Real Estate Transactions: July 8-12, 2013

August 2, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from July 8, 2013, through July 12, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Carolyn M. Grove to Carolyn M. Gove, Melissa Etters and Nicole Holsinger, 650 E. Bishop Street, $1.

Sandra L. Smithmyer to Nathan M. Garvin and Alexandra M. Machikas, 337 E. Beaver Street, $157,000.

Robert J. Hohn and Barbara C. Hohn to Alan M. Phillips and Keri L. Wallace, 1344 Joanna Drive, $327,500.

Benner Township

Paul A. Hartle and Ellen M. Hartle to B. J. Hartle, 2599 Barns Lane, $1.

B. J. Hartle to Paul A. Hartle and Ellen M. Hartle, property located within the Township, $1.

B. J. Hartle to B. J. Hartle, 2599 Barns Lane, $1.

Paul A. Hartle and Ellen M. Hartle to Paul A. Hartle and Ellen M. Hartle, property located along Barns Lane, $1.

Paul A. Hartle and Ellen M. Hartle to Paul A. Hartle and Ellen M. Hartle, property located around Barns Lane, $1.

Paul A. Hartle and Ellen M. Hartle to Paul A. Hartle and Ellen M. Hartle, property located along Barns Lane, $1.

Paul A. Hartle and Ellen M. Hartle to Paul A. Hartle and Ellen M. Hartle, property located along Barns Lane, $1.

Karen E. Bilger and Connie E. Shay to John L. Keeler Jr., 583 Valley View Road, $122,500.

Boggs Township

Jean L. Artz to Donna J. Chronister and Carolyn Stoicheff, 793 Yarnell Road, $1.

Burnside Township

Dylan P. Steffan and Tina M. Steffan to Earl P. Zinn and Kay R. Zinn, 459 Musselman Road, $61,500.

College Township

Frances Anne Tubiolo and Robert W. Hummer Jr. to Robert J. Beaury, 1120 Mayberry Lane, $285,000.

Doris C. Masorti to Doris C. Masorti, 701 Tussey Lane, $1.

Jason Flickinger and Bridget Flickinger to Mitchell T. Lawson and Denise C. Lawson, 1625 Hawthorn Drive, $318,000.

Eugenie A. Harlow by agent and Eugenia A. Harlow by agent to Kristen N. Boccumini and Theodore K. M.Thwing, 100 Oakmont Road, $207,863.

Christopher T. Pfeiffer and Beth A. Pfeiffer to Christopher T. Pfeiffer and Beth A. Pfeiffer, 857 Shamrock Ave., $1.

Weicheng Chen and Jingru Zhang to Ning Yu and Jie Huang, 102 Abbott Lane, $399,000.

Richard J. Riegel and Tracy A. Riegel to Tracy A. Riegel, 158 Scenery Court, $1.

John H. Mitchell Jr., Maria E. Mitchell and Haubert/Mitchell Partners, 160 Matilda Ave., $62,000.

Robin E. Oliver, Brent D. Veronesi and Robin Oliver-Veronesi to Robin Oliver-Veronesi and Brent D. Veronesi, 609 Elmwood St., $1.

Ryan S. Lowe and Linda A. Lowe to Ryan S. Lowe and Mariam P. Lowe, 448 Gerald St., $1.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Aaron C. Pavlechko and Leslie K. Pavelchko, 212 Rainlo St., $173,800.

Curtin Township

Michael P. Marshall and A. Susanne Marshall to Rodney M. Sepich and Tracy C. Sepich, 749 Orviston Mountain Road, $625,000.

Ferguson Township

Thomas S. Adams and Pamela J. Adams to Joshua E. Potter and Sarah A. Potter, 127 W. Chestnut St., $149,500.

Mark S. Weaver and Betty J. Weaver to Mark S. Weaver, 122 Thornridge Drive, $1.

Donald P. Haspel and Linda H. Mason to Eric B. Ford and Elizabeth C. Ford, 672 Devonshire Drive, $275,000.

