Real Estate Transactions June 24-28, 2013

July 19, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from June 24, 2013, through June 28, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Mica H. Emery to Kathryn L. Graham, 358 E. Lamb St., $165,000.

Keith L. Elwood to Lisa M. Bonneau, 338 Pine St. $1.

Randy L. Haagen and Lisa M. Haagen to Erik L. Kilmer, 1192 Centre St., $173,500.

V. Elizabeth Fornicola to Randall W. Holderman and Terri M. Holderman, 305 W. Linn St., $100,000.

Parkview Heights Associates to Joseph D. Kraus and Geralyn S. Kaminski, property located along Fox Meadow Lane, $63,000.

Benner Township

David R. Bliss and Martha J. Bliss to David R. Bliss and Martha J. Bliss, 132 Mountain Creek Lane, $1.

Ricky J. Sabbatini and Debbie E. Sabbatini to John J. Rupar and Lori A. Grimes, 360 Millgate Road, $362,000.

Rodney Stevens Lee and Grant Richard Lee to Jerry S. Strouse, 1028 Valley View Road, $159,500.

Christopher D. Krupp and Sarah Krupp to Joseph A. Cybulski and Debra T. Cybulski, 122 Cambridge Lane, $171,500.

Hope for Kinds Inc., to Centre County Airport Authority, property located along Crosswinds Drive, $172,500.

Robert W. Burk and Ruth A. Burk to George E. Fye and Barry E. Boonie, 772 Axemann Road, $16,000.

Karl R. Weber to Michael T. Hartsock and Alisha D. Cooper, 646 Buffalo Road, $179,000.

Boggs Township

Crossman Enterprises LLC to Forta Finita LLC, 798 Runville Road, $115,000.

Burnside Township

Evelyn A. Craft, by attorney to Cindy L. Heichel, 144 German Settlement Road, $27,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Helen E. Weyman, estate, Richard L. Weyman III and Michael D. Weyman, co-executor, to Donald C. Narber and Lynda J. Narber, 138 Grandview Road, $169,000.

College Township

Patrick G. Cheney and Debora L. Cheney to Andrew W. Belser and Virginia C. Belser, 100 Ronan Drive, $450,000.

Kevin M. Varner and Susan J. Varner to Brian E. Tilburg and Patricia L. Tilburg, 134 Monroe Ave., $226,000.

Robert S. Fogelsanger and Constance L. Fogelsanger to Scott J. Colby and Jessica L. Colby, 900 Shamrock Ave., $367,000.

Jerry K. Thornton and Robert F. Thornton to College Township, 1481 E. College Ave., $1.

Harold W. Bassett II and Paula P. Bassett to Todd J. Ramsey and Sonia L. Ramsey, 1229 Charles St., $197,500.

Dianne L. Kauffman to Lily Feng and Jingzhi Huang, 252 Independence Ave., $182,750.

Philip J. McConnaughay and Janet Murphy to Brian J. Hockenbury and Katherine M. Hockenbury, 900 Walnut Spring Lane, $675,000.

Summit at Shiloh Limited Partnership to Shiloh Investors LLC, parcels located at 200 Jefferson Avenue, $2,800,000.

Mildred F. Wallace and Robert J. Semion to Joy R. Porter, 120 Meadow Lane, $170,000.

William N. Brandt and Gretchen S. Brandt to Brian Devlin, 286 Whitehill St., $300,000.

Wayne D. Osgood and Julie Horney to William N. Brandt and Gretchen S. Brandt, 815 Walnut Spring Lane, $647,500.

Kyle Crossman and Kimberly Crossman to Eric B. Albright and Ivy J. Albright, 619 Struble Road, $375,000.

Ferguson Township

Sean M. Miller and Marjorie Miller to Shelby J. Maynard, 2495E Saratoga Drive, $205,000.

Chaoyang Huang and Heshu Chen to Yancheng Zhang and Haijuan Zhang, 2286 Gwenedd Lane, $325,000.

William M. Liberman and Grace K. Liberman to William M. Liberman, 2478 Harvest Ridge Drive, $1.

Edward J. Pavsek, by agent, and Adelina D. Pavse, by agent, to George S. McElwee and James R. Baney, 3116 Westover Drive, $225,000.

