Real Estate Transactions: July 15-19

August 9, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from July 15, 2013, through July 19, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Scott Taylor and Laura Taylor to Donald Jones Anspauch, 408 E. Bishop St., $118,000.

Guy Cipriano III and Dena T. Cipriano to Hannah E. Sidelinger, 138 Haupt Ave., $190,000.

Charles C. Brown Jr. and Barbara L. Brown to Katherine Anne Hoffman, 236 E. Lamb St., $98,500.

Hobbs Living Trust, J. Donald Hobbs, trustee, and Karen M. Hobbs, trustee, to James F. Ross and Susan M. Ross, 1332 Joanna Drive, $327,000.

Garrett P. Lee to Alan W. Scaroni and Maryellen Scaroni, 361 Pine St., $110,000.

Eric J. Porterfield and Susan Wilson Porterfield to Richard and Pamela Hall Trust, 343 E. Bishop St., $119,000.

Benner Township

Alan V. Erdley and Katherine May Mitchell to John F. McMillan and Anne W. McMillan, 150 Dorchester Lane, $187,000.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Ryan E. Devlin and Erin M. Devlin, 137 Exeter Lane, $175,380.

Stephen R. Kinneer to Penny J. Horner, 614 Spring Creek Road, $180,000.

Far Hills LLC to Kenneth R. Stanton and Kathy B. Davidson-Stanton, property located along Far Hills Avenue, $105,000.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to Centre County Industry Development Corporation, property located along Rishel Hill Road, $241,861.

Centre County Industry Development Corporation to BHP Development LLC, property along Rishell Hill Road, $300,000.

Benner Independent Township

Geraldine Roger Bohn, Gerald E. Rogers, Bonnie Lou Moerschbacher, also known as Ronnie Lee Rogers, to Bonnie Lou Moerschbacher and Ronnie L. Rogers, 1201 Shiloh Road, $1.

Boggs Township

Thomas J. Canich to Heather A. Heverly, 144 Sunset Acres, $154,900.

Lois M. Rossman, estate, Rose M. Hutchings-Peterson, co-executrix and Debra A. Richner, co-executrix to Rory McCoy and Amanda J. McCoy, 112 Leathers Camp Road, $185,000.

Joyce R. Brown to Sara Kellerman, 425 Moose Run Road, $66,000.

Chris E. Richner and Michele M. Richner to Chris E. Richner, 112 Abbie Lane, $1.

Robert S. Surovec to Darrell R. Musser and Theresa K. Musser, 1056 S. Eagle Valley Road, $139,900.

College Township

Nikki A. Silvis to Anthony J. Cepullio and Donna Cepullio, 200 Grove Circle, $1.

Ralph W. Noack and Michele A. Merrick to Simon P. Coffin and Katrin Coffin, 301 Warrick St., $345,000.

Randall A. Bachman and Lynor C. Bachman to Thomas J. Renehan Jr., 318 Dover Circle, $1.

Angie D. Taylor and Angie D. Capone to Joseph N. Schival and Regina M. Schival, 141 Villa Crest Drive, $160,500.

Geraldine Roger Bohn, Gerald E. Rogers, Bonnie Lou Moerschbacher and Ronnie Lee Rogers to Gerald E. Rogers and Loretta M. Rogers, property located along Shiloh Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Mark J. Leahy and Maria G. Leahy to Mark J. Leahy and Maria G. Leahy, 124 Cherry Ridge Road, $10.

Roy F. Willis to Robert A. Sinclair and Mary J. Sinclair, 3296 Shellers Bend, $265,000.

Mark E. Feinberg and Susan S. Sulami to Colleen M. Saylor, 113 Westwood Circle, $283,058.

Robert A. Sinclair and Mary J. Sinclair to Yong Wang and Lizhuo Shang, 2435 Charleston Drive, $290,000.

WHGMN Realty LP to SC Park Apartments, LLC, 348 Blue Course Drive, $42,750,000.

David M. Rice and Susan A. Rice to Larry Ross, 2465 Circleville Road, $289,900.

