Real Estate Transactions: July 29-August 2, 2013

August 23, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from July 29, 2013, through Aug. 2, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Charles D. Coder to Carl L. Seybold and Cheryl A. Seybold, 108 S. McAllister St., $161,950.

Randy A. Emel and Kathy M. Emel to Charles D. Coder and Shana W. Coder, 1240 Sylvan Circle, $222,500.

Curtis W. Chandler and Stacie L. Chandler to George T. Powell and Veronica L. Powell, 204 S. Water St., $110,000.

Kathy J. Baird, Kathy J. Carra and Richard G. Carra to Michael L. Schrecengost and Felisha A. Reich, 324 Burnside St., $142,500.

Benner Township

David M. Ammerman and Bernice E. Ammerman to Bernice E. Ammerman, property located within the Township, $1.

Trisha Lombard to Derick J. Burns, 159 Exeter Lane, $169,900.

Village of Nittany Glen LP to Robert Runkle and Catherine Runkle, property located within the Township, $198,555.

Asa J. Myers and April K. Myers to Michael Herb, Stephanie Herb and Cynthia Herb, 1159 Valley View Road, $140,000.

Boggs Township

Annette M. Neely to Dennis M. McGregor and Alice L. McGregor, 1007 Runville Road, $155,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Shane A. Gummo, by sheriff and Jennifer L. Gummo, also known as Jennifer L. Royer, by sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation 134 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $4,432.12. College Township

Jane U. Becker to Deanna R. Martin and Andrew M. Martin, 124 Merry Hill Road, $280,000.

Eugene S. Bonfilio by agent, and Lynn W. Bonfilio to Joseph P. Wiedemer and Christine A. Wiedemer, 990 Greenbriar Drive, $604,000.

John M. Corneal to S & A Homes Inc., 229 Florence Way, $60,000.

John M. Corneal to S & A Homes, Inc., 157 McCann Drive, $65,00.

Gary J. Grgurich and Elizabeth B. Grugurich to Kudlach Family Revocable Trust, Alois A. Kudlach, trustee, and Nuria N. Kudlach, trustee, 310 Gregor Way, $340,000.

Calvin W. Kline, estate and Edith J. Bilger, executor to Charles W. Bilger, Edith J. Bilger, William Auman and Kathie Auman, 518 Decibel Road, $1.

Simeon N. Wilkins and Emily L. Wilkins to Charles F. Klinger and Rachel L. Klinger, 129 Creekside Drive, $189,500.

Susan J. Tuana to Sue J. Tuana Trust and Sue Tuana, trustee, 320 First Ave., $1.

Mary Margaret Boscaino, Joseph J. Boscaino, Sylvia J. Reed, James A. Gatto, and Lisa Gatto to Mary Margaret Boscaino, Joseph J. Boscaino, Sylvia J. Reed and James A. Gatto, 102 Birchtree Court, $1.

Wilbur C. Hantel and Joan W Hantel to Wilbur C. Hantel, 201 Hunter Ave., $1.

Sherry L. Hogan to Nicholas A. Zepp, 905 Houserville Road, $182,350.

Curtin Township

Loretta Confer, also known as Loretta L. Whitman, and Arthur W. Whitman to Clint E. Weaver and Nina Weaver, 125 Sayers Hill Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Cedric Neumann to D. Scott Bennett Jr., 2345 Corinna Court, $452,250.

Jennifer P. Bierly and Stephen A. Fast to Xiaoning Xi and Bu Wang, 720 W. Aaron Drive, $210,000.

Todd Allen Gantt Sr. and Sandra Louise Gantt to Sandra Louise Gantt, 2322 Bristol Ave., $1.

Christopher B. Jones and Shannon M. Jones to Robert M. Jones and Francine T. Jones, 3087 Westover Drive, $1.

Thomas P. Houck and Kimberly A. Houck to Thomas P. Houck, 1620 S. Cherry Hill Road, $1.

Jeffrey Johnson and Kim Johnson to Nanyin Zhang and Jennifer Wu, 1355 Megan Drive, $575,000.

Zoe Rojas to Nicholas Antoni Chiera and Sheetal Atul Desai, 2224 Autumnwood Drive, $282,000.

RPAI State College Science Park Dst to Pennsylvania State University, 300 Science Park Road, $11,500,000.

John B. Smith to Corl Street Partners LLC, 144 S. Corl St., $330,000.

Joseph P. Beddall and Vivienne J. Wildes to Singletrack Holding LP, 109 S. Corl St., $225,000.

Mary E. Frantz, also known as Mary E. Adams, to Mary E. Adams and Robert A. Adams, Jr., 113 W. Pine Grove Road, $1.

S & A Homes Inc. to Joseph F. Nicastro and Marie S. Nicastro, 2413 Prairie Rose Lane, $306,602.50.

Susan J. Tuana to Sue J. Tuana Trust and Sue Tuana, trustee, 3181 Shellers Bend, $1.

