Real Estate Transactions: September 2-6, 2013

September 27, 2013 

The following property transactions, those most recently released to the Centre Daily Times, were recorded from Sept. 2, 2013, through Sept. 6, 2013, in the office of the Centre County Recorder of Deeds.

Bellefonte Borough

Mark Grunenwald and Bethany Grunenwald to Matthew J. Carroll and Kristen L. Osborne, 611 W. Lamb St., $180,000.

C. Edward Bingaman by guardian and Delores Bingaman by guardian to John W. Dann, 110 E. High St., $1.

John W. Dann and Linda D. Dann to Bellefonte Mews LP, 110 E. High St., $40,000.

Benner Township

Ralph Spearly Contracting Inc., to Stephen E. Evans and Faye K. Evans, 160 Aster Ave., $292,500.

Roberta A. Morris and Timothy Hines to Thomas A. Placey and Helene J. Placey, 114 Yarrow Way, $240,000.

Jeffrey D. Antion and Amy J. Antion to Jeffrey D. Antion, 2234 Barnes Lane, $10.

Boggs Township

Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency and U. S. National Association, trustee, to Chad E. Fisher, 160 Circle Road, $72,000.

Brandy L. Preslovich, Brandy L. Urbanik and Paul E. Urbanik to Tracey L. Noel and Jaclyn R. Noel, 526 Old 220 Road, $116,500.

College Township

Sabina D. Mikanowska and Piotr Berman to Robert J. Watts and Wendy S. Watts, 269 Noble St., $325,000.

Robert Cosinuke to John Cosinuke, 108 Clover Road, $1.

Robert Lee Gilligan to Miles P. Cummins, Charles M. Cummins and Theresa A. Cummins, 1400 Houserville Road, $114,000.

David W. Stevens and Megan D. Mahaffy to Bridget A. Ciolkosz and Zachary E. Ciolkosz, 329 Creekside Drive, $197,000.

Roderick S. Thomas and Lorella G. Thomas to Thomas D. Hunter Jr. and Christi L. Hunter, 823 Thompson St., $241,000.

Jesse J. Francis and Joanna M. Francis to Natalie G. Summerson, 2520 Shawn Circle, $170,000.

Andres Lepage and Roseline Esteves to Vasant G. Honavar and Shivani Sharma, 1262 Haymaker Road, $540,000.

Geraldine Roger Bohn, Gerald E. Rogers, Bonnie Lou Moerschbacher and Ronnie Lee Rogers to College Township, 1481 E. College Ave., $1.

Richard A. Behr and Judith Behr to Richard Bergman and Shirley J. Bergman, 107 Wellington Drive, $241,500.

Shaner Office Holdings LP to Rex Energy Corporation, property located along Walker Drive, $275,000.

Vadim Y. Kaloshin and Olesya V. Grishchenko to Brookfield Relocation Inc., 500 Balmoral Circle, $330,000.

Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Erik W. Schaible and Angela D. Lueking, 500 Balmoral Circle, $330,000.

Curtin Township

Perry M. McKean, estate and June L. Confer, administratrix to Jason R. Neidig and Jodi L. Neidig, 155 McKeans Lane, $210,000.

Ferguson Township

Maren Walseth to Klaas Schildknegt and Susan T. Schildknegt, 159 Gala Drive, $215,000.

Jeffrey J. Jordan to Scott R. Sylves and Monica Eakin, 662 Berkshire Drive, $224,000.

Ella J. Houtz to Harry D. Knupp and Barbara J. Knupp, 2486 Circleville Road, $38,000.

Charles E. Miller Jr. and Heidi Kruesi Miller to Scott C. Good and Christine E. Good, 210 Treetops Drive, $108,000.

Donald L. Brownley and Jean A. Brownley to Carleen F. Maitland, 1327 Harris St., $200,000.

Aaron M. Anspach to Colin J. Horton and Cindy Jane Parsons, 165 E. Cherry Lane, $154,000.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Stephen W. Brown and Nicole R. Brown, 130 Sycamore Drive, $127,000.