Todd J. Ramsey and Sonia L. Ramsey to Kristi Nicole Woodall, 225 Madison St., $225,000.

Peggy L. Imler to Lenna Neff and Verne Neff, 1943 Harvest Circle, $200,000.

Chongye Wang and Yuying Xing to Ae Ja Yee and Kyung Choon Yee, 255 Comover Lane, $307,000.

J. Douglas Coatsworth and Aimee L. Hamilton to Fang Wan and Xun Cao, 675 Tanager Drive, $342,000.

Ruth G. Murray to Mark J. Garlicki and Marianne Garlicki, 1781 Cambridge Drive, $385,000.

Haines Township

Sean A. Bobb, Patrick I. Bobb also known as Patrick E. Bobs, and Michael E. Bobb to Sean A. Bobb, Patrick I. Bobb and Michael E. Bobb, 181 Woodward Gap Road, $1.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP to Connie M. Swan, property located within the Township, $330,531.79.

Omar I. Ahmed and Carol J. Ahmed to Omar I. Ahmed and Carol Ahmed, 275 Copper Leaf Lane, $1.

KBBH Partnership to Bigatel Construction LLC, 130 Honeysuckle Drive, $99,800.

Huston Township

Robin Cain and Craig Cain to Mark L. Mann, 1131 Furnace St., $77,000.

Kenneth R. Stanton and Kathy B. Davidson, also known as Kathy B. Davidson-Stanton, to Carol A. Eaton and Jeffrey G. Eaton, 200 Rock Creek Lane, $540,000.

Liberty Township

Robert J. Foster, Janet K. Foster and Robert C. Foster to Christine A. Weldon, 1650 Marsh Creek Road, $42,000.

Marion Township

Sean W. Torongeau and Ali D. Torongeau to Robert D. Reimer and Melissa R. Reimer, 133 Fall Foliage Lane, $287,450.

Robert A. Pacella and Sherri E. Pacella to Sherri E. Pacella, property located along Jacksonville Road, $1.

Milesburg Borough

Jennifer E. Boose to Jennifer Deremer and Darris Deremer, 212 Market St., $10.

Barry L. Campbell Sr. and Tracie Campbell to Fonda A. Cain, 207 Hazel St., $146,500.

Edward R. Houser Jr. to Gertrude M. Houser, 408 Wagner St.,$1.

Patton Township

Beth J. Blew to Daniel C. McKenrick and Jullian A. McKenrick, 110 Seymore Ave., $179,900. Watoga Investments LLC to Thomas W. Tompkins and Nancy P. Tompkins, 333 Ghaner Drive, $179,900.

Tan Family Revocable Trust, Kai-Yuan Tan, trustee, Alison Mariko Tan, trustee, and Kai Wen Tan to Kai Wen Tan, Kai-Yuan Tan and Alison Mariko Tan, 1939 Norwood Lane, $1.

Andrew Schrenk and Kristen K. Schrenk to R & D Trust, Dawit , trustee, and Rahwa Teklai, trustee, 117 Forest Glenn Circle, $330,000.

Jeffrey G. Eaton to Jairam KP Vanamala and Lavanya Reddivari, 117 Hunterwood Way, $375,000.

Grant D. Forrest and Janet L. Forrest to William F. Speedy and Judith F. Speedy, 103 Honors Lane, $290,000.

Joshua M. Fritsch and Michelle J. Bradt and Michelle J. Fritsch to Michael S. Hindman and Joleen K. Hindman, 208 Teaberry Circle, $289,500.

Nora J. Kavanaugh to Dusty Sampson Smith and Mei-Chun Lin, 1927 Norwood Lane, $205,000.

Penn Township

Rita G. Musser to Richard S. Musser, property located along state Route 2012, $1.

Philipsburg Borough

Bradley J. O’Neill and Karee L. O’Neill to Bradley J. O’Neill and Karee L. O’Neill, 538 North 11th St., $1.

Potter Township

Philip J. Will to Philip J. Will and Amy M. Will, 102 Tussey Meadow Lane, $10.

John A. Ventura Jr. and Mary Anne Ventura to Barry W. Sands, Anne Marie Sands, Frank G. Granbery and Charlotte F. Granbery, 194 Willow Lane, $725,000.

