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September 30, 2013 

I grew up in State College and graduated from State College Area High School and Penn State, and have traveled the world courtesy of the U.S. Navy. But I return regularly to Happy Valley to visit family and friends.

What strikes me as odd is the continued obsession in the CDT with above-the-fold blanket coverage of the Jerry Sandusky scandal that occurred several years ago.

I understand the tragedy that happened when powerful men had the watch and children were grievously harmed.

But this all came to a head in 2011, followed by the initial Sandusky trial, the Freeh report and now the follow-on events with post-trial appeals and additional litigation associated with the others.

I understand all of that, but folks in central Pennsylvania should also know that violence in the Middle East threatens our security; that Iran trying to bring nuclear reactors online to produce weapons-grade plutonium should be keeping us up at night; that China’s building of a blue water navy to contest our own in the Pacific (an ocean upon which a very large portion of commerce flows to our shores) should be of deep concern.

Surely these stories merit more weight than trying to find the statue of Joe Paterno.

Vance Brahosky, Springfield, Va.

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