Michael J. Meier and Mary E. Meier to Joel A. Gross and Nicole L. Gross, 115 Elm Road, $186,900.

Dawn Z. Behnken and Dawn Ziegerer Behnken to Patrick M. Cowher and Dawn Ziegerer Cowher, 300 Rosemont Drive, $1.

Larissa M. Wille, also known as Larissa M. Youngberg, to Michael A. Morgan, 2308 Quail Run Road, $209,900.

Barbara W. Davis to Barbara W. Davis Revocable Living Trust and Barbara W. Davis, trustee, 234 McBath St., $1.

Arlene S. Miller, estate and Tracey Dooms to Karyn J. Smithbauer, 753 Tanager Drive, $205,000.

Xiaoning Jiang and Zhuo Xing to Joseph T. Szefi and Anne Marie Szefi, 241 Sunday Drive, $430,000.

John W. Demaria and Margaret R. Demaria to John W. and Margaret R. Demaria Revocable Living Trust and Margaret R. Demaria, trustee, 3291 Shellers Bend, $1.

Corl Farm Inc. to Lewis P. Logan, 726 Linnet Lane, $1.

Paul M. Markowski and Marisa A. Ferger to Matthew C. Dancho and Haley Marie Dancho, 100 Harvest Run Road, $275,000.

Debra Ann Pollock-Antos and Matthew Antos to Weichert Relocation Resources Inc., 745 Devonshire Drive, $255,000.

Weichert Relocation Resources Inc. to Benjamin Hickerson and Larissa Witmer, 745 Devonshire Drive, $255,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Larissa M. Willie, 2124 Autumnwood Drive, $325,101.

Robert A. Gregg and Sandra S. Gregg to Gary J. Grgurich and Elizabeth B. Grgurich, No. 117, 2465 Circleville Road, $256,000.

Halfmoon Township

S & A Homes Inc. to Scott C. Kellerman and Janice S. Kellerman, 52 Stable View Drive, $509,929.

Harris Township

Robert J. Beaury and Patricia M. Beaury to Charles K. Driscoll Jr. and Jennifer T. Driscoll, 436 Bailey Lane, $1.

Nancy B. Parko and Christina A. Parko to D. Korman Reish and Dorothea E. Reish, 1203 Earlystown Road, $1.

Karyn J. Smithbauer to Alexander Klippel and Melina Czymoniewicz-Klippel, 618 Academy St., $342,000.

Howard Borough

Kevin A. Wetzel, by sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association, 447 Walnut St., $4,994.91.

Miles Township

Roy A. Sletson and Norma P. Sletson to Jason Kurtz and Crystal Kurtz, 215 Madisonburg Pike, $148,000.

Milesburg Borough

Robert B. Dewald by sheriff to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 202 Cove St., $131,000.

Millheim Borough

Wanda G. Bailey, also known as Wanda B. Gerhab, and Glenn G. Gerhab to Ronnie E. Ticknor and Audra B. Ticknor, 142 Penn St., $103,500.

Patton Township

Tyler J. Towers and Jamie M. Towers to Dane M. Christensen and Tara L. Christensen, 22 High Meadow Lane, $327,888.

Abdulnaser Y. A. Alfulaij and Yousef A.Y.A.S. Alfulaij to Paul S. Costa and Heather G. Costa, 688J Oakwood Ave., $262,000.

David C. Martin by agent and Donna L. Martin to Michael G. McKee and Nancy M. McKee, 151 Presidents Drive, $235,000.

Jesse G. Wells and Lindsay A. Wells to Matthew Scanlin and Jenna Scanlin, 156 Brynwood Drive, $267,000.

Kristen M. Brubaker to Rick M. Schreiber and Staci Perilman Schreiber, 1945 N. Oak Lane, $198,000.

Patrick S. Powers and Lisa M. Powers to Charles E. Schnable and Kelly M. Garthwaite, 579 Kristina Circle, $360,500.

James S. Snyder and Richard J. Row Jr. to GRQ Properties LLC, 112 Haverford Circle, $1.

