Real Estate Transactions: August 12-16, 2013

September 6, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Aug 12, 2013, through Aug. 16, 2013 in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Brett A. Rodgers to Brett A. Rodgers and Debra J. Rodgers, 951 Tanney St., $1.

Logan Street LLC to Justin A. R. Witherite, 129 W. Logan St., $1.

Donna Marie Musser, estate and Dustin Musser, administrator, to Jonathan M. Olsen and Nicola C. Olsen, 224 S. Monroe St., $136,500.

Jeffrey L. Schreffler, estate, Jeni D. Lucas, co-administrator, Fadra E. Harter, co-administrator, Jerie L. Kellogg, co-administrator and Denise K. Ranio, co-administrator to Cory D. Cunningham and Laura M. Dunningham, 1042 Woodland Drive, $148,500.

Benner Township

Gloria Guareno and Patricia A. Tosques to Paula J. Stitt, 216 Fultons Run Road, $150,000.

Sandra J. Moyer to Sandra J. Moyer and Aaron M. Moyer, 1052 Purdue Mountain Road, $1.

Grove Park Associates Inc., to Berks Construction Inc., 314 Aster Ave., $72,750.

Boggs Township

Tina M. Lyons to Thomas L. Walters, 201 Gatesview Road, $1.

Jerry A. Witherite, Judith A. Witherite and J. Allen Witherite II to J. Allen Witherite II, parcels located within the Township, $1.

Mary Howell, estate, Stacy M. Howell, co-executrix, and Kenneth A. Howell, co-executor to Raymond G. Weaver Sr., 744 Runville Road, $1.

Raymond G. Weaver Sr. to Robert C. Vallimont, 744 Runville Road, $80,000.

Centre Hall Borough

Carl. O. Ishler and Ishler Truck Caps to Annette C. Traband and Mark T. Traband, property located along Water Street, $1.

College Township

Michael A. Turns to Jolene L. Mussey and Ashley E. Mussey, 924 Houserville Road, $165,000.

John Dattilo and Amy Lorek Dattilo to Aydin Alptekinoglu and Fatma Yasemin Alptekinoglu, 1061 Ballybunion Road, $565,500.

Jonathon E. Waltz and Lauren J. Waltz to James E. Delahoy and Jennifer L. Weld, 1341 Oak Ridge Ave., $254,000.

Phan Vivian and Henry Pham to Amy L. Hays, 113 Lincoln Ave., $205,000.

Curtin Township

Jared W. Smith and Danielle M. Smith to Matthew J. Weaver, 876 Orviston Mountain Road, $133,352.16.

Ferguson Township

Thomas F. Songer, Robert E. Poole, Don E. Haubert, WPSH Associates and S and A Homes Inc. to Kenneth N. Levy and Kristen M. Kelly, 1128 Longfellow Lane, $545,519.

`McWhirter Family Limited Partnership to Copper Beech Townhomes II LLC, 1003 W. Aaron Drive, $10.

Camille R. Brown to Laura Marie Mosier, 18 Nittany View Circle, $193,500.

Gerald A. Greenland, Kelly J. Greenland, Shaun M. Greenland and Lyndsey M. Greenland to Gerald A. Greenland, Kelly J. Greenland, Shaun M. Greenland and Lyndsey M. Greenland, 2866 West Pine Grove Road, $1.

Gerald A. Greenland, Kelly J. Greenland, Shaun M. Greenland and Lyndsey M. Greenland to Gerald A. Greenland, Kelly J. Greenland, Shaun M. Greenland and Lyndsey M. Greenland, 2860 West Pine Grove Road, $1.

Gregg Township

Justin R. Kreps to Justin Kreps and Christa Kreps, 4426 Penns Valley Road, $1.

GMAC Mortgage LLC to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, 104 Stony Hill Lane, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Jonathon P. Smith, and Jennifer A. Black, also known as Jennifer A. Smith, to Jonathon P. Smith and Jennifer A. Black, 125 Macintosh Court, $1.

Reid Hendershot and Gail J. Williams-Hendershot to Judi L. Weissinger and Seth S. Hartman, 176 Doe Drive, $240,000.

Laura M. Mosier to Alison D. Gernand, 131 Cedar Ridge Drive, $319,000.

Haines Township

Shem Y. Hostetler and Elizabeth S. Hostetler to Stephen K. Stoltzfus, Sadie G. Stoltzfus, Samuel B. Stoltzfus and Miriam F. Stoltzfus, 474 Cemetery Road, $120,000.

Annelisse Braune to Harry H. Hammond and Margaret I. Murray, 122 W. Water Gap Road, $155,000.

Harris Township

TOA PA IV LP to Carl G. Williams Jr. and Lynnea S. Williams, property located within the Township, $301,412.51

Roger E. High and Susan G. High to Amy Lorek Dattilo and John Dattilo, 135 W. Crestview Ave., $355,000.

Virginia M. Tucker and Virginia Tucker Freeman to Jonathon E. Waltz and Lauren J. Waltz, 1145 Karen St., $256,000.

Jamil E. Faridy to Victoria G. Crain, 117 Dearing Drive, $315,000.

Howard Township

Violet M. Green, also known as Violet M. Anderson, to Violet M. Green, Wayne Anderson and Jamie Cain, 376 Spearing St., $1.

Huston Township

Jennifer T. Hendrickson, Michael J. Hendrickson, Kristin T. Reagle and Daniel K. Reagle to Thomas D. Folino and Tessa M. Folino, property located along Mudlick Road, $165,000.

