All signs point to Grange Fair carver

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Ed Eveland works on a wooden sign at his World Of Carvings stand during the Centre County Grange Encampment and Fair on Saturday. Eveland will make more than 200 signs during the Grange Fair with many requests of families names to be hung at their tents.

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Ed Eveland said he found a love of art at an early age and began to pursue it.

“I was always interested in drawing as a kid,” he said. “I just started fooling around with a bunch of different things and fell into this.”

By 1968, Eveland said he began carving wood by hand using a wood burner, and by 1974, founded World of Carvings at his Orangeville home.

He said all signs are drawn freehand as he carves a name, phrase or other drawing into the wood.

“I can make pretty much anything,” Eveland said. Carvings can take anywhere from 20 minutes or to several hours.

Norma Eveland said the duo have been coming to the Grange Fair for about 12 years and customizing dozens of signs for families who camp there.

“We get a lot of business here,” Norma Eveland said. “It’s usually a request for a family name to be carved.”

During a normal Grange Fair week, Norma Eveland said her husband will make between 200 and 300 woodcarvings.

“That’s pretty typical,” she said. “It’s one of our busiest weeks.”

World of Carvings can be found in the center of the Grange Fairgrounds near the security and EMS building.

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