Real Estate Transactions: August 19-23, 2013

September 13, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Aug.19, 2013, through Aug. 23, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds. Bellefonte Borough

Ricky A. Bowmaster to Aaron Battles, 267 S. Potter St., $75,000.

Kimberly Traxler to John E. Kryst and Erica L. Kryst, 1322 Pine Circle, $200,000

Diane L. Heckendorn to John G. Heckendorn, 127 S. Potter St., $1.

Benner Township

Thomas F. Baumgardner and Deeana M. Baumgardner to Nathan L. Cooke and Angela K. Cooke, 275 Edward Drive, $243,000.

Scott F. Rossman and Rozlyn J. Rossman to Dechaune L. Roane and Brandy D. Roane, 541 Millgate Road, $254,625.

Boggs Township

J. Allen Witherite II and Tara R. Witherite to Jerry A. Witherite and Judith A.Witherite, 301 Tavern Terrace, $1.

Esther F. Gates Bauman to Esther F. Bauman to Terry L. Gates Sr., 194 Gates Road, $1.

Burnside Township

Linda L. Hurd to Roy F. Hurd, 220 Long Lane, $1.

Centre Hall Borough

Ruth W. Foust by agent to Aileen Markley, 246 S. Hoffer Ave.,$140,000.

Brad A. Martz and Noelle P. Martz to Brad A. Martz, 101 Michele Ave., $1.

College Township

Thomas B. Derr and Jane L. Derr to Steven C. Linnes and Debra W. Linnes, 991 Greenbriar Drive, $565,000.

Christen Amber Naugle and Jeremy M. Naugle to Christen Amber Naugle, 123 Birchtree Court, $1.

Kenneth P. Mayes II to John Marchione and Eva Marchione, 1309 Charles St. $170,000.

Melissa Beattie-Moss to Anne Beattie-Moss, 107 Spencer Lane, $200,000.

Elisabeth A Dripps to Warren Wright and Brenna Wright, 442 Gerald St., $140,000.

Michael Don Krider and Marty L. Krider to Dalton L. McDonald, 349 Glengarry Lane, $342,000.

Curtin Township

Walter Clair King and Patricia S. King to Brad M. Mackey and Jamiel L. Mackey, 33 Front St., $24,000.

Lloyd C. Nyman, estate and Diana E. Nyman, administratrix to Diana E. Nyman, 3180 Marsh Creek Road, $1.

Lloyd C. Nyman Jr., estate and Diana E. Nyman, administratrix to Lindsey Nyman, Heidi Nyman and Charmaine Nyman, 75 Hog Back Road, $1.

Ferguson Township

Lorene A. Funke, estate, Lorene F. Funke, estate and Arthur S. Funke to Sylvania Rosa-Ortiz and Sonia R. Ortiz-Santiago, 235 McBath St., $193,500.

Michael D. Carey and Tracy L. Carey to Shimin Liu and Fan Zhang, 2460 Park Center Blvd., $212,000.

Susan E. Heywood and Jan Ulbrecht to Susan E. Heywood, 201 Pine Hollow Lane, $1.

Robert A. Ripka to Darlene M. Ripka and Jean Dreese and Phyllis Hertzog, 1206 W. Beaver Ave., $1.

Luis F. Ayala and Zuleima T. Karpyn to Yufang Li, 1121G W. Aaron Drive, $143,000.

Douglas K. Burnsworth, estate and James A. Naddeo, executor to Linda M. Burnsworth, 2553 Applegreen Circle, $1.

Glenn K. Hunter and Elizabeth A. Hunter to Nathaniel A. Windon, Rick A. Windon and Pamela S. Windon, 324 Madison St., $210,000.

Gregg Township

Anthony C. Bierly and Dawna L. Bierly to Leslie Burkholder, 4022 Penns Valley Road, $140,000.

David L. Immel and Bridgett E. Immel to David L. Immel, 335 Blue Ball Road, $1.

Halfmoon Township

Thomas E. Kane and Laura Winn Kane to Paul D. Welch III and Mary Elizabeth Day, 93 Marvin St., $400,000.

Dennis M. McGregor and Alice L. McGregor to Kyle R. Fluke, 15 Bud Court, $299,000.

Harris Township

Agues-Nobori Properties to Jose R. Rodriguez and Anmarie Rodriguez, 205 Timberwood Trail, $195,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Denise G. Wilber, property located within the Township, $317,498.32.

Kenneth K. Lee and Christine Kyu Lee to Robert Shearer and Deborah Shearer, 240 Meadow Lark Lane, $820,000.

TOA PA IV LP to Jeffrey C. Lamb and Lori A. Lamb, propberty located within the Township, $308,297.82.

Huston Township

Lili Sanders to Lili Chable Sanders Revocable Trust and Lili Chable Sanders, trustee, 301 Five Springs Lane, $1.

Liberty Township

Robert W. Weikert and Nancy W. Weikert to Carl Brungard Jr., and Cindy M. Brungard, 203 Bald Eagle Forest Road, $130,000.

Marion Township

Adam Skutt to Sean W. Torongeau and Alison D. Torongeau, 309 Sunset Drive, $210,000.

Miles Township

Patricia L. Welsh to Patricia L. Welsh and Desiree L. Welsh, 233 Madisonburg Pike, $1.