Rush Township

Nicole Starr Fehr and Christopher A. Fehr to Scott A. Shimmel, 3493 Black Moshannon Road, $1.

Putnam L. McCord to Jenny Robinson, 254 Bilger Lane, $20,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Dennis L. Diffendall to Dennis L. Diffendall and Nancy J. Diffendall, 11258 Eddy Ridge Road, $1.

Spring Township

Brian A. Dempsey to Peter B. Kurbatov and Galina S. Kurbatov, 196 Jonathan Lane, $41,000.

Randy N. Trutt to Nikolas C. Packer, 112 Harris St., $115,000.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Brandon J. Weaver and Nichole L. Weaver, 179 Barrington Lane, $251,123.49.

William J. Welsh and Patricia Shirkn Welsh to Joseph P. Vaiana and Crystal A. Vaiana, 216 Steeplechase Drive, $231,000.

Jonathan P. Fisher, Stephen R. Fisher and Ruth A. Fisher to Brian Gregory Fahringer, 1252 Doruss Drive, $169,000.

Richard P. Sollman II and Tara T. Sollman to Dominick V. Romanini, 312 Park Ave., $122,500.

John C. Schiffauer and Meggan E. Schiffhauer to Garrett J. Vidak, 202 Jennifer Circle, $164,900.

J. Nathan Althouse and Sasha L. Althouse, also known as Sasha L. Whitford to Daniel J. Petrazzolo, 123 Gwenedd Court, $172,000.

Stone Financing LLC to Harold E. Reichert and Linda A. Reichert, 1110 W. Springfield Drive, $264,000.

Quality Rehabs Inc. to Debra M. Walk and Robby Walk, 933 Halfmoon St., $126,000.

State College Borough

Cynthia S. Meuser, trustee,James E. Sweetland, trustee, and Sweetland/Meuser 2002 Revocable Trust to James E. Sweetland, 1152 Smithfield Circle, $1.

E. Alan Cameron and Jule A. Cameron to Tom Cali, Robert John Langton and Equity Trust Company, 541 E. McCormick Ave. $253,175.

Roger Lamar Hershey and Roxanne L. Hershey to Janet C. Irons and Allan C. Thurman, 330 E. Waring Ave., $255,000.

Raymond W. Whetstine and Karen J. Whetstine to Karen J. Whetstine, 1497 Blue Course Drive, $1. Max W. Richards and Teri-Anne Richards to Jerry M. Heidenreich, Rachel S. Heidenreich and Claire S. Heidenreich, 931 Hart Circle, $180,000.

James D. Abbey and Amanda M. Abbey to Helen M. Kamens-Horton and William J. Horton, 627 Royal Circle, $400,000.

Mary Jane Ishler, estate, Barbara L. Janowsky, co-administrator and H. Richard Ishler Jr. to H. Richard Ishler Jr., 225 Burrowes Street, $1.

H. Richard Ishler Jr. to Burrowes Apartments Inc., 225 Burrowes St., $1.

Patricia Stevens, Robert J. Stevens, Christopher J. Stevens and David R. Stevens to Robert J. Kearney Jr., Bogumila Kearney and Robert S. Kerney, 239 S. Sparks St., $229,000.

Walker Township

Nathaniel D. Hamm and Jessica D. Hamm to Cartus Financial Corporation, 172 Hancock Road, $305,000.

Cartus Financial Corporation to John J. Galipeau and Tony L. Moist, 172 Hancock Road, $305,000.

David D. Lingle and Brenda L. Lingle to Fonda R. Luther and Christopher L. Luther, 385 Toni Terrace, $215,000.

Audrey N. Hall, estate, L. Joan Warefield, co-executrix, and Elsie L. Witherite, co-executrix, to Susan E. Homer, Christopher C. Homer, Derek S. Megargell and Kathleen Rhoads, 465 Hublersburg Road, $90,000.

Shelby J. Maynard and Shelby J. Stultz to Randy Penn and Diana Penn, 258 Forest Ave., $186,500.

Ronald R. Cravener and Verna L. Cravener to Dan Timko and Lisa M. Timko, 153 Meadow Lane, $214,000.

Worth Township

Harold W. Marks, estate to Faith M. Lucchesi, executrix, and Team Godspeed Inc., 7897 S. Eagle Valley Road, $115,000.

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