Real Estate Transactions: June 3-7, 2013

June 28, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 3, 2013, through June 7, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Jaka Rentals to FaithCentre, 131 S. Allegheny St., $195,000.

Emily S. J. Rauschert, Emily S. Jalics and Ingmar P. Rauschert to Kevin I. Clark and Ann C. Wittman, 148 Saint Paul St., $134,000.

Benner Township

Amberleigh LP to Berks Construction Company Inc., 210 Amberleigh Lane, $153,000.

Ralph E. Moyer and Janet M. Moyer to Janet M. Moyer and Ralph E. Moyer, 2454 Valley View Road, $1.

Christina A. Collins to GRSW Stewart Real Eestate Trust, 640 Valentine Hill Road, $159,000.

GRSW Stewart Real Estate Trust to Gregory Eckberg, 640 Valentine Hill Road, $159,000. Trubuild LLC to Ian S. McClellan and Lynn A. McClellan, property located within the Township, $255,000.

Trubuild LLC to Steven E. Daughenbaugh and Darlene K. Daughenbaugh, property located within the Township, $255,000.

Boggs Township

Stuart W. Kline, by sheriff, and Christy L. Kline, by sheriff to Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency and U. S. Bank National Association, 160 Circle Road, $4,482.63.

College Township

Stearns Boal LP to Christopher B. Snavely and Brittany D. Snavely, 115 Meadowsweet Drive, $85,000.

Jack H. Willenbrock and Marsha F. Willenbrock to Thomas C. Fitzgerald and Christina M. Fitzgerald, 1601 Elizabeth Road, $255,000.

Martin J. Bradley and Jan S. Bradley to Frances H. Young, 430 Tulira Lane, $550,000.

John Mark Infield and Karen Lee Infield to John E. Gilger, 101 Aberdeen Lane, $395,000.

Ferguson Township Paromita Chowla to Anthony M. Bianucci, 838 W. Aaron Drive, $160,000.

Karl Bartsch and Evelyn K. Bartsch to Doris L. Baker, 1477 Curtin St., $234,000.

Raymond A. Schulz and Barbara A. Schulz to Margaret Grauer, 3117 Williamsburg Drive, $247,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Kevin M. Varner and Susan J. Varner, 2321 Prairie Rose Lane, $391,473.95.

Bradley A. Fisher Jr. and Kelly R. Fisher to Martin Johnson and Carrie Johnson, 2317 Abington Circle, $272,000.

Carl G. Williams and Lynnea S. Williams to Bradley S. Walker and Suzanne S. Walker, 2277 Roylen Circle, $257,900.

Dongil Kang and Chanyang Bae to Xiuyu Hu, 109 Washington Place, $211,000.

Mark C. Sherburne and Susan R. Sherburne to Keith A. Urgo and Kristy M. Urgo, 1281 Barnstable Lane, $447,500.

Mae Judy to David A. Pecht and Randall E. Haubert, property located along West Whitehall Road, $62,600.

Charles A. Carter and Julianne K. Carter to P. Christopher Chirieleison and Andrea M. Chirieleison, 1872 James Ave., $299,900.

Shannon McChesney and Shannon McChesney Brungart and Michael Brungart to Sean M. W. Curling and Michelle L. Curling, 113 E. McClary Court, $285,000.

Glenn L. Behken and Dawn Z. Behnken to Dawn Z. Behken and Dawn Ziegerer Behnken, 300 Rosemont Drive, $1.

Gregg Township

Cathy Jo Nicholas to Douglas R. Nicholas, property located along state Route 192, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Paul A. Backman and Carole Backman to Dennis Charles McElrath 2008 Trust, 405 Houtz Lane, $488,126.

Harris Township

Cheryl L. Harte to Donald S. Schneider and Miriam G. Schneider, 1145 Kathryn St., $290,000.

Jon C. Reeves to Donald S. Schneider and Miriam G. Schneider, 908 Kay St., $318,850.

Erin E. Gerber, Erin E. Gilroy and Michael J. Gilroy to Jarod K. Salsman and Stephanie M. Cardona, 203 Willowbrook Drive, $232,000.

Denise L. Desousa to C & R Real Estate Partners, 911 Hemlock St., $150,000.

Andrew W. Garban to AC Properties Partnership, 504 Beaumont Drive, $1.

Martin D. Johnson and Carrie E. Johnson to Charles R. Halcomb, 401 West Drive, $190,000.

Howard Township

Kevin Snook and Christina M. Snook to Michele L. Enos, 2725 Old Route 220, $90,000.

Liberty Township

Andrew W. Lucas and Debra J. Lucas to Andrew W. Lucas, 112 Buttonwood Lane, $1.

James B. Bitner, Sara F. Bitner, Jeffery R. Bitner and Kathleen H. Bitner to Jeffery R. Bitner and Kathleen H. Bitner, property located along Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Marion Township

Charles M. Sookne, Cynthia M. Sookne and Joan R. Sookne to Charles M. Sookne and Cynthia M. Sookne, 1060 Nittany Ridge Road, $1. Millheim Borough

Cathy Jo Nicholas to Douglas R. Nicholas, 141 E. Main St., $1.

Patton Township

Jagjit S. Dhillon and Tirath Dhillon to Lucas A. Laudadio and Jin Kyung Laudadio, 130 Clemson Court, $214,000.

