Real Estate Transactions: June 10-14, 2013

July 5, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 10, 2013, through June 14, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Carrie L. Beard, also known as Carrie L. Renninger, and Wade Renninger to Jeffrey E. Beck Jr., 534 Armor St., $154,900.

Benner Township

Emily W. Chiang and Ti-Chung Hsu to Romy Juo-Ying Lee and Emily W. Chiang, 2215 High Tech Road, $1.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Michael J. Farrell, Elena R. Farrell, Michael T. Farrell and James D. Farrell, 131 Exeter Lane, $189,915.

Jason S. Oakman and Mary R. Oakman to Trevor D. Squillario and Stacy L. Squillario, 129 Kavas Circle, $233,000.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Anthony F. Di Fino, 192 Amberleigh Lane, $176,715.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Caleb J. Selders and Alycia R. Selders, 135 Exeter Lane, $174,920.

Centre County Industrial Development Corporation to TMP Manufacturing Company Inc., property located along Progress Drive, $425,000.

Valerie J. Mebane and Nikolai G. Mebane to Joshua B. Ickes and Jessica Bly Ickes, 1361 Buffalo Run Road, $195,000.

Saratoga Partners to Leonard R. Miller Jr. and Lori M. Miller, property located along Purdue Mountain Road, $215,000.

College Township

Summit at Shiloh Limited Partnership to Reid F. Exley, 100 Jefferson Ave., $1.

Reid F. Exley to Regis W. Becker and Barbara L. Becker, 100 Jefferson Ave., $199,000.

Joseph A. Kearney and Helen W. Kearney to John R. Eveleth and Ashley A. Eveleth, 311 Goldfinch Drive, $223,000.

Joseph Crispin and Erin Crispin to James R. Parker and Brandy R. Parker, 112 Quincy Ave., $194,000.

David Leroy, estate, Matthew J. Leroy, Michael Leroy, Lisa Clark and Kristen Leroy to Caleb C. Clouse and Kylie L. Clouse, 2484 Buchenhorst Road, $196,000.

Robert S. Fogelsanger and Constance L. Fogelsanger to Scott J. Colby and Jessica L. Colby, 900 Shamrock Ave., $367,000.

Ahdy Anis Bolis and Lucy Monir Bolis, also known as Lucy Monir Abdu, to Jarl Ahlkvist and Martha E. Wadsworth, 1500 Chaumont Ave., $310,000.

E. Thomas Chesworth and Josephine Chesworth to Raymond M. Mazzocchi and Lisa A. Mazzocchi, 1509 E. Branch Road, $130,000.

Holly D. Hosterman to Nicholas H. Phelps and Sarah T. Phelps, 244 Oak Lane, $250,000.

Ferguson Township

Richard H. Dietz and Judy A. Dietz to Angela S. Love and David W. Love, 619 Old Farm Lane, $1.

Margaret W. Ludovina to Robert L. Hibbert and Maria Cristina Hibbert, 104 Farmstead Lane, $332,000.

Bret Hoag to Margaret W. Ludovina, 110 Raleigh Ave., $217,500.

Robert G. Saylor to May Meirui Lin, 115 Washington Place, $223,000.

Daniel A. Mroz, by attorney, and Elissa L. Mroz to Yibo Zhong, 2407 Saratoga Drive, $361,000.

Markese Shands, Irma Jeannette Calle-Shands and Irma Calle to Joseph W. Chek Jr. and Renee L. Chek, 250 Plainfield Road, $234,900.

S & A Homes Inc., Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert, Patricia A. Haubert, Thomas F. Songer, WPSH Associates to Ferguson Township, property located within the Township, $1.

Baruch Halpern to William B. Hale and Valerie E. Barnes, 3221 Shellers Bend, $290,000.

Ann H. Dodd and Ann Elizabeth Hawthorne to Anne Warner Jones, 1632 Bristol Ave., $274,500.

Brian Bigatel to Heather S. Lutz, 105 Harvest Run Road, $272,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Sean M. Miller and Marjorie S. Miller, 2347 Prairie Rose Lane, $378,000.

James J. O’Halloran and Winifred M. O’Halloran to Shelley Kempner Vaden and Jonathan Rotholz, 2519 Harvest Ridge Drive, $339,000.

Nicholas A. Yerger and Kyla M. Yerger to Long Chen and Di Wu, 450 Hawknest Road, $253,000.