Scott A. Spisak and Stuart A. Spisak to Kenneth T. Leath and Marie L. Leath, 3301 Shellers Bend, No. 932, $225,000.

David J. Tisdale and Angela M. Johnson-Risdale to Xiaojun Zhang and Sheng Kai Yu, 743 Teal Lane, $246,500.

William H. James Jr. and Sally T. James to Jeffrey B. Fortin and Michelle Fortin, 260 Sunday Drive, $429,500.

Matthew C. Grube and Jennifer D. Grube to Matthew C. Grube, 102 Westwood Circle, $1.

John B. Parker and Joleen L. Parker to Justin D. Callahan and Kimberly M. Callahan, 1895 Autumnwood Drive, $295,000.

Douglas Davies Perkins to Anton L. Zellers and Kathy S. Zellers, 3291 Shellers Bend, $269,000.

Bradley L. Hart and Pamela S. Hart to G. Austin Grove, 311 Ravendale Road, $219,900.

Thistlewood Associates to Darrel R. Zaccagni, Norman L. Zaccagni and Marilyn J. Zaccagni, 420 Meckley Drive, $62,000.

Gregg Township

Catherine M. Ferrence to Benjamin F. Bidelspach III and Marci L. Bidelspach, 564 Sinking Creek Road, $250,000.

Halfmoon Township

Richard M. Teitel and E. Ann Teitel to Chad E. Shenk and Jennie G. Noll, 140 Cedar Ridge Drive, $345,000. Todd E. Horner and Lois S. Horner to Andrew J. Meehan and Cara T. Meehan, 101 Davision Road, $332,000.

Douglas F. Hartman and Terryl J. Hartman to Samuel E. Buckley and Shizuka O. Buckley, 101 Winesap Drive, $240,000.

Edward C. Brown II and Jodi M. Brown, also known as Jodi M. Fogelman, to Edward C. Brown II and Jodi M. Brown, 50 Julie Circle, $1.

Nita E. Adams to Benjamin D. Lerner, 199 Buckhorn Road, $218,500.

Haines Township

J. Donald Herr and Dorcas W. Herr to J. Donald & Dorcas W. Herr Joint Revocable Trust, J. Donald Herr, trustee, and Dorcas W. Herr, trustee, 454 Cemetery Road, $1.

Henry S. Beiler and Barbara L. Beiler to Chad R. Barto and Erin D. Barto, 220 W. Aaron Square, $110,000.

Harris Township

Matthew J. Leah to Benjamin L. Tolton and Kerry L. Tolton, 210 Homestead Lane, $194,000.

Kenneth B. Showers to Randy L. Hendrick, 3841 S. Atherton St., $160,500.

Howard Borough

Jeromy N. Knepp and Laureen M. Knepp to Tyler L. Brown, 196 E. Main St., $138,999.

Huston Township

James M. Cowan and Lisa M. Cowan to Lynn D. Hoffman and Maropa R. Hoffman, 950 Railroad Ave., $22,000.

Lynn D. Hoffman and Maropa R. Hoffman to Lynn D. Hoffman and Maropa R. Hoffman, 950 Railroad Ave., $1.

James M. Cowan and Lisa M. Cowan to James M. Cowan and Lisa M. Cowan, 200 Julian Pike, $1.

Liberty Township

Berniece M. Bechdel to Berniece M. Bechdel and Charles H. Bechdel, 148 Mountain Top Road, $1.

Timothy C. Conway and Nicole D. Conway to Gary E. Kunz and Christa M. Kunz, 160 Main St., $95,000.

Marion Township

Janet L. Ruhl to Piney F. Walk, 198 Terra Vista Drive, $95,000.

Miles Township

Michael A. Ochs and Catherine A. Ochs to David J. Bagrowski and Kathleen A. Bagrowski, 4699 Brush Valley Road, $164,000.

Milesburg Borough

Rory E. McCoy and Amanda Jo McCoy to Steven L. Stem and Lisa Ann Stem, 117 Turnpike St., $85,000.

