Centre County youth baseball

From CDT staff reportsJune 17, 2013 

Youth Baseball

VFW Teener League (15-16)

JJ Powell 14, McQuaide Blasko 5

WP: Butts. LP: Snyder

Top hitters: JJP— Glunt 2 singles, triple; Butts 2 singles, double; Kerschner single, double, Boone double; MB— Shafer double; Harpster double; Decker double

JJ Powell Powell 3, Milheim Small Engine 1

WP: Walk. LP: Johnson

Top hitters: JJP— Kuhn double; Lucas single, double; MSE— Keller double, Johnson single, triple

The Hartman Group 5, Milheim Small Engine 4

WP: Darren Heeman. LP: Dave Keller

Top hitters: THG— Zack Musser double; Derek Dries 2 singles; MSE— Chase Collison 2 singles

The Hartman Group 6, Milheim Small Engine 0

WP: Trent Fortney; LP: Chase Collison

Top hitters: THG— Heeman single, double; Mike Kresovich double; Gehrig Schuster double

Blaise Alexander 16, Frosty Hook 3

WP: Randolph, LP: Sharp

Top hitters: BA— Mellott 3 singles; Ballenger double, 3 singles; Davis 2 singles; FH— Sharp 2 singles

Blaise Alexander 11, Graymount (2) 7

WP: Ballenger. LP: A Struble

Top hitters: BA— Ballenger single, double; Gulley 2 singles; Cramer 3 singles; Randolph 3 singles; G— M. Struble single, double, triple; Chambers double, A. Struble double

Hawbaker 12, S&R Repair 5

WP: Barger; LP: Kody Hamer

Top hitters: H— Dalton Barger 3 singles; Tristan Ballenger single, double; Josh Gardner double; Chris Boal single, double; Sean Cigich 2 singles; Seth Cocolin double; S&R— Travis Reese 2 singles; Kurt Johnston home run; Cody Hackett triple

S&R Repair 7, American Co. 1

WP: Burns. LP: Mellott

Top hitters: S&R— Keene 2 singles, double; Burns 2 singles; Jones 2 singles; Hamer single, double; White 3 singles; Comley double

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