On Centre: Around Philipsburg: Signing up for Girl Scouts a special moment

For the CDTSeptember 12, 2013 

When I was a kid, beef stew night was the best night of the week.

Beef stew night meant Girl Scouts.

Because my mom was a troop leader, at least once when I was at each level, starting from Brownies through Cadets, Girl Scouts wasn’t just a night where I stayed after school to do crafts or that we made popcorn balls in the church basement.

It was time I got to spend with my mom.

When we worked on our sewing badges, Mom threw dinner in the Crock-pot and brought her quilting frame to the meeting to show what our simple basting stitches could turn into some day.

When we did first aid, she brought her stethoscope and sphygmomanometer and bandage scissors and taught us more than just not putting butter on a burn.

When we worked on gardening ... well, my mother can kill a plastic plant just being in the same room, so she got someone better qualified for that one. But, she was still there, keeping her black thumb a safe distance from the African violets.

She spent time as cookie chairwoman, which is awesome if you want to have almost unlimited numbers of Thin Mints end up in your freezer for a whole year.

She did bridging ceremonies and arranged field trips and bought a truly ridiculous amount of felt and pipe cleaners for craft projects. And it was great, because in a family with four kids, one night a week, it was just her and me (and a dozen other girls).

I knew it was a lot of work, and I knew she did it because of me, and that was the best feeling.

Thursday at the First Baptist Church in Philipsburg, from 6:30-7:30 p.m., local girls will be signing up for Girl Scouts, and I know that they will have a great time doing amazing things they never thought they would get to do.

But there will also be registration for new leaders. Lois Rea and her fellow Scout leaders will need lots of help this year, coordinating for new girls and the more experienced.

If you can’t make the meeting but want to participate, Rea said sign-ups will be taken at both Osceola Mills and Philipsburg elementaries, and that the greatest need for leaders is for the kindergarteners to fifth-grades in those two towns.

Parents looking to participate can contact her at rea1219@verizon.net or by calling 360-7673.

I hope there are plenty of volunteers.

I hope lots of families in the Philipsburg-Osceola area get to experience how great beef stew night can be when you come home to a hot dinner after spending time being involved in something important to your kids.

The kids won’t forget it.

Lori Falce writes weekly about the Rush Township/Philipsburg area. Send comments to lorifalce@gmail.com

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