Real Estate Transactions: July 22-26, 2013

August 16, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from July 22, 2013, through July 26, 2013 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Ronald D. Mattern and Linda M. Mattern to Ronald D. Mattern Family Revocable Trust, Ronald D. Mattern, trustee, and Linda M. Mattern, trustee, 1076 E. Bishop St., $1.

Erin Hammerstedt to Brittany E. Curchoe, 326 E. Spring St.,$142,000.

Sarah M. Dressler and Sarah M. Brower to Liudmyla A. Reinhardt, 322 S. Spring St., $117,500.

Benner Township

Garry Gene Struble, Terry Karl Struble, Susan Ann Niessner and Karen Louise Nugent to Eric R. Fisher and Kala A. Fisher, 396 Armagast Road, $103,000.

Ronald D. Mattern and Linda M. Mattern to Ronald D. Mattern Family Revocable Trust, Ronald D. Mattern, trustee, and Linda M. Mattern, trustee, property located along Quarry Street, $1.

Ronald D. Mattern and Linda M. Mattern to Ronald D. Mattern Family Revocable Trust, Ronald D. Mattern, trustee, and Linda M. Mattern, trustee, 180 Quarry St., $1.

Boggs Township

Fredrick E. Behers, Denise Behers and Janice Behers to Fredrick E. Behers and Janice Behers, property along Wallace Run Road, $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Mark D. Heintzelman and Marlene A. Heintzelman to Keith B. Luse Sr. and Sharon B. Luse, property located along Miles Alley, $85,000.

College Township

Lorna K. Yoder and Lorna K. Storch to Richard F. Devon and Caroline E. Abdo, 127 Wildot Drive, $205,000.

Eleanor A. Hopkins, estate and Patricia H. Condo to Patricia H. Condo, 132 Wellington Drive, $1.

2200 S. Atherton Street, LLC and NS First Street LLC to Volbecks LLC, 2200 S. Atherton St., $1.

Adam W. Slanski and Preeyakorn Slawski to Christopher J. Jordan and Jamie Jordan, 137 Hillview Ave., $187,000.

Steven L. Bench and Glennie C. Bench to Gregory J. Boros and Elise M. Boros, 111 Quincy Ave., $185,000.

Armen D. Sahakian, by sheriff to Daniel D. Sahakian, property located along Greenbriar Drive, $6,252.07.

Fred & M. Joan Thompson Living Trust to Mary Ann Miller, 305 Village Heights Drive, No. 228, $157,000.

Kristine P Marceau to Joseph P. Caron and Jessica G. Caron, 104 Quincy Ave., $187,900.

Curtin Township

R. Terry Peeler and Sharon Peeler to Glenn J. Fenner and Linda M. Fenner, 2580 Marsh Creek Road, $325,000.

Ferguson Township

S & A Homes Inc. to Paul M. Markowski and Marisa A. Ferger, 2357 Prairie Rose Lane, $414,708.52.

Dorsey M. Houtz and Barbara E. Houtz to Stephen Tyler Frazier and Barbara J. Frazier, 308 Madison St., $242,000.

David Shapiro and Sharon A. Shapiro to Jason L. Rasgon and Joyce M. Sakamoto, 812 Harold Drive, $399,900.

Mark J. Garlicki and Marianne Garlicki to Gregory M. Fosco and Sebrina L. Doyle Fosco, 1665 N. Cherry Hill Road, $285,500.

Kay D. Stickler to Karl R. Weber and Barbara Newman Weber, 2391 W. Whitehall Road, $325,000.

Gerald A. Greenland, Kelly Jo Greenland, Travis Tice and Tyler M. Tice to Tyler M. Tice, 149 E. Chestnut St., $1.

Joshua M. Smyth to Lisa R. Pazak, 3135 Shetfield St., $229,950.

Brian K. Peters and Paula Lynn Peters to Liwang Cui and Ronghua Cui, 1781 Red Lion Drive, $256,000.