Joanne S. Bogle, estate and Jamie Lynn McCabe to Michael J. Meier and Mary E. Meier, 108 Pinewood Place, $292,500.

Penn Township

Steven D. Faust and Pamela K. Faust to Travis E. Auman and Gwen G. Corman-Auman, property located along Zerby Gap Road, $29,900.

Jonathan R. Foust and April D. Sikes, also known as April D. Foust, to Kyla L. Jackson, 4838 Penns Valley Road, $160,000.

Douglas R. Nicholas, Denise L. Immel, Donna L. Stover and Diane L. Brown to Jacob K. Esh Jr. and Mary E. Esh, 5005 Penns Valley Road, $392,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Margaret E. Rhoades to James D. Fenton and Aspen N. Fenton, 122 N. 8th St., $30,000.

Potter Township

Viola L. Pifer Trust, Myron K. Pifer, co-trustee, Vicki Simmons, co-trustee, Kevin J. Pifer, co-trustee, and Viola L. Pifer to Mae D. Judy, 106 Penns Court, $165,000.

Thomas S. Brouse, Donnis Kay Alfieri, Donnis Kay Dechristopher and Linda Smith to Thomas S. Brouse, 2466 General Potter Highway, $1.

Rush Township

Robert E. Ferguson and Janine Ferguson to Thomas Protano and Kathy Protano, property located along the Tyrone Pike, $30,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Merle J Ammerman, Sandra R. Uzzell and Sandra R. Ammerman to Merle J. Ammerman and Sandra R. Ammerman, 190 Beech Creek Road, $1.

George R. Uzzell and Sidonia Uzzell to Ty C. Ammerman and Amanda S. Ammerman, property located within the Township, $1.

Spring Township

Nathan L. Cooke and Angela K. Cooke to Nathaniel Drew Bastian and Hyeyon Yi Bastian, 137 Arbor Bluff Drive, $210,500.

Brockerhoff Acquisition Group Inc. to JAWII LLC, property located along Kathryn Drive, $70,000.

Stacy Thomas and Lori Thomas to Joseph A. Thomas, 128 Greens Valley Road, $117,300.

W.T. Smith Family Trust, William T. Smith, trustee, and Susan P., trustee, to Charles T. Gindhart Jr., Mary E. Gindhart, John C. Gindhart and Andrea I. Gindhart, 196 Valley View Road, $259,000.

Ryan S. Lowe and Linda A. Lowe to Ryan S. Lowe and Mariam F. Lowe, 1001 Halfmoon St., $1.

Kenneth E. Banks and Carol Ann Banks to Matthew W. Yarnell and Scott A. Collins, 122 Grant Circle, $244,900.

State College Borough

Jennifer C. Cornwell and Joshua Everett Cunningham to Benjamin Adam Shaby and Kirsten Elise Eilertson, 704 W. Nittany Ave., $347,900.

Beverly Vandiver to Yvonne M. Shank, 367 Bradley Ave., $244,900.

Alan E. Knight to Matthew S. Kalgren, 512 E. McCormick Ave., $245,000.

Deborah Winter, Jay Harris, Brian Adams, Wendy Adams, Eric Harris and Christopher Adams to Gregory R. Rhinehart and Lisa G. Rhinehart, 251 W. Park Ave., $320,000.

Michael P. O’Mara and Karen O’Mara to Micah R. Shepherd, 1207 S. Allen St., $239,500.

Rolande S. Bartko to Brian K. Crosby and Angela C. Crosby, 872 Wester Drive, $225,000.

Taylor Township

Faye Erhard, Lois E. Bailey and Carolyn E. Myers to Taylor Township, 1410 Fowler Hollow Road, $160,000.

Unionville Borough

Deborah J. Cullum to Deborah J. Cullum and Donna Edwards, 121 Main St., $1.

Walker Township

Howard N. Grove, by sheriff to Bank of America, 1343 Snydertown Road, $,3,976.11

L. Jane Haagen and L. Jane Bressler to John E. Miller and Sheryl Miller, property located within the Township, $1,800.

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