Local golf: Results from Philipsburg, Mountain View, Centre Hills country clubs

From CDT staff reportsAugust 6, 2013 

Local Golf

Philipsburg Country Club

Fish Open Pro-Am

Net Division

1. PJ Chieppor (Bent Creek) 62; 2. Sam Nastase (Nittany) 63; 3. Ed Schon Mountain View) 64; 4. (tie) Jack Vesnesky (Philipsburg), Bob Mitchell (Philipsburg), Ron Horner (Nittany) 65; 7. (tie) Marlan Bowersox (Nittany), Fred Lucas (Philipsburg), Mike Witters (Philipsburg) 66.

Gross Division

1. David Lilly (Clearfield) 68; 2. Brian Short (Penn State) 69; 3. (tie) Adam Timchak (Philipsburg), Judd Caruso (Belles Springs), Chris Snyder (Toftrees), Craig Bradley (Hershey) 70; 7. (tie) Clayton Shadeck (Clearfield), Michael Czap (Phillipsburg), Wall Clapper (Iron Masters), Chad Gearhart (Clearfield), Garrett Bastardi (Mountain View), Ron Eiler (Philipsburg), Josh Norris (Clearfield) 71.

Team Net

1. Fred Lucas, Sam Nastase, Tony Nastase, Bud O’Brien 119; 2. (tie) Barry Reese, Hank Haranin, Cubby Bair, Ron Horner and Doug Goss, Bill Jones, PJ Chieppor, Billl Jones 121; 4. Mike Witters, Bo Sankey, Sam Irvin, Lenny Snowberger 123; 5. Steve Byron, Ed Shon, Kevin Treese, Tom Noffsker 124; 6. Joe Beigle, Tom Crater, Marlan Bowersox, Frank Webster 125

Team Gross

1. (tie) Josh Norris, David Lilly, Clayton Shadeck, Chad Gearhart and Tom Koehle, Ron Hinish, Wally Clapper, Garth Honsaker 132; 3. Dan Young, Mike Richards, Garrett Bastardi, Chris Snyder 134; 4. Judd Caruso, Bill Luther, Sean Kaczynski, Greg Kight 136; 5. Michael Czap, Pat Brown, Jim Dixon, Gary Helsel 137; 6. (tie) Craig Bradley, Tyler Sensensig, Joe Hanna, Brandon Blakeney and Ryan Dobo, Jarrod Benton, Adam Timchak, Scott Nelson 138.

Note: Judd Caruso aced the 130-yard fourth hole.

Mountain View Country Club

Women’s Member Guest

Low net

1. Kay Kustanbauter-Alice Clark 56; 2. Louise Shope-Karen Krupa 61; 3. Ginny Hosterman-Mariabel Lies 64

Low gross

1. Carol Caldwell-Nancy Sipe 83

Note: Carol Caldwell eagled No. 5.

Centre Hills Country Club

The Seniors 2013



Low Gross

1. Don Krider 156; 2. Bill Martin 157; 3. Jack McWhirter 165

Low Net

1. Jerry DiLembo 148; 2. Bob Fogelsanger 152; 3. Neail Cocolin

Super Seniors

Low Gross

1. Sam Auker 150; 2. Ray Marcon 159; 3. Gene Tyworth 164

Low Net

1. Bob Nedwick 140; 2. Steve Hurvitz 142; 3. Paul Nelson 145


Low Gross

1. Bob Rutherford 152; 2. Ken Lusht 160; 3. Jim Reeder 163

Low Net

1. Tom Derr 125; 2. Bob Campbell 136; 3. Jack Fulton 139

Statesman 9 Hole

Low Gross

1. AJ Grill 102

Low Net

1. Charles Rohrbeck 75

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