Meeting up with top Network advocates in Philadelphia

Posted by Alan Janesch on August 16, 2013 

Andy Santacroce (r), new chair of the Penn State Grassroots Network Committee, talking to top Network volunteers at a recent "networking" event in Philadelphia

ALAN JANESCH — Alan Janesch

Late last month I traveled to Philadelphia for a Penn State Grassroots Network event in center-city Philadelphia, where I met with some of the Network’s most active volunteers and some of the Penn State Alumni Association's past and present leaders.

Among them were:

n  Andy Santacroce, member of Alumni Council and new chair of the Penn State Alumni association’s Legislative Education and Advocacy Committee;

n  Alan Gedrich, Alumni Council member and former chair of Council’s Budget and Finance Committee;

n  Lew Gold, former Alumni Association president and former Council member; and

n  Shawn Manderson, Council member and vice chair of the Membership Committee.


A word or two of explanation:


Alumni Council is the Alumni Association’s governing body. Every unit of the Association has a volunteer advisory committee that helps Alumni Association staff members develop and implement their strategic goals.


Andy served as host for the event and spoke briefly to the group.


Informally, he outlined the goals, recent efforts, and future plans of the Penn State Grassroots Network, and urged Network volunteers to stay active with the group.


In between, we had lots of good conversations going on in small groups, and enjoyed a small but first-rate selection of beer and wine and some terrific hors d'oeuvres. The event was held in the Public House, a well-appointed and crowded (but not *too* crowded)  bar/restaurant just off Logan Square with a very friendly and efficient staff.


The goals of these “networking” events are to give the Network’s most active members a chance to meet me, each other, and frequently, state legislators who serve the legislative districts in and around the event location.


One of the Network’s current strategic goals is to host four “networking” events a year in key legislative districts across the state.


So stay tuned! We might be coming to your town soon!


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