Real Estate Transactions June 17-21, 2013

July 12, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 17, 2013, through June 21, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds. Bellefonte Borough

Walter G. M. Schneider III and Mary C. Cavanaugh to Walter G. M. Schneider III and Mary C. Cavanaugh, 401 E. Beaver St., $1.

Daniel M. May, by sheriff and Connie A. May, by sheriff to Northwest Savings Bank, 1325 Joanna Drive, $145,000.

Jacqueline C. Wolfe and Robert A. Wolfe to Christine A. Ryan, 545 E. Curtin St., $152,900.

Benner Township

Michael R. Magyar and Rebecca A. Magyar to Victoria I. Moore, 916 Spring Creek Road, $195,000.

Grove Park Associates Inc. to Mark D. Threeton and Annette M. Threeton, 278 Aster Ave., $74,500.

Ricky J. Sabbatini and Debbie E. Sabbatini to John J. Rupar and Lori A. Grimes, 360 Millgate Road, $373,000.

Lana L. Pizzuto to Jason D. Kolivoski and Sharon M. Kolivoski, 1281 Seibert Road, $249,900.

Shannen M. Dreese and Luke R. Dreese to Thomas M.Camden III and Kelly L. Camden, 157 Exeter Lane, $185,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Stephen J. Boyles, by sheriff to U. S. Bank, 308 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $5,848.82.

Wayne Clickner and Virginia M. Clickner to Marcia J. Grupp, 100 Water St., $161,000.

College Township

Wilhelm J. Kogelmann, estate, Willhelm J. Kogelmann III, Wilhelm J. Kogelmman IV, Karin E. Brown, Heather K. Fernsler and Mark D. Kogelmann to Wilhelm J. Kogelmann IV and Tracey Kogelmann, 491 Brush Valley Road, $1.

Susan C. Trainor and Jan S. Ulbrecht to Jean Latta, 109 Lincoln Ave., $189,000.

Thomas M. Nardozzo, estate, Daniel B. Nardozzo, co-executor and Thomas M. Nardozzo Jr., co-executor to Carol D. Clymer, 112 Colonial Court, $315,000.

Ferguson Township

Dawn Marie Casamento to James A. Cady and Janet R. Cady, 3014 Fairchild Lane, $310,000.

Alec J. Pringle, Jodi L. Pringle, also known as Jodi L. Green to Alec J. Pringle and Jodi L. Pringle, 1403 Circleville Road, $1.

Linda M. Malgieri to Robert Edward Clark and Ruth Ann Clark, 1258 Park Hills Ave., $372,500.

Erma I. Hamilton and Carolyn K. Love to Erma T. Hamilton and Carolyn K. Love, 2471 W. Gatesburg Road, $1.

Janet E. Magulick to Christopher B. Jones and Shannon M. Jones, 3087 Westover Road, $197,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Bret H. Hoag and Ralph Hoag, 1977 Autumnwood Drive, $389,900.

Mark A. Von Stein to Jian Wu and Meng Zhao, 737 Teal Lane, $245,000.

Alene Bowers, estate and Sherice H. Nelson, executrix to Mitchell Hunter and Kelsey Hunter, 1351 N. Allen St., $183,000.

Elizabeth E. Smalley to Lois Horner, 3060 Westover Drive, $224,500.

Larry H. Smith and Bonnie L. Smith to Dale N. Titus and Nicole E. Titus, 191 W. Chestnut St., $240,560.

Wade P. Stubanas and Amy D. Stubanas to Roman Kohl and Olga Kohl, 4814 W. Whitehall Road, $148,000.

Tonya D. Sunday to Robert H. Sunday and Grace M. Sunday, 157 Edith St., $1.

Stephanie C. Serriere to Jean Luc P. Serriere, 245 Madison St., $229,000.

Carlton E. Schaad and Tamara K. R. Schaad to Wen Li and Xiang Li, 2207 Gwenedd Lane, $273,000.

John F. Brewer and Lois M. Brewer to Constance M. Smith, Mark E. Brewer, Joel F. Brewer and Scott E. Brewer, 216 Sycamore Drive, $1.

Gregg Township

Warren A. Confer, estate and Linda Marquardt, executrix, to Darryl S. Stake, property located along Long Street, $32,000.

Halfmoon Township

James T. Herbert and Leigh A. Herbert to Daniel R. Chote and Amy D. Marshall, 451 Shanelly Drive, $443,000.

Haines Township

Samuel B. Hostetler, Lydia J. Hostetler and Joseph A. Hostetler to Samuel B. Hostetler, Lydia J. Hostetler and Joseph A. Hostetler, property located along Pine Creek Road, $1.

Samuel B. Hostetler, Lydia J. Hostetler and Joseph A. Hostetler to Joseph A. Hostetler and Sarah A. Hostetler, 923 Pine Creek Road, $1.

Samuel B. Hostetler, Lydia J. Hostetler and Joseph A. Hostetler to Eli M. Hostetler and Amanda E. Hostetler, property located along Pine Creek Road, $1.

Dwight W. Orndorf to Matthew R. Orndorf, 134 Mountain Ave., $1.

Harris Township

Elizabeth Anne Jones, also known as Elizabeth Anne Grove, and M. Scott Jones to Matthew R. Denezza and Cristina M. Denezza, 366 Hylbert Road, $795,000.

Philip L. Rice and Lori L. Rice to Oleg E. Tolmachev and Viktoriya Kalentyeva, 113 Forbes Field Circle, $600,000.

