Letter to the editor | A problem for Thompson

August 29, 2013 

I was glad to read that my representative in the U.S. House is a problem solver. I hope he can help solve a problem I think my wife and I are about to have.

Among our income sources are two IRAs, which provide us with monthly checks based on the performance of the stock market. Needless to say, the market was zooming and the potential payout for us, calculated annually in late October, was going up, up, up.

The problem is that Republicans are threatening not to increase the federal government’s debt ceiling and maybe shut down the government. All of this will take place about two weeks before the annual recalculation of our IRA payout and poses a substantial threat to the stock market.

If the markets fall because of Republican behavior, we’ll lose money. If House Republicans sneeze, Wall Street catches a cold, and my wife and I get pneumonia.

I can’t believe that Republicans, the running dogs of capitalism, would do anything to destabilize the markets and hurt fellow capitalists.

I hope Thompson will nip that problem in the bud.

R. Thomas Berner, Benner Township

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