Real Estate Transactions: May 27-31, 2013

June 21, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from April 27, 2013, through May 31, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Margaret W. Bonneau, estate, also known as Margaret A. Elwood, estate, Peggy Elwood estate and Lisa M. Bonneau, executrix, to Keith L. Elwood, 338 Pine St., $1.

Patrick M. Cowher and Dawn Z. Behnken to Charles C. Brown Jr. and Barbara L. Brown, 720 E. High St., $199,500.

Benner Township

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Joseph V. Bruno and Eileen Bruno, 139 Exeter Lane, $166,913.

Far and Sure LLC to Far and Sure LLC, 175 Progress Drive, $1.

Gregory L. Gordon and Lisa F. Gordon to Brooks A. Fost and Stephanie B. Fost, 123 Meadow Flower Circle, $357,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Kristi L. Hepburn, also known as Kristi L. Sowash, to John M. Kontier, 106 Colyer Ave., $139,900.

College Township

Thomas Smyth Jr. to Jessica L. Waite and Isaac J. Bromley, 1525 W. Branch Road, $167,900.

Richard E. Lassman and Joan L. Lassman to Rita S. Wasson, 2440 Commercial Blvd., $1.

Sri Kottapally and Sujatha Kottapally to Nathaniel R. Weiner and Elizabeth J. Weiner, 260 Florence Way, $429,100.

Charles L. Myers, estate and Lee M. Myers, executor, to Erik J. Loss, 110 Asbury Lane, $320,000.

Carol A. Lassman to Andrew G. Freeman, 225 Bottorf Drive, $140,000.

John J. Hand and Mira Lolovic-Hand to Mary Lou B. McMurtrie, Number 131, 100 Jefferson Ave., $192,500.

Wendy E. Cooper to Frank Fernandez, 234 Gerald St.,$126,000.

Jack M. Irwin to Patricia Decker, 305 Village Heights Drive, $166,000.

Douglas H. Keith and Cindy K. Keith to Barbara A. Young, 151 Fairlawn Ave., $195,000.

Ferguson Township

Benjamin C. Finch to Wayne A. Bicehouse and Edna S. Bicehouse, 1244 Westerly Parkway, $278,000.

Jeffrey R. Tranell, Jennifer K. Bauer, also known as Jennifer Kristen Tranell, to Jeffrey Robert Tranell and Jennifer Kristen Tranell, 3119 Sheffield Drive, $1.

Thomas L. & Norma J. Merritt Living Trust, Thomas L. Merritt, trustee, and Norma J. Merritt, trustee to Thomas L. Merritt and Norma J. Merritt, property along Bloomsdorf Drive, $1.

Karl M. Newell and Leann L. Birch to Charles F. Yackeren and Kendel K. Yackeren, 1131G W. Aaron Drive, $140,000.

Brooks A. Post and Stephanie B. Post to Dana R. Kopp and Ward M. Butler, 246 Wyoming Ave., $224,900.

Travis M. Powell and George L. Powell to Kenneth J. Davis and Debra J. Smart, 1350 N. Allen St., $192,000.

Ronald M. Faris and Nancy H. Faris to Paul K. Kim and Elizabeth C. Carlson, 613 Berkshire Drive, $279,900.

Edward Bell Jr. and Patricia A. Bell to Cheryl Kahner and Jason Kahner, 3296 Shellers Bend, Unit 146, $415,000.

Mernan Properties to Ryan S. Lowe, Rita R. Kaldes and Mariam F. Lowe, 1451 Linn St., $185,000.

Gregg Township

DKT2 LLC to Craig H. Collison and Michelle C. Collison, property located along Brush Valley Road, $230,000.

Charles A. Wells to Stanley C. Wells, John B. Wells and Adam C. Wells, 593 Sinking Creek Road, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Mark Barnoff to Preston Baker, 94 Ira Lane, $229,500.

William E. Yeager II and Julie R. Knepp, also known as Julie R. Yeager, to Kaitlyn Marie Charmbury, 3404 Marengo Road, $282,000.

Haines Township

Betty L. Price to Betty L. Price, property located along Old Mountain Road, $1.

Schraer Trust and David J. Schraer, trustee, to David J. Schraer, 125 Willow Lane, $1.

Harald Schraer, estate and David J. Schraer, executor, to David J. Schraer, 117 Willow Lane, $1.

Harris Township

Geoffrey M. Brugler and Barbara N. Brugler to Geoffrey M. Brugler, 329 E. Outer Drive, $1.

Gordon E. Williams and Mary Ann Williams to Wilson Perkins Foss, 137 W. Pine St., $299,000.

Randall L. Confer and Sharon A. Confer to Gabriel Benjamin Geise, 512 Belle Ave., $177,000.

Sally J. Sherman to Hickey Abramson and Associates, 221 Belle Ave., $160,000.

Liberty Township

Dallas G. McKivison, estate and Robert G. McKivison, executor, to Chad M. Phillips and Jamie E. Phillips, property located along North Beach Street, $120,000.

Miles Township

Stephanie M. Covalt, by sheriff and Joshua P. Covalt, by sheriff to U.S. Bank, 112 Smullton Road, $5,555.30.