Robert Allen Kimel and Kim-Li M. Kimel to Mandy Sue Biggers and Samuel Carter Biggers, 1314 Springfield Circle, $307,000.

Liberty Township

John L. Thomas Jr., estate and Mary C. Yanda to Mary C. Yanda, 87 Main St., $1.

Gary J. Styers Jr. and Jennifer L. Styers to Stephanie Fink, 161 Remington Road, $8,000.

Marion Township

William S. Ripka to Derek G. Hart, 4240 Jacksonville Road, $30,500.

Milesburg Borough

George A. Patterson and Rachel J. Patterson to Joel C. Fletcher and Karen L. McMinn, 201 Turnpike St., $144,500.

Millheim Borough

Christopher Linton and Rachel Linton to Lana L. Pizzuto, 101 S. High St., $186,000.

Patton Township

Gordon P. Wrenn and Bessie M. Wrenn to Galen A. Lentz and Jessica M. Lentz, 547 Brittany Drive, $209,000.

Simon D. Holowatz and Lacy M. Alexander Holowatz to Lacy M. Alexander Holowatz, 606G Oakwood Ave., $1.

Jay R. Hossler and Elizabeth E. Hossler to Christopher D. Updegrove and Beth E. Updegrove, 182 Garret Way, $288,000.

Charles Dreibelbis, by agent, Charles L. Dreibelbis, by agent, and Charles Leroy Dreibelbis to Jason S. Oakman and Mary Rene Oakman, 104 Wildernest Lane, $230,000.

David W. Richardson and Sharon M. Nickols-Richardson to Paul L. Morgan and Deborah L. Schussler, 132 Gibson Place, $345,000.

Michael D. Steffan and Catherine L. Steffan to Oren Z. Gall and Heather E. Gall, 655 Earl Drive, $278,000.

Trubuild LLC to James H. Lanning and Denise Lanning, 1976 Highland Drive, $204,000.

Pinnacle Development LLC, Pinnacle Development 2 LLC, Pinnacle Development 2/Gregory LLC and S & A Homes Inc. to John Gerard Devlin and Maureen Ann Devlin, property located within the Township, $184,000.

Paul L. Morgan and Deborah L. Schussler to Ross E. Bellinger and Evelyn I. Bellinger, 1963 Norwood Lane, $230,000.

Feridun Ayata, Olcay Uzun, by attorney, and Olcay Ayata,by attorney to Feridun Ayata and Olcay Ayata, 3158 Carnegie Drive, $1.

Robert I. Shoemaker and Katy L. Shoemaker to Mitchell R. Henry and Cheryl L. Henry, 152 Barrens Court, $329,000.

Penn Township

Edward L. Shaffer and Barbara E. Shaffer to William E. Klunk and Mary Ann McGee, property located along state Route 445, $38,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Gail M. Long and William A. Long to Scott Linden Carbaugh, 715 Laurel St., $5,000.

Rush Township

Thomas L. Watson to Alice Lynne Sleber, Jeffrey C. Watson and Shelly L. Clemens, 124 Richards St., $1.

James A. Moore Jr., Beverly E. Moore and Jane E. Moore to Beverly E. Moore, property located along Oak Steet, $1.

Leo P. Hughes and Mary Lou Hughes to Frances M. Hughes, 328 Spike Island Road, $1.

Mitchell R. Henry and Cheryl L. Henry to Donald A. Paladina, Anna Mae Paladina and Gregg L. Paladina, 104 S. Ridgewood Road, $310,000.

Spring Township

Amanda E. Hernandez to Thomas M. Clarke and Sarah M. Clarke, 871 Hill St., $113,000.

Paul Ross and Tracy L. Ascah to Gary L. Sowash and Lori M. Sowash, 122 Rosehill Drive, $234,900.

Eva J. Weaver and Roy E. Weaver to Peter Wayne Caton and Amanda Hart Caton, 921 Green St., $132,500.

State College Borough

Michael J. Dooris and Suzanne K. Dooris to Maggie A. Serpi and Alexander J. Serpi, 920 Southgate Drive, $142,000.

Patrick M. Reed and Christy S. Ruterford-Reed to Janetta S. Deonna, 160 Waypoint Circle, $322,000.

Willem Coetzee and Susanna Coetzee to Marc Albert Henry and Michiko Kameda, 670 Franklin St., $415,900.

Ramon L. Palmer Jr. and Anna-Maria G. Palmer to Wen Li, 1536 Blue Course Drive, $180,000.

Nancy E. Grazier, estate and Judy L. Shoemaker to Judy L. Shoemaker, 1247 Old Boalsburg Road, $1.

J. Scott Angle and Teresa A. Angle to Halimul Mannan and Fawzia Haque, 808 Stratford Drive, $107,500.

Valeri Dudley to Joseph G. Dzwonczyk and Colleen C. Dzwonczyk, 803 Stratford Drive, $108,000.

Shawn M. Clark and Elisabeth E. Clark to Nancy K. Luke and Kaivan D. Munshi, 232 S. Patterson St., $340,000.

Walker Township Windal W. & Dorothy M. Sisemore Revocable Trust, Debra A. Horn, trustee, Ronald W. Swisher and Ronald D. Swisher to Loretta A. Siegenthaler, property located along Walnut Street, $9,500.

First Line Development Two Inc. and S & A Homes Inc. to John A. Smaniotto and Kathryn Smaniotto, 184 Archers Glen Road, $237,898.

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