Gary L. Sowash and Lori M. Sowash to Kristina M. Helmerich and Stephen A. Helmerich, 677 Bershire Drive, $230,202.

John Brunner and Margaret Lee Brunner to Holly Smith Pillot, 2318 Abington Circle, $1.

Gregg Township

Robert C. Bartley and Judy L. Bartley to Luann S. Franklin, 592 Penns Creek Road, $20,000.

Halfmoon Township

Randy K. Young and Rita A. Young to Clarence R. Griffin II and Jessica M. Griffin, 3030 Halfmoon Valley Road, $267,000.

Haines Township

Samuel B. Hostetler and Lydia J. Hostetler to Jacob E. Yoder and Lizzieann E. Yoder, property located along state Route 2018, $130,000.

Bernard J. Venesky Jr. to Ingleby Holding LLC, 133 Weather Rock Drive, $75,000.

Harris Township

James W. Straw and Lois Straw to Ray Alan Rahn and Rebecca Ann Rahn, 83 Emma Court, $290,000.

Margaret Kocela to AC Properties Partnership, property located along Crestview Avenue, $1.

Trubuild LLC to Edward H. Satalia and Patricia S. Satalia, 2035 Waltz Ave., $105,000.

Colleen M. Saylor to Rupinder Kaur, 129 Harris Ave., $265,000.

Liberty Township

Barry D. Hill and Donna M. Hill to Barry D. Hill and Donna M. Hill, 157 Main St., $1.

John W. Miller and Sandra K. Miller, also known as Sandra Duck Miller, and Sandra Duck to John W. Miller and Sandra K. Miller, 253 Mountain Top Road, $1.

Fink & Stackhouse Inc. to Kreekside Property Inc., property located along Monument Orviston Road, $10,000.

Whitetail Mountain Forest, John L. Thomas, by attorney and A. Scott Thomas, by attorney to John R. Tysarczyk, 183 Bear Ridge Road, $32,900.

Marion Township

Grier E. Boedker Sr. and Susan Schoenholtz to Grier E. Boedker Sr., 250 Caprio Lane, $1.

Miles Township

Daniel J. Brigham to Daniel J. Brigham, 523 Millheim Narrows Road, $1.

Daniel J. Brigham to Daniel J. Brigham, 523 Millheim Narrows Road, $1.

Daniel J. Brigham to Daniel J. Brigham, 515 Millheim Narrows Road, $1.

James K. Duffield and Michelle D. Duffield to James K. Duffield, 128 Smullton Road, $1.

Patton Township

Malcolm Moran and Karla M. Hudecek to Jeffrey T. Ulmer and Gail M. Johnston, 403 Candlewood Drive, $345,000.

Joel F. Pannebaker and Amy L. Pannebaker to Michael R. Kochakian and Valerie A. Maher, 138 Ghaner Drive, $162,500.

Angel M. Alvarado to Angel M. Alvarado and Gladys Rivera Alvarado, 5603 W. Buffalo Run Road, $1.

Paul M. Corl, estate and First National Trust Company to Miranda V. Corl, Nathaniel T. Corl, Kenneth J. Corl and Ronald P. Corl, property located along Circleville Road, $1.

Marie C. Clauser, also known as Marie C. Frazier, and Donn Frazier to Bonita K. Avillion, 357 Oakwood Ave., $268,000

Thomas R. Harpster and Myra D. Wright-Harpster to Baogang Xue and Zhen Li, 457 Timberton Circle, $555,000.

Robert L. Rohbraugh and Corola M. Rohrbaugh, also known as Carola M. Rohrbaugh, to John J. Rattie III and Lisa J. Rattie, 352 Douglas Drive, $182,000.

Robert K. Bailey and Linda D. Bailey to Jeffrey L. Hyde and Sharon D. Hyde, 8 Fredericksburg Court, $134,900.

Penn Township

Joseph H. Hicks and Sharon R. Hicks to Larry E. Geeseman and Sandra J. Geeseman, property located along Phoenix Lane, $66,000.

Port Matilda Borough

David Clark, Jessica Lehmann and Jessica Clark to Adam Johns and Amy Johns, 605 Beckwith Road, $149,900. Potter Township

Donn Wagner and Mary Ann Wagner to Donn Wagner and Mary Ann Wagner, 131 Stillhouse Hollow Road, $1.