Milesburg Borough

Gary A. Brown and Dolly A. Brown to Craig A. Brown, 200 Market St., $1.

Millheim Borough

Connie L. Trauger to Carl R. Gaffron and Margie K. Gaffron, 125 North St., $150,000. Patton Township

David J. Spak, Aaron J. Spak and Mary T. Spak to David J. Spak, 300 Ghaner Drive, $1.

Kishacoquillas Valley National Bank to Christopher M. Wharton and Andrea C. Wharton, 1845 Woodledge Drive, $175,000.

Harold Randolph Poulsen, also known as Harold Raldolph Poulsen, and Dorothy D. Poulsen to Harold Randolph Poulson and Dorothy D. Poulsen, 555 Westgate Drive, $1.

Matthew J. Scanlin and Jenna M. Scanlin to Xiuyu Hu, 130 Haverford Circle, $164,000.

Patricia L. Tilburg and Brian E. Tilburg to Jian Xu and Qing Zhang, 213 Fernwood Court, $174,900.

Payvand Ventures LP to Cozy Home Rental LLC, 629 Benjamin Court, $230,000.

Nicholas A. Rees to EFLU LLC, 2088 Mary Ellen Lane, $133,000.

Katherine L. Silver, Katherine L. Schaefer and Terry L. Schaefer to Tyler D. Sassman, 626 Galen Drive, $165,000.

Austin R. Novstrup and Vanessa R. Velas Novstrup to James M. Cole, 310 Amblewood Way, $138,600.

Jaime L. Komlenic, also known as Jaime L. Pugh, and Jeffrey M. Pugh to Jaime L. Pugh and Jeffrey M. Pugh, 1899 Park Forest Ave., $1.

Penn Township

Thomas W. Potter, by sheriff and Carmen M. Potter, by sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association, 148 Mountain Lodge Lane, $12,417.42.

Philipsburg Borough

Mary Ann Walter, by sheriff and Lisa L. Walter, by sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 925 E. Presqueisle St., $5,253.34.

Potter Township

Molly Phillips, also known as Molly K. Linthrust Phillips, and Molly Linthurst Phillips to Molly Phillips and Molly K. Linthurst Phillips, 236 Bible Road, $1.

Sara A. Klinefelter by agent to KC Development Group LLC, 115 Dogtown Road, $15,000.

JCCK LP, Valley Business Associates LP, Salvatore L. Nicosia Jr. and Pauline R. Nicosia to Jonathan Campbell and Andrea Campbell, 131 Pepper Ridge Drive, $280,000.

Joseph F. Krabill and Terry K. Krabill to Dwight J. Miller and Amy L. Miller, 177 Underwood Road, $229,000.

David H. Caster and Marie D. Caster to Miles Shuman and Jessica B. Shuman, 155 Neff Road, $407,400.

Hazel E. Emery, estate and Evelyn E. Yost, administrator to Brian E. Fohringer and Elizabeth K. Fohringer, 221 Belle Ave., $146,900.

Rush Township

Margaret D. Laws, estate and Jennifer R. Laws, executrix to Jennifer R. Laws, 1726 Black Moshannon Road, $1.

Jerry L. Vail and Vonetta Vail to Timothy R. Holsinger, property located along the Tyrone Pike, $1.

Spring Township

James A. Cady and Janet R. Cady to Christopher M. Wharton and Andrea C. Wharton, 119 Danielle Drive, $139,900.

U.S. Bank to Mikhail Berezenko and Natalia Berezenko, 684 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $64,299.

David J. E. Hosterman, H. Clay Hosterman, Dean William Hosterman, Linda Lou Hosterman, Pamela J. Hosterman and Pamela E. Hosterman to Brady P. Waltz, 264 S. Main St.,$145,500.

Tony W. Stalcup and Shawn Stalcup to Stone Financing LLC, 1110 W. Springfield Drive, $259,000.

State College Borough

Brenda S. Townsend to Sandra L. Koch, 805 Stratford Drive, $136,500.

Gerard F. Gastiger to Gerard F. Gastiger and Monica D. Gastiger, 600 W. Foster Ave., $1.

Michael J. Contino, Barbara J. Contino and Stephen J. Contino to Wen Li, 916-2 Southgate Drive, $145,000.

Paul L. Rose and Susan Rose to Judkins C. Mathews and Kimberly F. Mowery, 822 Jackson Circle, $425,000.

Daniel G. Linzell and Cindy H. Linzell to Monica Medina and Benoit A. Dayrat, 724 W. Nittany Ave., $410,000.

Amelia E. Cromarty and Neal C. Cromarty to Andrew G. Freeman, 157 W. Prospect Ave., $1.

Lynn A. McClellan and Ian S. McClellan to Joseph Kearney and Helen Kearney, 520 Hetzel St. $330,000.

Richard J. Keiter, Maricel R. Keiter, Zachary R. Keiter and Alexander C. Keiter to Gabrielle Naglieri and Martin Tingley, 205 Patterson St., $261,300.

Bibo Xu and Shaozhi Zheng to Joseph D. Dalgliesh and Kim D. Dalgliesh, 255 E. Beaver Ave., $205,000.

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