Think planning for next year's PA budget is a long way off? It's not

Posted by Alan Janesch on August 19, 2013 

State budget process for 2014-15 already begun

You might think that work on the next fiscal year's Pennsylvania budget is a long way off, but in fact, it's already begun.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is only into the second month of its 2013–14 budget year, but state officials are already working on the 2014–15 budget.

According to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania website, the state budget process begins in mid-August when the state budget office distributes budget instructions and Gov. Tom Corbett’s office distributes program policy guidelines to state agencies.

So it's not too early for Penn State Grassroots Network volunteers to start thinking about the coming budget year and what Penn State's needs might be.

As always, a healthy state appropriation is vital to Penn State, because it helps keep the Penn State educational experience strong, preserve the in-state tuition reduction for Pennsylvania resident students, keep future tuition increases as low as possible, and maintain the vitality of Penn State's 19 undergraduate campuses across the state.

The current-year budget represents a win for Penn State students and their families. It includes level funding for Penn State and significant increases in some key programs.

You can read more about Penn State's current state appropriation at

You can find more information about the state budget process by going to the Pennsylvania budget office website  at and clicking on the link to “The Budget Process in Pennsylvania.”



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