Torron Group LP to Madison Joint Venture LLC, 1951 Pine Hall Road, $1.

Gregg Township

Richard L. Mateer and Rhonda K. Mateer to Albert M. Lavan Jr. and Susan A. Lavan, 1055 Siglerville Millheim Pike, $20,000.

Halfmoon Township

Charlotte F. Smith to Edward C. Brown and Patricia A. Brown, 2167 Halfmoon Valley Road, $55,000.

Richard M. Oram and Susan K. Oram to David M. Rannels and Erin N. Rannels, 145 James Hill Road, $189,900.

Harris Township

Peter G. Burkett and Mary A. Burkett to Scott L. Grossman and Maren P. Grossman, 227 W. Main St., $190,000.

Robert J. Neyhart and Patricia M. Neyhart to Connie J. Vanogtrop and Piet H. Vanogtrop, 137 Brisbin Way, $340,000.

Howard Borough

Robert E. Bittner and Shirley E. Bittner to Richard L. Heverly, 208 Mill St., $111,000.

Howard Township

Mary Speece Glenn, estate, Mary S. Glenn, Estate and Lee Michael Frank Sr. to Jacqueline J. March, Gilbert Glenn Jerry David Glenn, Patricia Y. Hall, Jeffrey Glenn Deahinger, Donna Jean Greendoner, Leona Glenn Foore and Jeri Ann Carroll, property located along Old 220 Road, $1.

Huston Township

Morse Reese to Devon I. Swancer, 1750 Mudlick Road, $150,000.

Liberty Township

Linda D. Laubscher and Lew Schreckengast to John Andrew Milanese and Rose Marie Milanese, 149 Eagles Nest Road, $129,900.

Leland E. Bechdel and Amy G. Bechdel to Craig Stover, 123 Creekside Lane, $1.

Glenn J. Fenner and Linda M. Fenner to Northern Marcellus Land Holdings, property located along Turkey Trail Road, $525,000.

Robert D. Yearick Jr. and Bonnie L. Yearick to Jordan N. Heineman, 173 Main St., $99,900.

Marion Township

Ronald D. Mattern and Linda M. Mattern to Ronald D. Mattern Family Revocable Trust, Ronald D. Mattern, trustee, and Linda M. Mattern, trustee, 205 Sandstone Drive, $1.

Millheim Borough

Stephen H. Myers and Lindsey S. Myers to Lindsey S. Myers, 132 Penn St., $1.

Patton Township

Scott E. McKnight and Sarah J. McKnight to Robert C. McCall and Amy E. McCall, 669 Exeter Court, $335,000.

Gary J. Golaszewski and Ame L. Golaszewski to Philip Andrew Sechler and Charlotte Dawn Sechler, 120 Beaumanor Road, $222,500.

Mackenzie J. Wright and Kristin A. Wright to Miguel A. Mostafa and Clarisa Capone Huizenga, 112 Cherrywood Road, $359,000.

Robert L. Hibbert Jr., to Justin S. Harclerode and Erin Y. Harclerode, 1951 N. Oak Lane, $172,000.

Lisa R. Pazak to Benjamin F. Evans III, 4 Fredericksburg Court, $135,000.

Helen E. Archer, estate and Mary Kay Montovino, executrix to Mary Kay Montovino, Jane Ann Marino and Michael J. Archer, 2059 N. Oak Lane, $1.

Gun Woo Nam and Ho Yeon Lee to Leslie R. Mateer, 652G Oakwood Ave., $216,900.

Scott R. Sylves and Monica Eakin to Mary B. Balboni, 775 Galen Drive, $175,900.

Louis T. Glantz to Ava D. Glantz, 532 Meeks Lane, $1.

Sean M.W. Curling and Michelle L. Curling to Kenneth E. Noel and Karen Rhule Noel, 1981 Highland Drive, $203,000.

David I. Soybel and Shannon L. Kelleher to Mackenzie J.

Wright and Kristin A. Wright, 176 Brothers Court, $507,900.

