Real Estate Transactions: August 5-9, 2013

August 30, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from July 22, 2013, through July 26, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Dechaune Roane and Brandy Roane to Brandon K. Redmond and Amber D. Redmond, 1210 Zion Road, $167,000.

Michael A. Aquaviva and Lauren Vanlew Kern, also known as Lauren Vanlew Aquaviva, to Karen Sapia, 207 E. High St., $119,000.

Benner Township

James D. Thorpe, Mary G. Thorpe, Jack D. Thorpe, Barbara J. Thorpe, Richard J. Lorenzo and Cynthia M. Lorenzo to Clifford C. Weitzel and Delphine S. Weitzel, 910 Spring St., $198,000.

Tricia A. Miller to Tricia A. Miller and Michael J. Lanzone, 343 Deer Creek Lane, $1.

Gerald L. Morgan and Christial L. Morgan to Gerald L. Morgan, 109 Edward Drive, $1.

Shawn R. Wolfe, by sheriff and Richard D. Wolfe, by sheriff, to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 127 Willow Bend Drive, $7,559.27.

Boggs Township

Michael T. Dorman to Michael T. Dorman and Tracy S. Dorman, 149 Tracy Dale Road, $1.

Burnside Township

Doris J. Ensminger to Stacey P. Hemphill and Rebecca L. Hemphill, 124 Meadow Drive, $70,000.

College Township

Michael E. Gates to Christopher J. Reynolds and Kristen M. Reynolds, 701 Henszey St., $201,000. Ilya V. Aseyev to Ilya V. Aseyev and Darya Aseyev, 134 Spring St., $1.

William R. Donley and Margaret Nellis Donley to Michael Gates and Jacqueline M. Gates, 742 Tussey Lane, $205,000.

Michael P. Quinn to Michael P. Quinn and Dawn M. Quinn, 1225 Mayberry Lane, $1.

Melissa Beattie-Moss to Ann Beattie-Moss, 107 Spencer Lane, $200,000.

Carolyn J. Degregory Towart, also known as Carolyn J. Degregory, to Yibo Zhong and Huajuan Zhang, 422 Gerald St., $165,000.

Ferguson Township

John L. Hargis and Lauren G. Hargis to Maren Walseth, 132 Beagle Run Court, $325,000.

Irene M. Amick to Sandra R. Ross, 125 S. Osmond St., $280,000.

Sean Xixian Zhou, Xixian Zhou and Yuru Liu to Xiuyu Hu, 1127 Teaberry Lane, $132,000.

Mary E. Rodgers to William L. Butler and Jean S. Giddings, 1974 Harvest Circle, $221,900.

Mathew F. Schimler and Kelley A. Schimler to Daniel T. Sweeney and Jacqueline L. Sweeney, 1192 Barnstable Lane, $555,500.

Michael Masgood Arjmand and Monica Mitra Arjmand to Monica Mitra Arjmand, 481 S. Nixon Road, $1.

Russell C. Tuttle, estate and Stephen R. Tuttle, executor, to Stephen R. Tuttle, property located along Marengo Road, $1.

Stephen R. Tuttle to Stephen R. Tuttle and Margaret B. Frysinger, property located within the Township, $1.

Doris L. Sunday, Doris L. Sunday-Harpster and James Lee Harpster to Stoy L. Sunday and Helen A. Sunday, 685 S. Nixon Road, $1.

F & H Real Estate II to Bernard Cantorna and Margherita Cantorna, 1518 N. Allen St., $325,000.

Harry W. Johns by attorney to Richard Weiss and Kristie Weiss, 1627 Glenwood Circle, $220,000.

Larry W. Fry and Lynn R. Fry to Adam G. Weis and Seana A. Wood, 747 Teal Lane, $247,900.

Kelly Green Barter to Marty L. Byrd and Kristi M. Byrd, 2608 Acacia Drive, $371,000.

Cole W. Camplese and Kristin Z. Camplese to Joel A. Torretti and Jennifer M. Torretti, 227 Grace Court, $450,000.

Gregg Township

Derek L. Auman and Brittany M. Auman to Derek L. Auman, property located along Brush Mountain Road, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Robert D. Lee to Betsy J. Boyd, 304 Sawmill Road, $165,000.

Haines Township

Rose Marie Moyer, Kenneth E. Moyer, Michael D. Weyman and Sandra L. Weyman to Alan J. Ard and Kyle S. Ard, property located along state Route 45, $1,000.

Harris Township

Lynn M. Dobash to Alan V. Erdley and Katherine M. Mitchell, 127 Brisbin Way, $375,000.

Hickey Abramson and Associates and Hickey and Abramson Associates to Hickey and Abramson Associates, 221 Belle Ave., $1.

Semyon Slobounov and Elena Slobounov to Brent D. Veronesi and Robin E. Oliver-Veronesi, 624 Rosslyn Road, $675,000.

Terrence E. Roof Jr. and Pamela A. Roof to Jaideep Sood, Bhavna Sood and Promila Sood, 118 Ramsey Way, $677,701.