Patton Township

Wooded Hills to Michael A. Kamens and Carmel A. Kamens, 130 Scarlet Oak Circle, $410,000.

Jeffrey T. Ulmer and Gail Johnston Ulmer to Erika Green, 624 Wayland Place $226,000.

David G. Stewart and Nancy J. Stewart to Xiuyu Hu, 105 Fernwood Court, $160,000.

Jeffrey M. Love and Rachel F. Love to Rebecca A. Grove, 652-H. Oakwood Ave., $229,000.

Yu Liang and Jun Shi to Yu Liang, 216 Ghaner Drive, $1.

Jeffrey A. Knapp and Roberta M. Knapp to Jeffrey A. and Robert M. Knapp Trust, Jeffrey A. Knapp, trustee, and Roberta M. Knapp, trustee, 2108 N. Oak Lane, $1.

Lester E. McClellan and Delores A. Breon to Delores A. Breon and Donald D. Breon, 603 Scotia Road, $1.

Sandra E. Adams to Rietta C. Henerson, 1881 Park Forest Ave., $178,800.

Gregory J. Skidmore and Georgianna M. Achilles to Michael J. Daschbach and Melissa Y. Daschbach, 120 Blueberry Hill Lane, $585,000.

S & A Homes Inc. to Gregory B. Gilbert and Suzanne L. Gilbert, property located within the Township, $585,000.

Thomas D. Yankey and Margaret L. Yawkey to Roberta Z. Callenberger, 104 Red Alder Road, $243,500.

Philipsburg Borough

Barbara Ann Bryan to Robert Bryan and Tammy M. Bryan, property located along Locust Street, $1.

Michael D. Cassick and Tarra L. Cassick to Keith Braun and Gary Braun, 206 Warwick St., $65,000.

Potter Township

Darlene K. Kephart to Aaron M. Rowe and Teri M. Kephart, 116 South Ave., $40,000.

Glenn W. Huey and Kathleen K. Huey to Carolyn H. King and Jesse L. King, property located on Lower Georges Valley Road, $1.

Rush Township

Wanda Ryen and Vincent L. Ryen to Cheryl A. Smith, 507 Walker St., $6,000.

Jared L. Conway to William R. Myers and Jami L. Sanker, 303 Shady Lane, $74,900.

Snow Shoe Township

Vaux Family Revocable Trust, James F. Vaux, trustee, and Jenny E. Vaux, trustee, to Joseph C. Kephart and Carrie W. Kephart, property located along Ferds Road, $10,000.

Nancy L. Park to Frederick D. Park Jr., property located along Snow Shoe Mountain Forest Road, $1.

Spring Township

CDG Land Acquisition LP to Nathan P. Culmer and Rachel C. Culmer, 133 Rosehill Drive, $229,000.

U. S. Bank to Mikhail Berezenko and Natalia Berezenko, 684 N. Pennsylvania Ave., $64,299.

Jerry A. Witherite and Judith Witherite to John M. Scott and Melissa K. Scott, 644 Buds Aly, $135,000.

Keith A. Halsnik to Spring Gardens, 149 Faust Circle $1.

Mary E. George to Frank A. Peno Jr. and Shannon Peno, 110 Tamara Circle, $139,900.

John A. Baker and Cynthia L. Baker to Donald L. Hill, 118 Bilger Ave., $87,000.

State College Borough

John A. Daley to Manchester LLC, 803 Stratford Drive, $113,000.

Faccone Family Trust, Arthur D. Faccone, trustee, and Deborah S. Faccone, trustee, to Arthur D. Faccone, 255 E. Nittany Ave., $1.

Faccone Family Trust, Arthur D. Faccone, trustee, and Deborah S. Faccone, trustee, to Arthur D. Faccone, 252 E. Foster Ave., $1.

Fraser Hart Kershaw II to CASA Partners LP, 612 Walnut St., $225,000.

Caryl M. Brubaker, estate and Kevin S. Brubaker, executor, to Christopher B. Jones and Shannon M. Jones, 814 Jackson Circle, $269,900.

Union Township

John McCoy, estate and Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company to John McCoy, estate and Manufacturers and Traders Trust Company, parcels located along South Eagle Valley Road, $1.

John McCoy, estate and Manufacturers and Traders Trust to James Caldwell and John Caldwell, parcels located along South Eagle Valley Road, $1.

Chriss Leonard Brower and Sharon H. Brower to Brower’s Hunting Camp LLC, property located along Brower Road, $1.

Robert A. Yarber Jr. and Sarah Schwartz to Jennifer L. Gray, 725 Unionville Pike, $315,000.

Walker Township

Kermit L. Rider, by agent and Alma C. Rider to Alma C. Rider, 2532 Zion Road, $1.

Mark A. Mattson and Nikki L. Mattson to Michael J. Martin and Emily E. Moignard, 110 Fieldstone Lane, $130,000.

KSB Real Estate LLC to Mark Skojec, 217 Dunkle Road, $261,337.

Frank W. McMath and Carolyn F. McMath Revocable Trust and Frank W. McMath, trustee, to Frank W. McMath Revocable Living Trust and Frank W. McMath, trustee, 1126 Blue Spruce Drive, $1.

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