Letter to the editor | Just wondering

July 23, 2013 

In response Paul Hay’s letter, “What if?” (CDT, Friday), what if President Barack Obama had not mentioned the killing of Trayvon Martin?

He would have been called insensitive.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson go to everything they can to incite people like Hay — and they succeeded!

The shooting had nothing to do with the attorney general’s stance on gun issues. Eric Holder may not personally have any thoughts about guns, but in his position as attorney general he is obligated to follow the directions of other elected officials — the House and Senate!

The photos of a young Martin were just a ploy by lawyers to gain sympathy prior to the case and were sent out by the family lawyer. It was just a tactic lawyers use in any case such as this.

I am “just wondering” if the person who wrote the letter ever lived beside any minorities or worked with them or ever had any minority friends? It seems to be a one-sided letter from a person who has never interacted with a minority person or gotten to know him or her as a person.

“What if” more people quit being so narrow-minded and learned to know and respect others’ rights and customs?

Not every minority is bad, nor is every white person a bigot. Too bad they publish the letters of those less informed.

Jim Hironimus


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