Xiaojun Zhang and Sheng Kai Yu to Xiaojun Zhang and Shengkai Yu, 743 Teal Lane, $1.

Gregg Township

David L. Immel and Bridgett E. Immel also known as Brdigett E. Immel, to David L. Immel, 243 Blue Ball Road, $1.

Scott M. Breon, by sheriff and Jayne K. Breon, by sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association, 107 Toolshed Lane, $10,066.91.

W. Jere McCarthy, by sheriff to U. S. Bank, 538 Brush Mountain Road, $13,756.78.

Halfmoon Township

Walter O. Cottrell and Carol H. Cottrell to Shannon C. Focht, 250 Mahala St., $422,000.

Harris Township

Andrew M. Ricker and Katherine B. Ricker to Jennifer L. Macalady, 182 Rock Hill Road, $280,500.

Howard Borough

Kirk L. Lomison and Kirk L. Lomison Sr. to Keith A. Lomison and Kathryn N. Lomison, property located along Stowell St., $1.

Liberty Township

Steven M. Hills, estate and Sherry L. Miller, administratrix to Jeffrey C. Smith, 144 Eagles Nest Road, $53,000.

Patton Township

Jaime L. Lynch to Donald P. Lynch Jr., 201 Brynwood Drive, $1.

Donna O’Neill, by sheriff, also known as Donna R. O’Neill, and Donna R. O’Neil to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 14 S. Barkway Lane, $205,000.

Penn Township

Willard B. Muthersbaugh and Bonnie J. Muthersbaugh to Thomas T. Stoner and Jennifer L. Vanada, 279 Orndorf Road, $180,000.

Philipsburg Borough

Mills Home Company to George Allen Mills and Chelsey D. Mills, 121 N. Eleventh St., $59,900.

Potter Township

Jaybird Manufacturing Inc. to Darren J. Figart and Mila Alexandra Figart, 135 Summer Lane, $270,000.

Rush Township

Cory M. Greenawalt and Laurie B. Greenawalt to Anthony S. Curtorillo Jr. and Danielle L. Curtorillo, property located along Forshey Lane, $25,000.

JCS Trucking Inc. to Adam A. Covert, 3690 Casanova Road, $75,500.

John King, by sheriff and Debra M. King, by sheriff to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, 395 Ernestville Road, $3,263.66.

Jacquelin E. Tepsic to Arthur Bordas and Laura Bordas, 551 Mallard Road, $85,000.

Snow Shoe Township

Patriacia A. Ament to Dale F. Ament and Patricia A. Ament, 1950 Clarence Road, $1.

Spring Township

Spin Corporation to Kogelmann LP, 731 Pleasant View Blvd., $210,000.

Jeffrey J. Law and Lara L. Law to Jennifer M. Aldrich, 313 Park Ave., $106,500.

Ann Davis, by sheriff to Tammac Holdings Corporation, 206 Upper Coleville Road, $18,833.21.

Larry M. Millinder, estate, Larry Millinder, estate and Allissa P. Millinder, administratrix to Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, 124 Danielle Drive, $5,820.42.

State College Borough

John E. Leitzinger and Diane C. Leitzinger to Elizabeth F. Laube Revocable Living Trust, 906 Lillian Circle, $249,200.

David Urbanick and Melissa Urbanick to Jason Andrew Passuello, 102 8th St., $53,500.

William K. Alcorn to Scott J. Scotilla and Margaret E. Scotilla, 910 W. Fairmont Ave., $339,900.

Mahala Ann Thoele to Edward Thomas Boughter and Kathi Stanton Boughter, 604 N. Burrowes St., $470,000.

Cicely P. Wheeler, estate and James M. Rayback, administrator to Thomas S. Adams and Pamela J. Adams, 638 Franklin St. $180,000.

Walker Township

Bank of New York Mellon to Keith A. Jury and Kristina J . Kramer-Jury, 119 Brooks Lane, $131,000.

Worth Township

Yong Joo Kim, by sheriff to Federal National Mortgage Association, 121 Housel Lane, $55,000.

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