Donald R. Brouse, estate and Linda Smith, executrix, to Thomas S. Brouse, Donnis Kay Alfieri, Donnis Kay Dechristopher and Linda Smith, 2466 General Potter Highway, $1.

Kurt L. McKinney Jr. and Bridget M. McKinney to Thomas W. Shumaker Jr.and Paula B. Shumaker, 135 Lloyd Ave., $116,900.

Rush Township

John F. Walker Sr., Janice C. Walker, Charles W. Walker and Susan E. Walker to Charles W. Walker and Susan E. Walker, 106 Walker Lane, $1.

John F. Walker Sr., Janice C. Walker, Charles W. Walker and Susan E. Walker to John F. Walker Sr. and Janice C. Walker, 134 Walker Lane, $1.

Charles W. Walker and Susan E. Walker to Charles W. Walker and Susan E. Walker, 106 Walker Lane, $1.

John F. Walker Sr. and Janice C. Walker to John F. Walker Sr. and Janice C. Walker, 134 Walker Lane, $1.

Fred Arnold to Fred Arnold, Luann Weatherholtz, Fred Arnold Jr. and David Arnold, 100 Foreman St. $1.

Evelyn Drochak to Christine Showers, 312 Walker St., $1.

Christine Showers to John Showers and Lynette Phillips, 300 Walker St., $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Randall E. Viehdorfer and Cheryl A. Viehdorfer to Damien J. Weaver, 115 Spruce Road, $138,000.

Spring Township

Kathy A. Bartell and Janet I. Gordon, also known as Janet L. Gordon, to Julie B. Hull, 127 Mack Ave., $160,000.

Jon R. Conway and Robi L. Conway to Katrina A. Lutz, 158 Farmington Lane, $244,900.

Matthew J. Chirdon to Matthew J. Chirdon and Whitney Chirdon, 120 Arbor Bluff Drive, $1.

Siltop Visions LLC to RRB1 LLC, property located along East Rolling Ridge Drive, $145,000.

Jessica A. Butts, by sheriff to Wells Fargo Bank, 147 Valentine Hill Road, $5,384.72.

State College Borough

Jamie S. Weiner and L. Elaine Weiner, also known as L. Elaine Antolosky, to Jamie S. Weiner and L. Elaine Weiner, 1225 Sandpiper Drive, $1.

Joan C. Storch, estate and Robert D. Storch, executor, to Robert D. Storch, 222 E. College Ave., $1.

Joan C. Storch, estate and Robert D. Storch, executor, to Robert D. Storch, 217 Bradley Ave., $1.

Donna R. Kisslak and Jay C. Kisslak, also known as Jay Kisslak, to Kisslak Family Trust and Jay Kisslak, trustee, 145 Waupelani Drive, $1.

Maretzki Family Trust, Andrew Maretzki and Audrey N. Maretzki, to Irvin Capital LLC, 262 E. Irvin Ave., $342,000.

Ralph D. Licastro to Jeffrey L. McClarren and Patricia E. McClarren, 1360 S. Atherton St., State College, $260,000.

Brian A. Dempsey to Jack V. Matson and Elizabeth A. Goreham, 214 Westerly Parkway, $165,000.

LEDJ LLC to William Ginoza Revocable Trust, Lillian Gimoza, co-trustee, and Donn Ginoza, co-trustee702 Glenn Road, $350,000.

Alice L. Fenlon to Tyler P. Dare and Jennifer K. Dare, 1229 Smithfield St., $290,000.

Leslie J. Bennett and Joanne M. Bennett to Heather M. Bullock and Don D. Bullock, 912 Hart Circle, $175,000.

Walker Township

Russell A. Hearn and Kimberly Michelle Hearn to Russell A. Hearn, 660 Snydertown Road, $1.

Donald L. Gomola and Lori A. Gomola to Donald L. Gomola, property located along state Route 64, $1.

Gregory A. Reeder and Kira E. Wert, also known as Kira E. Reeder, to Barry S. Zaffuto and Debra A. Zaffuto, 309 Pebble Lane, $138,000.

Jody S. Hay and Pamela J. Hay to Gregory A. Reeder and Kira E. Reeder, 253 Meadow Lane, $219,500.

Worth Township

Bruce A. McPheron and Marilyn B. McPheron to Randy L. Haagen, 150 Woodward Lane, $396,000.

Harold W. Marks, estate and Faith M. Lucchesi, executrix, to Team Godspeed Inc., 7897 S. Eagle Valley Road, $115,000.

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