Letter to the editor | No better options on State College High School project?

July 25, 2013 

It seems clear that the State College Area school board will make its final decision without really knowing how the public feels about the renovation of the high school.

The results of its survey are incomplete, because none of the options listed included the option of the first plan for the renovation: a single building with supervised entrances for security, the reuse of recently constructed portions of the North Building and maintaining the school at the current location.

So we don’t know how many of us supported that idea.

And despite a structure of options that seemed to make a new location seem more attractive, the results show a preference for maintaining the school at the same site. There seemed to be support in the survey results for reuse of facilities and maintaining the current site; it would have been nice to know if the single-building option would have gotten support as well.

The end result is two options I find less than satisfactory: a pair of renovated buildings connected by a walkway over Westerly Parkway (anyone else remember the overcrowded hallways in Park Forest Middle School before the second middle school was built?); or two separate facilities on opposite sides of the street, which apparently would still require the movement of students back and forth across the road — a serious security issue.

So I remain frustrated that, at long last, we are making decisions based on incomplete information.

Clearly there are some things we don’t want to know.

Tony M. Lentz

State College

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