AES Drilling Fluids to Timothy J. Erickson and Allison M. Erickson, 100 Pinewood Place, $255,000.

Harold Schobert and Nita Schobert to Richard F. Devon and Caroline E. Abdo, 230 Oakley Drive, $180,000.

Michael Masood Arjmand, also known as Masood Michael Arjmand, Monica Mitra Arjmand, Mitra M. Arjmand and Mitra Zhaleh Arjmand to G & Z Ventures LLC, 231 Strouse Ave., $145,000.

Potter Township

Tina L. Selego, by sheriff, also known as Tina L. Quick, by sheriff to

Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania, 2712 Lower Brush Valley Road, $135,001.

Rush Township

Gerald R. Carr and Kathleen M. Carr to Edward L. Manguson, 102 Carr St., $60,000.

Ruth G. Thompson and John C. Thompson to Jon C. Thompson, 124 Indian Lane, $1.

Ruth G. Thompson and John C. Thompson to John C. Thompson and Ruth G. Thompson, 5502 Black Moshannon Road, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Andrew Dennis Swancer to Andrew Dennis Swancer, Christopher Swancer and Stephanie K. Chambers, 703 Fountain Road, $1.

Andrew D. Swancer to Stephanie K. Chambers, 708 Fountain Road, $1.

Andrew D. Swancer to Christopher J. Swancer and Stephanie K. Chambers, property located along Fountain Road, $1.

Andrew D. Swancer to Christopher J. Swancer, property located along Fountain Road, $1.

Spring Township

David Allen Davis and Dawn Marie Davis to Dawn Marie Davis, 1006 Halfmoon St., $1.

T and S Partnership to Rolling Ridge Partners LLC, property along Rolling Ridge Drive, $185,000.

Nathan C. Lacey and Crystal R. Lacey to Comfrey S. Ickes and Bethany N. Ickes, 224 Gwenedd Lane, $200,000.

Richard Craig Harter also known as Richard C. Harter, and Amy Sue Harter to Richard C. Harter, 155 Hastings Road, $1.

Jamie L. Jordan to Daniel P. Shippee and Patricia J. Shippee, 117 Arbor Bluff Drive, $231,000.

State College Borough

Daniel W. Pfaff and Eileen C. Pfaff to Darrin T. Wright and Lauren A. Wright, 260 Homan Ave., $250,000.

Lomic Real Estate LLC to Daniel O. Collins and Emily Burns, 1358 S. Atherton St., $66,000.

Lionel I. Stanton to Lionel I. Stanton, 1401 S. Atherton St., $1.

Diane L. Leahey, Kirstin L. Leahey and Robert F. Leahey to Diane L. Leahey, Kirstin L. Leahey, Robert M. Leahey and Tanner J. Leahey, 250 S. Gill St., $1.

Joan M. Bland to Michael A. Acquaviva and Lauren V. Acquaviva, 435 E. Irvin Ave., $205,000.

Jeffery A. St Pierre, to Marion Jewell and Erik L. Jewell, 806 Stratford Drive, $110,000.

Patricia A. Pouse and Wendy M. Pouse to Temporary Housing Foundation Inc., 112 E. Lytle Ave., $158,000.

Walker Township

Robert L. Heckman and Connie Heckman to William B. Heckman and Susan J. Heckman, property located along Madisonburg Pike, $6,000.

Scott L. Grossman and Maren P. Grossman to Gabriel E. Menna and Abby B. Menna, 160 Black Oak Drive, $239,900.

Leslie Jay Deitrich to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, 1054 Nittany Valley Drive, $199,640.

Nancy A. Schwab to Terry L. Schwab, 114 Black Walnut St., $1.

First Line Development Two Inc. and S and A Homes Inc. to Peter M. Saylor and Michelle R. Saylor, 244 Archers Glen Circle, $266,426.

Harold E. Reichert and Linda A. Riechart to Scott D. Homan and Karen L. Homan, 245 Two Mile Road, $335,000.

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