Liberty Township

Lori A. Gomola and Lori A. Muthler to Meghan E. Murray and Cole R. Bitner, 107 Beach St., $108,000.

Harold L. Brungard to Donald W. Foster and Shirley M. Foster, property located along Spangler Lane, $10,000.

Whitetail Mountain Forest to Daniel J. Stringfellow Sr., Daniel J. Stringfellow Jr., William W. Stringfellow, Jamie L. Stringfellow and Ethan Andrus, 321 Turkey Trail Road, $9,400.

Miles Township

Eli L. Lapp and Lizzie K. Lapp to Daniel B. Lapp and Sarah K. Lapp, 226 Madisonburg Pike, $1.

Milesburg Borough

Edward R. Houser Jr. to Alexandra P. Storch, 408 Spring St., $125,000.

D. Matthew Shoemaker and Sarah E. Shoemaker to Lewis S. Artz, 113 Hazel St., $123,000.

Thomas R. Miles, Carol Miles, James Q. Miles, Tracy V. Miles and Mary Judith Miles to Parking Lot Services, 115 Water St., $66,500.

Millheim Borough

Lee M. Thompson and Nicole L. Thompson, also known as Nicole L. Shaffer to Lee M. Thompson, 130 W. Main St., $1.

Patton Township

Gray’s Woods and S & A Homes Inc. to Martin S. Hanes and Melinda R. Hanes, 220 Glenndale Drive, $291,313.

Eve J. Stefanko and Leonard E. Stefanko to Leonard E. and Eve J. Stefanko Real Estate Trust, Leonard E. Stefanko, trustee, and Eve J. Stefanko, trustee, 603 Severn Drive, $1.

William W. Newton Jr. and Marcia Labar Newton to Christopher D. Parker, 111 E. Alma Mater Court, $265,000.

Thomas J. Vanantwerp and Kenneth J. Vanantwerp to Kylie M. Gabel and Stephanie M. Martin, 2543 Carnegie Drive, $159,000.

Lee S. Leggett, Joan N. Leggett and Amanda W. Leggett to Robert H. Lugg, Carol A. Lugg and John K. Lugg, 580 Galen Drive, $160,000.

Philipsburg Borough

U. S. Bank to Marilyn P. Schaar, 107 N. 4th St., $64,000.

Ron Bertothy and Lori A. Bertothy to C & E Enterprises, 509 N. Seventh St., $14,000.

Port Matilda Borough

Joseph R. Westley to Patrick G. Hawbaker and Jennifer L. Hawbaker, 303 Water St., $62,500.

Potter Township

Richard S. Fowler and Lanice L. Fowler to Richard S. Fowler, Lanice L. Fowler, Kenneth Dean Johnson and Suzanne L. Johnson, 240 Pepper Ridge Drive, $1.

Snow Shoe Township

Mountaintop Resources Inc. to Erin Catherine Conner-Park and Andrew James Park, property located along Hunter Ridge Road, $45,000.

Susan S. Smith, by attorney, to Gene I. Greiner and Sheila G. Greiner, 130 Horsehead Run Road, $10,000.

Spring Township

Melissa Sue Maynard to Jennifer D. West, 188 E. College Ave., $165,000.

Tina L. Homan, by attorney, to Mark T. Traband and Annette C. Traband, 208 Melanie Lane, $102,000.

State College Borough

Lisa Harpster and Susan Brindle to Susan Brindle, 1215 S. Garner St., $1.

Israel Peretz, Bracha Peretz and Becky Peretz to Becky Peretz, 131 Sowers St. $1.

Israel Peretz, Bracha Peretz and Becky Peretz to Becky Peretz, 131 Sowers St., $1

Israel Peretz, Bracha Peretz and Becky Peretz to Becky Peretz, 131 Sowers St., $1

Israel Peretz, Bracha Peretz and Becky Peretz to Becky Peretz, 131 Sowers St., $1.

State College Community Land Trust Ind. to Gilbert Cruz and Melissa Cruz, 623 S. Fraser St., $126,000.

McLean Revocable Home Trust and Heather Fernsler, trustee, to Roger E. High and Susan G. High, 802 Hadden Court, $255,000.

Laveta Patricia Piemme to Gary H. Watson Jr. and Barbara Anne Watson, 902 Hart Circle, $180,000.

Eric L. Lippincott and Fara A. Lippincott to Fara A. Lippincott, 611 E. Foster Ave., $1.

Richard Drew Fitzgerald to Richard Drew Fitzgerald and Carol S. Fitzgerald, 241 Hillcrest Ave., $1.

Keith A. Sawicz to Xiuyu Hu, 800 Stratford Drive, $127,900.

Giles C. Driscoll III and Sally S. Driscoll to Dana M. Miller, 629 McCormick Ave., $259,900.

Beaver Avenue 309 LLC to Anthony S. Hankins and Beth J. Hankins, 1180 S. Garner St., $235,000.

Union Township

Earl L. Burns, Cynthia Burns, Thomas H. Burns, Nancy J. Cowher, William Cowher, Paul M. Burns, Margaret A. Comly and

Barry Comly to Earl L. Burns, Thomas H. Burns, Nancy J. Cowher, Paul M. Burns, Margaret A. Comly and Helen K. Burns, 381 Burns Lane, $1.

Walker Township

Matthew L. Jones to Benjamin Robert Black and Autum Joy Black, 312 Fieldstone Lane, $125,000.

Jennifer Howard to Kimberly M. Hearn, 105 Pebble Lane, $133,000.

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