Real Estate Transactions: July 1-5, 2013

July 26, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from July 1, 2013, through July 5, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Vincent A. Riglin and Mary E. Riglin to Chellie A. Shaffer, 1021 Airport Road, $186,750.

Benner Township

Terry J. Agona and Martha J. Agona to Ha N. Nguyen and Nguyen N. Thach, 161 Meadow Flower Circle, $360,000.

Village of Nittany Glen LP to Holly Hosterman, property located within the Township, $189,650.

Amberleigh LP to Berks Construction Company Inc., 180 Dorchester Lane, $153,000.

Marie Y. Kamp to Lori A. Pudliner, 162 Dorchester Lane, $189,000.

Boggs Township

Rodney N. Wellar and Sherri L. Wellar to R and A Rentals Park Division LLC, 158 Country Lane, $640,000.

College Township

VH Condo Partnership to Peter F. Manion and Karen A. Manion, 305 Village Heights Drive, $115,000.

Pete B. Kurbatov and Galina S. Kurbatov to Muhammad Aslam and Farzana Naurin, 140 Gaslight Circle, $450,000.

Val Lucas Watson, Val lorn Watson and Georganne C. Watson to Dangaia A. S. Sims and Ronald R. Sims, 100 Jefferson Ave., $193,000.

Allison G. Fitzgerald and Jeremy T. Fitzgerald to Richard Lucci and Leah F. Lucci, 382 First Ave., $201,400.

Mary Ann Miller to Alan E. Jones, 1103 Greenbriar Drive, $314,500.

Muhammad Aslam and Farzana Naurin to Justin A. Steimling, 505 Gerald St., $205,000.

Andrew B. Kosiba and Kacey M. Ricotta to Andrew T. Banse and Lisa A. Banse, 2617 Penbrook Lane, $172,000.

Micah R. Shepherd and Rachel J. Shepherd to Arthur L. Pentz, 120 Mitch Ave., $188,500.

Eric A. Nord and Andrea A. Nord to James A. Manzoni, 460 First Ave., $177,500.

Ricardo Rodriguez and Melissa Landrau-Rodriguez to Daniel S. Digman and Claire T. Digman, 241 First Ave., $205,000.

Ferguson Township

Holli Jo Warner to Holli Jo Warner, 1212 W. Beaver Ave., $1.

Aric K. Shelko and Audra Shelko to Andrew R. Wess, 2504 Prairie Rose Lane, $275,000.

Janet S. Baker to Susan J. Tuana, 110 Cherry Ridge Road, $239,000.

Joseph T. Szefi and Anne Marie Szefi to Janet S. Baker, 1885 Ayrshire Way, $191,900.

Cynthia M. Wilcock and John R. Wilcock to Christopher D. Krupp and Sarah Krupp, 3085 Williamsburg Drive, $285,000.

Linda A. Harding to James A. Lebreton and Beth A. Lebreton, 1734 Princeton Drive, $376,000.

Francis James Doyle and Elizabeth Doren Doyle to Brendan Derrick Taff and Patricia Jo Spears-Taff, 173 E. Aaron Drive, $228,000.

S & A Homes Inc., Thomas F. Songer, Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert and WPSH Associates to John R. Wilcock and Cynthia M. Wilcock, 1232 Barnstable Lane, $434,749.

Joseph H. Macneil and Mary Jean Macneil to Charles Gordon Wells and Mariko Haneda, 668 Berkshire Drive, $272,000.

David Timothy Henderson and Kellie D. Henderson to Matthew T. Hardy and Dana L. Hardy, 722 Tanager Drive, $258,500.

Halfmoon Township

Steven W. Sampsell and Susan D. Sampsell to Jerry E. Maida, 192 Winesap Drive, $287,000.

Haines Township

Jeff J. Hostetler and Nancy Hostetler to John T. Hostetler and Emma S. Hostetler, property located within the Township, $1.

Harris Township

HLP Holdings LLC to Martin C. Silva and Natalie S. Silva, 1321 E. Kay St., $349,000.

Joel B. Haight and Jean B. Haight to Maria Acosta, 395 Beacon Circle, $515,000.

Omar I. Ahmed and Carol J. Ahmed to William A. Horgas and Kimberly A. Horgas, 215 Copper Leaf Lane, $375,000.

Rockey Ridge Partnership to Kingstead Homes, 1301 E. Kay St., $1.

Duerr & Visnovsky Design and Construction to Amy Sue Martin, 106 W. Crestview Ave., $256,500.

Rockey Ridge Partnership to James Matthews, 1075 Rockey Ridge Road, $76,000.

Laurence B. Boggess and Brenda E. Boggess to Laurence B. Boggess, 918 Boalsburg Pike, $1.

Marc J. Frigo and Amy B. Frigo to Clyde Martin Gillespie and Roni Barnhart Gillespie, 110 Sherwood Drive, $271,000.

Jerry E. Maida to Jennifer L. Toyokawa and Koji Toyokawa, 717 Kennard Road, $255,000.

Barbara Yingling to Larry Yingling, 126 Harris Ave., $120,000.

Howard Borough

Kenneth R. Stark and Debbie M. Stark to Nathan C. Gerst and Lauren R. Walker, 116 Knob Road, $177,000.

Howard Township

Dewayne C. Lose and Annette L. Lose to Benjamin Ronald Moyer, 120 Shirlyn Drive, $160,000.