Huston Township

Paul S. Roberts and Leslie A. Roberts to Jason K. Van Velsor and Laura A. Van Velsor, 265 Maurer Lane, $412,000.

Liberty Township

William R. Hoover and Sheryl L. Hoover to Ronald Charles Newberry and Darlene K. Newberry, 250 Upper Polecat Road, $55,000.

Marion Township

Jason E. Shay and Robin E. Shay to Jonathan T. James and Andrea D. Royer-James, 151 Burris Road, $200,000.

Miles Township

Kenneth J. Miller and Sarah A. Miller to Robert L. Marquette, property located along Madisonburg Pike, $9,950.

Robert L. Marquette to Robert L. Marquette, 777 Madisonburg Pike, $1.

Kenneth J. Miller and Sarah A. Miller to Kenneth J. Miller and Sarah A. Miller, 797 Madisonburg Pike, $1.

Patton Township

Richard C. Lies Sr., Richard C. Lies Jr. and Andrea L. Swanger, also known as Andrea L. Lies, to Joshua M. Leone and Michelle C. Leone, 340 Douglas Drive, $240,000.

Paul Gotzel and Siobahn Gotzel to Benjamin T. Adams, 2111 N. Oak Lane, $204,000.

Pinnacle Development LLC, Pinnacle Development 2 LLC, Pinnacle Development 2/Gregory LLC I and S & A Homes Inc. to Gilberto Soto and Maria Soto, 115 Alma Mater Drive, $172,900.

Laura L. Rothkopf to Dennis Hickman and Jane Hickman, 263 Varsity Lane, $312,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Robert G. Harris Jr. and Dora L. Harris to James R. Thor and Patti L. Thor, 123 N. Fourth St., $58,000.

Daniel P. Watson Jr., by sheriff and Jenny E. Watson, by sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association, 505 Philips St., $3,376.01.

Ruth Webster to Scott A. Webster, 206 Philips St., $131,000.

Ronald E. Hancock and Emilie K. Hancock to Dustin E. Steiner, 431 S. Cente St., $69,900.

Rush Township

Vericrest Opportunity Loan Trust 2011 to Shannon Roddy, property located within the Township, $44,900.

Matthew Welker, Matthew L. Welker, Lois Welker and Lois A. Welker to Kevin Sean Smart, 3753 Casanova Road, $116,000.

Alfred F. Martin to Alfred F. Martin and Jonathan A. Martin, 176 Mill St., $1.

John D. Whitehead and Susan J. Whitehead to Craig K. Stodart and Melinda S. Pusey, 1475 Tyrone Pike, $175,000.

Stacie Legrand, by sheriff to Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company, 508 Kinkead St., $4,721.28.

William T. Foreman to Joseph P. Coval, 414 N. Fourth St., $60,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Gulf USA Corporation to Stephan P. Chicko, property located within the Township, $10,000.

Spring Township

Charles R. Zimmerman and Brandy E. Corman, also known as Brandy E. Zimmerman, to Charles R. Zimmerman and Brandy E. Zimmerman, 188 S. Main St. $1.

Siltop Visions LLC to RRB1 LLC, property located along East Rolling Ridge Drive, $125,000.

Christopher Updegrove and Beth E. Updegrove to Mary E. Rodgers, 149 Arbor Bluff Drive, $199,000.

State College Borough

Temporary Housing Foundation Inc. to Liam Jackson and Sharon Jackson, 715 Westerly Parkway, $179,000.

Lois E. Summers to Chris A. Summers and David R. Summers, 330 E. Prospect Ave., $1.

Joseph Wakeley Jr. and Esther Chrisitn Wakeley, also known as Esther C. Wakeley to Rudolf J. Schilder and Aleksandra B. Slavkovic, 825 W. Foster Ave., $390,000.

Wei Luo and Yuan Li to Larry R. Murphy and Lois A. Murphy, 934 Grace St., $314,900.

Taylor Township

Todd K. Woodring and Heidi J. Woodring to Alex Tishchenko and Olga Tishchenko, 150 Hickory Hollow, $52,000.

James N. McClellan Jr., estate, Salley J. Woomer, co-executrix, Susan J. Yothers, co-executrix, and Sharon K. Schmidt to Maxwell Centre Real Estate LLC, property located along Miller Road, $200,000.

Union Township

Donald B. Flick and Catherine M. Flick to Sarah J. Keck, property located along Unionville Pike, $150,000.

Walker Township

Jason Stewart Hovis and Carrie Richey Hovis, also known as Carrie Lyn Richey, to Jason Stewart Hovis and Carrie Richey Hovis, 991 Nilson Road, $1.

Eric Veneziano and Erin C. Veneziano to Scott A. Lepley and Beth A. Lepley, 165 Jefferson Circle, $305,000.

Zion Associates to Kayleigh N. Buda, property located within the Township, $141,900.

William B. Bryner and Jennifer L. Bryner to Jamie Campbell, 1171 Zion Ridge Ave., $191,000.

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