Letter to the editor | Game-day thrill is gone

September 10, 2013 

Give the people what they want, and they’ll show up.

The recent poor attendance and ticket sales in Beaver Stadium should come as no surprise. There are traditions that make Penn State special that fans, alumni and students have clung to for generations.

Not having names on the players’ jersey and not retiring numbers were part of who we were. Aside from disregarding traditions that were once sacred to our fans, we have ignored our rich history.

Should we act as though Joe Paterno never existed or should we remember his contribution while embracing Bill O’Brien?

Should the university have fired the promoters who helped make the college game-day experience the “greatest show in college football” or should they have been kept on to create a magical atmosphere during the O’Brien years?

The game-day music and planning are very amateur compared with what we once had. They even mistimed the music and played certain pieces during the wrong downs.

I go to the games, I support the team and I enjoy Penn State football.

With or without the Sandusky scandal, coaching changes would have taken place and were expected. Administrative actions and edicts have lessened the game-day experience when the fans, students, alumni and coaches need it most.

Of course, the administrators know little of this as they view the game from their sterile environment in the president’s box.

Edna Williamson, Hollidaysburg

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