Patton Township

Norman M. Paul Jr. and Joyce S. Paul to Thomas Dale Kidd and Marcia A. Kidd, 405 Canterbury Drive, $300,000. Rita H. Rolph to Thomas J. Canich, 550 Longbarn Road, $282,000.

Charles E. Schnable to Cecelia B. Merkel and Anthony J. Moscatello, 1921 N. Oak Lane, $219,900.

Penn Dakota LLC to Kyle D. Crossman and Kimberly S. Crossman, 3750 N. Atherton St., $1.

Thomas F. Kenly and Roberta J. Kenly to Michael S. Lundberg and Allison M. Beese, 113 Greenmeadow Lane, $435,000.

Thomas Chris Montemore and Mitzi Gayle Montemore to Phoenix International Investments LP, 209 Fernwood St., $184,000.

Paul W. Yeager to Paul W. Yeager and Sherry L. Coven, 651 Marjorie Mae St., $1.

Giovanni Peter Vendemia and Marlena Marie Vendemia to Neal H. Hutchens and Kelli E. Hutchens, 118 Barrens Court, $334,900.

Penn Township

Larry E. Strickler and Rosalyn E. McClintic to Rosalyn E. McClintic, 156 Railroad St., $1.

Joseph H. Hicks and Sharon R. Hicks to Ryan J. Croyle and Rebecca A. Croyle, property located along Phoenix Lane, $51,250.

Philipsburg Borough

Wendy S. Sharpless to A & F Ventures LLC, 613 E. Pine St., $1,000.

Port Matilda Borough

Beverly J. Smith to Matthew J. Moyer, 106 Church St., $85,000.

Potter Township

CDG Land Acquisition LP to Jon Nathan Althouse and Sasha L. Althouse, 135 Blarney Lane, $299,000.

Joshua A. Tobey and Doris A. Tobey to Rhett W. Jefferies and Melecia M. Jefferies, 110 Green Meadow Lane, $385,000.

Rush Township

Harry L. Doran and Harry Doran to John Bowes, property located along Curve Street, $33,000.

Spring Township

Ellen Louise Poorman to Byron C. Brown and Judy I. Brown, 138 Locust St., $80,000.

Neil R. Kelley to Dianne L. Kauffman, 241 Steeplechase Drive, $214,000.

Twila J. Meyers to Scott R. Meyers, 241 Gemar Ave., $155,000.

Jere J. Trostle and Krista L. Trostle to Craig A. Parkes and Jessica L. Larocca, 127 Chapel Hill Circle, $245,000.

Joshua J. Fitz to Joshua J. Fitz and Helen Dalis, 1019 Halfmoon St., $1.

State College Borough

Michael J. Russell and Mary Eileen Russell to Michael J. Russell, 506 Nimitz Ave., $1.

John J. Dolan and Teresa S. Dolan to David W. Titley and Kathleen D. Titley, 100 Hartswick Ave., $1.

John C. Perate and Michelle L. Perate to Joseph W. Pulsney and Karen L. Pulsney, 710 S. Atherton St., $109,000.

Paul D. Sommers and Gayle F. Nicholson to James T. Herbert and Leigh A. Herbert, 820 N. Thomas St., $432,000.

A. W. Castleman Jr. and Heide G. Castleman to C. Daniel Azzara and Wendy S. Azzara, 425 Hillcrest Ave., $699,950.

Alfred J. Leblanc, Estate and Norman J. Leblanc, executor, to Ronald A. Gurskey and Mary Lu Gurskey, 752 Westerly Parkway, $175,000.

Keith D. Bailey and Elizabeth A. Bailey to Matthew T. L. Gustafson and Alison C. Wolff, 921 W. Fairmont Ave., $439,000.

Patrice H. Schelkun and P. Michael Schelkun to Meifen Yu Lin, 803 Stratford Drive, $129,000.

Union Township

Douglas A. Bush to Douglas A. Bush and Caroline J. Bush, 1075 Spotts Road, $1.

Walker Township

Mervin R. Confer, estate and Martha Narehood, executrix to Joshua C. Thal and Kendra L. Snyder, 303 Nilson Road, $170,000.

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