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Posted by J. J. in Phila on September 21, 2013 

Yesterday, I could not get on to this site to post a blog, so below is the one I would have posted before we had the new information.  I’ll add an update after this.


            A story just broke with a possible explanation for the mysterious disappearance of Ray Gricar.  An informant had come forward claiming that a former Hell’s Angel and FBI informant ordered Mr. Gricar, then the District Attorney, killed.  He was killed, brutally, and then his body tossed into a “shaft” that was plugged up.  The motive was a long prison term that the killer had received from Mr. Gricar.  The Bellefonte Police and FBI are taking this seriously.1

            This one is possible.  It has motive, the “slow burn” that family spokesman, Tony Gricar, use to call it, no longer a hypothetical.  We don’t know too much about the opportunity.  As for means, specifically how to lure Mr. Gricar to Lewisburg, the alleged killer was a former informant and could have somehow used that to lure Mr. Gricar there by suggesting that he had information. We do know that the alleged killer was prosecuted by Mr. Gricar and that the informant had some contact with him, though possibly indirectly. It is possible, and plausible. 

            There are some problems, however.  If Mr. Gricar was lured to a meeting in Lewisburg, why didn’t he tell some member of his staff, or his girlfriend, where he was going?  Why didn’t he leave some message or notes about it?

            If a killer followed Mr. Gricar from home, why didn’t he notice that he was being followed?  The witness accounts indicate that he was in Lewisburg for about 5 hours, in the Mini and on foot.  Some things fit, while some do not.

            Then there is the informant.  Unlike the witnesses, he has something to gain; he is asking for immunity from other crimes.  That might be a problem.

            A long time ago, a scenario similar to the one that we are hearing was discussed.  It was one of the possible murder scenarios.2  About 18 months ago, I updated it, and noted that it was slightly stronger.3  Bluntly, the informant could have just looked at them and written himself into the story.  While I never mentioned a “shaft,” or where the body was hidden, I have raised that possibility online, specifically an abandoned well.  It was referred to in Karen Arnold’s Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, mentioning it at least twice.4  The informant could have looked at those.

            This is also not the first time the police looked for the hidden remains of Ray Gricar.  In 2011, police searched in a Blair County cemetery for his remains; nothing was found.5  This could be another path that leads no place.

            This Hell’s Angels story is not definite and may just be another dead end; conversely, it might lead to Mr. Gricar’s dead body.  It is possible and one that we should watch.


            Today, we know the answer.  It was a dead end.  The initial report to the police was even more convoluted that the story that was reported.6    The informant’s story, that there were four other bodies and a number of guns hidden with Mr. Gricar’s remains, really did not make too much sense.   A number of commenters on the Internet had problems with the story, and that level of skepticism is good.

            Still, because parts of it were accurate, the alleged killer had been prosecuted by Mr. Gricar, he was a former FBI informant, and could have, plausibly, lured Mr. Gricar 50 miles from home, it needed to be taken seriously, but skeptically.  It was, and it does show that the police are still taking the possibility that Mr. Gricar was the victim of foul play seriously.  So am I.


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