Letter to the editor | Waiting for answers

September 24, 2013 

In January, I offered a public comment at the Penn State board of trustees meeting.

I took those precious three minutes to ask for details about how the business and industry trustees were nominated, elected and re-elected.

I named the business and industry trustees for the benefit of the audience’s clear understanding, their years on the board and how many times they were “re-elected,” wondering aloud who they ran against to secure their seats each term.

I asked about the nomination process, criteria and deadlines. I was curious and respectful.

And I did not receive a single answer to any of these basic questions.

I understand that, at last week’s trustees meeting, former state Sen. Bob Jubelirer received the courtesy of a reply to his public comment.

Are we to assume that the trustees have turned a corner and are now willing to answer public comments? Or must I run for Senate in order to warrant acknowledgment?

Again, and emphatically, in the name of transparency and openness, I respectfully request answers to these long-overdue and very important questions.

Maribeth Roman Schmidt

Gwynedd Valley

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