Letter to the editor | McCombie for vice chairman

July 3, 2013 

At the next board of trustees meeting, a new vice chairman will be selected.

I encourage the selection of Ryan McCombie for this important position.

Differences of opinion remain among Penn Staters. The findings of a recent Penn State Alumni Association survey (at alumni.psu.edu) are illustrative. Of 1,172 respondents, 18 percent think all or most of the actions Penn State took in response to the Sandusky scandal were correct; 26 percent think all or most of the actions were wrong; and 56 percent think some actions were right and others were wrong (question 16).

McCombie is the best person to bridge the void between the board and alumni.

Although some trustees disagree with his decision to participate in the lawsuit against the NCAA, his participation provides clear evidence that his primary concern is acting in accordance with his principles rather than compromising himself to win the election.

The board and the alumni want to find common ground. McCombie can lead us there.

He is the only candidate for vice chairman who was not part of the controversial actions that were referenced in the PSAA survey and he is an accomplished member of our nation’s armed forces.

These two facts make McCombie highly respected by all Penn Staters.

Alice Pope

Brooklyn, N.Y.

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