Letter to the editor | A great loss for PSU

August 31, 2013 

As an 86-year-old graduate and since my retirement to State College in 1982, I have never seen anything about our fencing team’s unbelievably successful and internationally victorious teams coached by Emmanuil Kaidanov.

Over the years I have written many letters to the sports editors of the CDT and Collegian asking them to extoll the winning ways of those great teams, great victories and the great esteem in which Penn State fencing teams have been held over those three decades of his coaching.

As a Penn State first team “epee” letterman from 1946 to ‘49 the “new” coach, Kaidanov, was the first person I sought out. His coaching ability was second to none and the winning team members and team championships he brought to Penn State (worldwide) have been a proud marvel in college fencing competition.

Whatever the reason for his leaving it, is a great loss to Penn State.

As for the lack of media coverage of the sport, I have always felt sorry for the team members who work so hard to win and never see their names in print. But, off course, we don’t sell seats to fencing matches.

Art Ward, State College

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