S & A Homes Inc. and Gray’s Woods to Michael T. Starks and Maria A. Godinez-Starks, 179 Glenndale Drive, $309,900.

Matthew C. McIntire and Stacey M. McIntire to Shane D. Newhouser and Laura M. Newhouser, 137 Barrens Court, $268,500.

Clyde L. Price, Jane F. Price and Juliet L. Clouser to Jacob S. Stoltzfus and Sallie B. Stoltzfus, 166 Mattern Lane, $108,400.

Brian M. Kissinger to Brian M. Kissinger and Chole R. Kissinger, 2990 Buffalo Run Road, $1.

G. Dirk Mateer and Leslie R. Mateer to G. Barrett Garbarino and Gwendolyn N. Garbarino, 425 Timberton Circle, $479,000.

Bruce E. Peoples and Amy M. Peoples to Justin T. Clark and Shaoling Ma, 660 Stoneledge Road, $275,900.

Thomas G. Bongiorno, Diane Bongiorno and Stephen D. Bongiorno to Roger S. Kerstetter and Rebecca Alomar, 229 Oakwood Ave., $159,000.

Francis Ganter to Francis X. Ganter, 234 Wooded Way, $1.

Port Matilda Borough Curtis Ray Bailey and Diane L. Bailey to Daniel Shultz Jr. and Rebecca A. Shultz, 311 N. High St., $95,000.

Potter Township

Jerry M. Clark and Christopher A. Gray to Gordon E. Williams and Mary Ann Williams, 2870 General Potter Highway, $1.

Robert C. Weber, estate and Raymond A. Roland, executor, to Raymond A. Roland, 129 Lower Georges Valley Road, $1.

Benjamin H. & Bonnie J. Grove Revocable Living Trust, Benjamin H. Grove, Bonnie J. Grove and Benjamin Harris Grove to Elam J. Beiler and Lydia Ann Beiler, 241 Decker Road, $100,000.

Karl R. Weber to Vyacheslav D. Nakhabenko and Larisa I. Nakhabenko, property located along state Route 322, $60,000.

Rush Township

Calvin J. Wagner Jr., Calvin J. Wagner and Tracy A. Wagner to Ryan L. Bender and Kristi L. Hepburn, property located along Rick St., $165,000.

Robin Orndorff to Larry Lee Orndorff, property located along McCord Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Sally A. Conway, Sally A. Flick and Myron L. Flick to Sally A. Flick, Myron L. Flick, Shawn M. Perryman and Matthew L. Flick, 155 Elm Road, $1.

Bank of New York Mellon to Charles M. Hepfer and Tina M. Hepfer, 918 Clarence Road, $25,000.

Clifford P. Chambers and Delores Lea Jones to Robin D. Murray, 1310 Clarence Road, $50,000.

Spring Township

Brian S. Balutanski and Kim M. Balutanski to National Residential Nominee Services, 84 Landon Drive, $310,000.

Donna L. Coffman to Martin E. Halstuk and Monica C. Montag, 612 Valentine St., $144,000.

National Residential Nominee Services to Michael J. McAndrew and Amy M. McAndrew, 84 Landon Drive, $310,000.

Thomas C. Fitzgerald and Christina M. Fitzgerald to Michael Stanley Levandoski and Aimee Nicole Levandoski, 212 Melanie Lane, $165,000.

Michael G. Kosco and Amanda S. Kosco to David R. Heggenstaller and Cathy E. Heggenstaller, 219 Melanie Lane, $159,000.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Christopher M. Rattray, 179 Farmington Lane, $229,060.

Barbara A. Kern to Barbara A. Kern, 946 Halfmoon St., $1.

Patrick Joseph Distaso and Marcia Watson Distaso to Timothy S. Yates and Dawn K. Yates, 219 Wiltshire Drive, $245,000.

State College Borough

Frank R. Rusch and Carol J. McCabe to Brian A. Dempsey and Lynda L. Crow, 204 Adams Ave., $500,000.

Lisa M. Harrington to David S. Gaines and Katie P. Gaines, 708 W. Foster Ave., $285,000.

Emmanouil T. Galenianos to Ann Elizabeth Hawthorne, 1272 Penfield Drive, $319,000.

Eugene Pesin, Sofia Pesin, Liliya Pesin, Liliya Cushenberry and Pierce Cushenberry to Vanessa M. Tomasko, 915 Southgate Drive, $145,000.

Jill P. Hills-Stevenson to Jill P. Hills-Stevenson and Mark J. Stevenson, 812 Stratford Drive, $1.

Jason D. Meyer and Amanda J. Meyer to Abraham D. Falcone and Shelley Roderick, 702 Windsor Court, $268,000.

Bibo Xu to TBP BIG LLC, 522 E. College Ave., $115,000.

Michael N. Gooseff and Lisa N. Goseff to Patrick P. McDermott and Anna K. McDermott, 705 W. Hamilton Ave., $345,000.

Iran D. Sharif, by agent and Iran Doctor-Sharif, by agent to Bradley A. Fisher Jr. and Kelly R. Fisher, 1264 University Drive, $247,000.

James L. W. West III and Mary Lee Carns to Julie Horney and D. Wayne Osgood, 525 W. Park Ave., $675,000.

Walker Township

L. Melvin Lowery and Mary Hibbler Lowery to Frank Rudy and Tracy Rudy, 111 Pine St., $1.

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