Letter to the editor | Let the county run Centre Crest

July 9, 2013 

I support Centre County Commissioner Michael Pipe’s plan for Centre Crest.

The surprise vote seems to have been designed to pre-empt the public from considering his proposal and providing input. It makes us distrustful of public servants who use such tactics.

The Bellefonte area would lose more than $1 million when employees lose benefits and jobs related to payroll and purchasing and when administrative services are outsourced to a private company based outside of Centre County.

If a reasonable raise in taxes would solve the financial issues with Centre Crest remaining a county-run operation, I think most taxpayers would be willing to pay more to ensure good care for our neighbors who are without the resources to get care elsewhere.

Reducing benefits is not a good way to keep good employees or to attract new ones.

This is a similar situation to that being faced by the employees of Penn State child care facilities.

Please reconsider keeping Centre Crest as a county-operated facility

Travis Foster

Ferguson Township

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