Letter to the editor | Fired up

September 30, 2013 

First we fire Joe Paterno over the phone. Then one or more of our politically correct, newly elected leaders constructs a rule that demands the immediate firing of any Penn State coach or administrator who is critical of any employee or student who blows the whistle and is questioned or criticized by the wrong person.

Why not by a phone call — fast and final?

Maybe there are situations in which such punishment is justified.

But in the case of our very successful fencing coach, Emmanuil Kaidanov, after 30 years or so of winning national championships and garnering gold in the Olympics, this rule seems to have been employed without anything close to a proper review.

Well, we can’t bring Paterno back, except in re-establishing his statue and deservedly iconic status with a proper event.

But we can bring back our fencing coach with a public apology.

And best we take a look at that “rule” and attach some fairness to its use — or throw it in the waste can.

Art Ward, State College

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