Gregg Township

Brian L. Jones and Michele A. Jones to Dennis L. Barrick and Deborah A. Barrick, 108 Stonefield Lane, $258,900.

Halfmoon Township

Arian Zarkower and Patricia A. Zarkower to Craig M. Sechler and Christa J. Sechler, 2756 Marengo Road, $280,000.

Wells Fargo Bank to Adam T. Allen, 94 Bethel Court, $280,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Seth M. Goshorn and Laura M. Kittle, 253 Stable View Drive, $395,336.

Dean Spanos to Aaron T. Vath and Mignon Vath, 4329 Halfmoon Valley Road, $230,000.

Haines Township

Nicholas H. Klose and Sharon B. Klose to Charles W. Klose II, Kerry L. Johnson and Jan C. Johnson, 146 Whitetail Road, $15,000.

Thomas R. Green to Thomas R. Green, Tomas D. Green, Shane P. Green and Nicole L. Green, 480 Ingleby Road, $1.

Harris Township

Kenneth T. Leath and Marie L. Leath to John M. Hulson and Jolene K. Hulson, 1438 Willowbrook Drive, $255,000.

Elaine G. Wicks, by agent, to Timothy G. Brucker and Jennifer B. Brucker, 104 Fairfield Drive, $359,900.

TOA PA IV LP to Mark Tanner, property located within the Township, $244,732.03

James C. Matthews to Benjamin F. Pugh and Nancy E. Pugh, 103 Aspen Drive, $750,000.

Aguer-Nobori Properties to Jonathon Atiyeh, Elie Atiyeh and Angela Marie Todaro, 245 Timberwood Trail, $183,500.

Donald W. Wells and Dagmar K. Wells to James D. Manyak and Cindy L. Manyak, 104 Aspen Drive, $538,000.

Huston Township

Anya K. Miller, Anya K. Ryba, Joshua L. Miller, Earle Ryba and Kathy Ryba to Anya K. Miller and Joshua L. Miller, 1099 Ulrich Road, $1.

Mary E. Frantz, also known as Mary E. Adams, to Mary E. Adams and Robert A. Adams Jr., 514 Julian Pike, $1.

Marion Township

Scott David Homan and Karen Lea Homan to Angela Sue

Wilkinson and Wayne Allen Gates, 860 Sand Ridge Road, $255,000.

Miles Township

J. Michael Bierly to Daniel J. Kanagy, 6991 Brush Valley Road, $129,000.

Millheim Borough

Nicole M. Ingram, also known as Nicole M. Toner, and Justin M. Ingram to Smart Work Coaching 401K Trust, 161 Penn St., $100,000.

Patton Township

Michael J. Archer, Barbara P. Archer, Jane Ann Marino and John A. Marino to Mary Kay Montovino, 1928 N. Oak Lane, $93,333.33.

Mary Kay Montovino to Angelo M. Montovino and Mary Kay Montovino, 1928 N. Oak Lane, $1.

Edwin M. Escalet and Deborah M. Escalet to Deborah M. Escalet, 106 Skytop Lane, $1.

David N. Speranza and Kerri A. Bloom to Andrew T. Lee and Ginny D. Lee, 206 Montauk Circle, $551,161.

Gray’s Woods to Patton Township, property located along Grays Woods Blvd., $1.

Matthew A. Leshko to Thomas J. Giannetti and Irma Giannetti, 125 W. Clearview Ave., $240,000.

Jin S. An and Hyeri An to Samuel Hawbaker and Janice Hawbaker, 755 Galen Drive, $180,000.

Anthony M. Bianucci to Phoenix International Investments LP, 2049 Mary Ellen Lane, $149,900.

Justin W. Conklin and Jason M. Becker to Alexander R. Krishchyunas, 196 Oakley St., $185,000.

Rita M. Chenoweth, also known as Rita M. C. Peterson, and David B. Peterson to Joseph A. Webber, 402 Amblewood Way, $175,000.

J. Daniel Ring and Nancy L. Ring to Nancy L. Ring, 203 E. Willowood Court, $1.

Brian W. Schulz and Kathy L. Schulz to Mark D. Fisher and Jennifer A. Nunn Fisher, 558 Melissa Lane, $284,500.

AES Drilling Fluids LLC to Wendy A. Pardee and Thomas E. Butterworth, 112 Doubletree Place, $250,000.

Susan J. Tuana to Sue J. Tuana Trust and Sue Tuana, trustee, 394 Douglas Drive, $1. Philipsburg Borough

Scott A. Taylor and Ruthi L. Taylor to Mark A. Nartatez, 307 School St., $315,000.

Amanda L. Smith, also known as Amanda Smith, by sheriff to JP Morgan Chase Bank, 112 N. Fifth St., $4,236.25

Potter Township

Ronald H. Dague and Ronald H. Dague Jr. to Matthew F. Jantzer, 137 Sancrest Road, $57,000.

