Letter to the editor | What hath been wrought?

October 3, 2013 

During the McCarthy era, we accused the Soviet Union of sabotaging our government.

Fast-forward 60 years. Now, Republicans are doing just that.

Ever since Ronald Reagan was president, Republican politicians have expressed more and more hatred for our government.

About half of the time, the American people vote for presidents the Republicans don’t like. When this happens, the Republicans act like bullies, fighting back by gerrymandering and even making it harder for people to vote.

Now we have reached the point at which Republicans have shut down the government itself.

They did this because, like spoiled, immature children, they can’t accept the fact a law was passed three years ago that helps people get affordable health insurance.

When I studied civics in high school, nobody considered for a moment that our government would be subverted like this from within.

Why do Republicans hate democracy?

I can only conclude it’s because having a democracy means that sometimes Republicans can’t get their way.

Years ago, the Republican Party used to be moderately conservative and rational, if slightly cold-hearted. Lately, thanks to tea-partiers like Rep. Glenn Thompson, that party has become extreme to the point of lunacy, subverting our very form of government.

It’s too bad what has happened to America.

Robert Baillie, State College

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