Liberty Township

Paul J. Hartman and Darlene K. Hartman to Ross K. Hartman, 118 Liberty St., $55,000.

Patton Township

Raymond E. Dinsmore and Barbara A. Dinsmore to Kimberley Hutchingame and Francis Brian Hutchingame, 435 Cricklewood Drive, $285,000.

Darlene Y. Valentine, estate and Byron A. Gentzel, executor, to Steven Lee Putterman and Linda A. Putterman, 113 Ghaner Drive, $118,000.

Richard Herbert Zimmers, Stacy Zimmers Moerschbacher and William Moerschbacher to Raymond E. Dinsmore and Barbara A. Dinsmore, 1803 N. Allen St., $219,000.

John D. Nitardy and Laurie L. Nitardy to Andrew Schrenk and Kristen K. Schrenk, 132 Spring Glen Place, $380,000.

Karen S. Feldbaum to Timothy R. Harrigan, 311 Oakwood Ave., $160,000.

Tara S. Williams and Krystaufeux D. Williams to Ning Wan and Lixian Wang, 948 Galen Drive, $173,900.

Jeffrey C. Hocker and Ruth A Hocker to Rodney Severson and Mario Cortes Garcia, 450 Candlewood Drive, $197,000.

Terence R. Aiello and Rene A. Aiello to Bret J. Buterbaugh and Marie M. Buterbaugh, 622 Galen Drive, $166,500.

Verne A. Neff and Lenna J. Neff to Quan Shen, 651 W. Hillside Ave., $180,000.

Danielle M. Faretta, also known as Daniell M. Trego, and Matthew A. Trego to Danielle M. Trego and Matthew A. Trego, 123 Barrens Court, $1.

Rachel C. Wagner and Aaron T. Wagner to Benjamin J. Chapman and Laura W. North, 2072 Mary Ellen Lane, $135,000.

Thomas Burt and Holly Burt to Jacob B. Patterson, 155 McKivison Court, $244,530.

Robert J. Langan and Patricia S. Langan to Kevin M. Finnerty, 154 Kenley Court, $182,500.

Penn Township

Daniel F. Kerstetter and Terry L. Kerstetter to Jan N. Heimbaugh and Todd J. Heimbaugh, property located along Tunnel Road, $100,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Matthew W. Yarnell to Bernice D. Cates, 19 North 9th St., $94,000.

Jeremy Smith and Emily Coover Smith to Derek G. Hart, property located along Pine Street, $7,200.

Port Matilda Borough

Robert L. Warner and Nancy E. Warner to Brandon L. Hackett and Sara Warner Hackett, property located at the corner of Centre and Oak streets, $1.

Potter Township

Kenneth Dean Johnson and Suzanne L. Johnson to Richard S. Fowler and Lanice L. Fowler, property located along Pepper Ridge Drive, $1.

Rush Township

Charles J. McKivison, estate and Janet Kelley, executrix, to Lawrence D. Woods and Margaret J. Woods, 3435 Black Moshannon Road, $30,000.

Snow Shoe Borough

David J. Mottin and Kylee A. Mottin to David J. Mottin and Kylee A. Mottin, 106 Mottin Lane, $1.

Centrepeace Inc. to Catherine W. Dittman, 207 W. Sycamore St., $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Margaret A. Besch to Thomas J. Breon II, 224 Hickory Road, $56,000.

Spring Township

Ronald P. Marlatt and Janet M. Marlatt to Kerrie A. Bodle and Rochelle J. Dehaas, 113 Bending Oak Drive, $172,000.

Linda C. Musser, Daniel C. Reeder and Linda C. Reeder to Janette Raspatello, 103 Danielle Drive, $161,000. Wilbur A. McCaslin, estate, Cinda J. Struble, co-executrix, and Julie M. Lutz, co-executrix, to Jason E. McCaslin, 131 Cole St., $50,000.

State College Borough

Robert B. Mitchell and Janet S. Mitchell to Christopher Hinkelmann, 613 W. Park Ave., $477,000.

Susan E. Riddiford and Christopher Shedd to Addison L. Bartlett and Evan Stearns, 164 W. Hamilton Ave., $219,000.

Naomi E. McCormack to Stephanie C. Serriere, 461 Orlando Ave., $316,000.

Marie D. Cornelius, Joanne Dirinaldo and Regina Ramich to 107 Partners LLC, 107 S. Allen St., $715,000.

Mark A. Toniatti and Roberta M. Toniatti to Richard J. Marzella and Julee Marzella, 732 N. Allen St., $285,500.

Vladimir Zatsiorskyt and Rita Zatsiorsky to Stephen M. Noviello, 333 Homan Ave., $250,500.

Ronald H. Clark by agent and Joan E. Clark to Joan E. Clark, trustee, and Joan E. Clark Irrevocable Income Only, 1051 Taylor St. $1.

Walker Township

Zion Associates to Robert J. Domingo, property located within the Township, $142,900.

William G. Beck, Connie L. Beck, Angel N. Beck, Angel N. Smith and Andrew Lee Smith to Alvin E. Bell and Virginia S. Bell, 146 Meadow Lane, $190,000.

First Line Development Two Inc. and S & A Homes Inc. to Dereck J. Rogers and Wendy L. Rogers, 219 Archer’s Glen Circle, $328,016.

William S. Smoyer to William S. Smoyer Irrevocable Grantor and Michael D. Moyer, trustee, 134 Lisk St., $1.

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