Mary Emma Sorth to Theodore D. Stecko and Charlotte P. Stecko, 128 Penns Court, $178,000.

Rush Township

Barry L. Kephart, Barry L. Kephart Sr. and Barbara A. Kephart, also known as Barbara A. Weitoish, to Barry L. Kephart Sr. and Barbara A. Kephart, 626 Oak St., $1.

Beverly E. Moore to Jane E. Moore, property located along Oak St., $1.

Snow Shoe Township

William H. Fontes and Jody M. Fontes to Warren W. Krout Jr. and Kathleen M. Krout, 144 Whippoorwill Lane, $105,000.

David W. Arndt Sr. and Pamela K. Arndt to William A. Hepner and Caroline M. Hepner, 1944 Clarence Road, $39,900.

Spring Township

Maribeth L. Dunlap Wells and Randal S. Wells to John P. Houser II and Lori Blair Houser, 1668 Zion Road, $250,000.

Berks Construction Company Inc. and Berks Homes to Shefali Setia and Anurag Verma, 185 Farmington Lane, $237,436.68

Daniel W. Barton and Paola Linares to Daniel W. Barton, 604 Willowbank St., $1.

Juli M. Watson, also known as Juli M. Watson Bain, and William Clay Bain to Nicholas J. Fanthorpe and Erin L. Fanthorpe, 318 Irish Hollow Road, $132,611.

R. Edward Benford to Giovanni L. Quaranta and Donna L. Quaranta, 156 Sunset Ave., $189,900.

Brandon Patrick Stodart and Chelsey Denise Stodart to Richard W. Ducharme, 103 Greenbrook Drive, $157,000.

Christopher B. Stromberg and Amanda S. Stromberg to Ladonna A. Weiler, 144 Jonathan Lane, $205,000.

Jeremiah T. Orr and Courtney R. Orr to Frances A. Carroll and Kyle M. Schmid, 211 Steeplechase Drive, $214,000.

David F. Buchanan and Candace C. Buchanan to Randy A. Emel and Kathy M. Emel, 124 Locust St., $139,000.

Alice M McCloskey, estate and Darlene M. Brown, executrix, to EH Pooled Investments LP, 371 Lower Coleville Road, $75,000.

Burnham Farms Development LP and CDG Land Acquisition LP to Yuriy Kurbatov and Valentina Kurbatov, 192 Jonathan Lane, $47,000.

Berks Construction Company Inc and Berks Homes to Richard J. Casey and Linda M. Casey, 125 Farmington Lane, $233,315.

Erin M. McCauley to Christa M. Stofferahn, 209 Greenbrook Drive, $155,000.

State College Borough

Stephen Tyler Frazier and Barbara J. Frazier to Annette B. Martin, 925-5 Whitehall Road, $147,500.

Roger C. Montemayor to Roger C. Montemayor Revocable Trust, 200 Highland Ave., $1.

Timothy G. Brucker and Jennifer B. Brucker to Giles C. Driscoll III and Sally S. Driscoll, 840 Bayberry Drive, $265,000.

Scott J. Scotilla and Margaret E. Scotilla to Madis Pihlak and Laura W. Korman, 915 Glen Circle South, $295,000.

Susan Lemieux to Carol D. Brytczuk and Gregory T. Brytczuk, 476 Nimitz Ave., $256,000.

Joseph D. Ring and Nancy L. Ring to Nancy L. Ring, 427 Keller St. $1.

J. Daniel Ring and Nancy L. Ring to Nancy L. Ring, 124 Campbell Road, $1.

John M. Pisciotta to Garabed P. Toumayants and Araxi R. Caloustian, 1133 S. Atherton St., $150,000.

Hill Alley Company, Rodney L. Fletcher, Sarah G. W. Kalin, James L. Schell and James L. Pass to Gregory R. Kunes and Patricia M. Kunes, 247 S. Barnard St., $700,000.

Ronald A. Hodes and Carol Hodes to Charles Ellwood Jones and Alexandra Alice O’Brien, 1162 Smithfield Circle, $242,000.

Pearl B. Forth to Sarah Schwartz, 963 E. McCormick Ave., $240,000.

Susan J. Tuana to Sue J. Tuana Trust and Sue Tuana, trustee, 1024 Metz Ave., $1.

Taylor Township

Robert James Beegle and Donna Jean Beegle to Luka Butina and Stacey Butina, 6341 Tyrone Pike, $130,000.

Doris M. Rigglio to Ashton E. Shultz, 1143 Bald Eagle Pike, $41,000.

Walker Township

Scott A. Weybright and Elizabeth H. Weybright to Gregor A. Underkoffler and Karen Underkoffler, 314 Fieldstone Lane, $135,500.

Worth Township

Connie L. Young and Ronald R. Young to Connie L. Young, April M. Hasan and Todd A. Young, 123 Birdie Lane, $1.

Connie L. Young and Ronald R. Young to April M. Hasan and Todd A. Young, property located along Kelley Road, $1.

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