800-266-2278 (800-COMCAST), www.comcast.com

•  Windstream Communications, 877-759-9066, www.windstream.com

•  Direct Digital TV, 800-481-6922

•  Direct TV, 800-280-4388

•  Dish Network, 888-825-2557

•  Tele-Media Co., 353-2025, pennsylvania.tele-media.com (serves Zion- and Snow Shoe-area residents)

•  Country Cable TV, 359-3161 (serves Julian- and Unionville-area residents)

•  Millheim TV Transmission Co., 349-4837 (serves Millheim-area residents)

•  Verizon Fios, 231-2600 (check for availability) www22.verizon.com


In addition to many national providers, several local companies provide residents with Internet options. Some of these options are:

•  Central PA Internet LLC, 866-781-3128 or www.cenpanet.net

•  Comcast, 800-266-2278 (800-COMCAST), www.comcast.com

•  Getwireless.net, 867-2100 or www.getwireless.net

• HughesNet, 877-320-4515 or www.hughesnetinternet.net

•  Pennswoods.net, 877-716-2002 or www.pennswoods.net

•  PA.net, 689-9000 or www.pa.net

•  Verizon Fios, 231-2600 (check for availability) www22.verizon.com


To arrange for natural gas service, call Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Inc. at 888-460-4332 ( www.columbiagaspa.com).

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