Letter to the editor | Responsibility lacking

September 30, 2013 

I am enraged that Glenn Thompson is our representative in Congress.

This man either does not care about the future of our district, state and world or is abysmally ignorant.

He is promoting the use of coal at the very time the planet is being destroyed from fossil fuels. Knowledgeable scientific organizations now estimate a 95 to 99 percent chance that the world is dramatically heating up and that humans are the cause.

Thompson opposes food supplements for poor people, the majority of whom are children and elderly, while he favors big-government subsidies to agribusiness, which makes obscene profits on processed foods, making America the second fattest country in the world.

He bemoans big government while the number of government employees has actually shrunk.

He favors no restrictions on gun ownership while Americans continue to be slaughtered in record numbers by emotionally disturbed people with easy access to concealable pistols.

Thompson appears to be living in a dream world in which America is No. 1, but we are far down the list in education, child welfare, health, infrastructure, freedom of the press, environmental quality and other measures.

He seems to assume we should let capitalism operate with no controls. This attitude is responsible for the deep recession we have endured and the boom and bust cycles that always occur when government does not regulate.

We must have more responsible representation for our congressional district.

Geoffrey Godbey, State College

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