Letter to the editor | Here among the mad people

September 12, 2013 

George Mitchell has praised Penn State’s progress in moving forward with the recommendations in the Freeh report; Penn State President Rodney Erickson is “very pleased that our efforts have been recognized by Sen. Mitchell”; and I am more convinced than ever that we are living with Alice in Wonderland, where up is down and wrong is right — a place, says the Mad Hatter, where one must be “mad as a hatter” to survive.

The Freeh report has been discredited and serious questions have been raised about the quality and fairness of Freeh’s investigations in other projects; yet the recommendations proposed in his $6 million work of fiction are being faithfully, even enthusiastically, implemented.

Mitchell, Erickson and the board of trustees are congratulating each other, and we are all supposed to be happy.

Because I am in Wonderland, I will be the Red Queen and shout “Off with their heads!” They don’t use their brains anyway.

Carole Vail, State College

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