Inside the Garman

Posted by R Thomas Berner on October 5, 2013 

I had never been inside the Garman before so I had no idea what to expect. The wrought iron railing jumped out at me as did the stencils on the wall.


— I had an interesting experience photographing inside the Garman Theater the other day. I was shooting in a moldy and smelly place with little light and no tripod to steady my camera. I knew before I went in that shooting hand-held HDR was out of the question.

For the first few shots, I used aperture preferred set to F8 and that sort of worked because there was some outside light. But as I ventured (with a guide) into the darker areas of the theater, my autofocus failed me and I added my LED light to try to salvage some shots. I dialed down to 1/30 of a second exposures and combined with an ISO of 6400 and a lot of manipulation in Photoshop, I got some decent shots.

I think if I were documenting, I would need lights. Fortunately, NABIL K. MARK of the CDT got much better shots and I urge you to check his work at

I mentioned Photoshop. Processing this low-light photos was the first time I needed to use the highlights and shadows sliders to great effect. For example, in the photo above I was able to bring back some of the details in the window that don't show in the original negative.

And now it's on to Millheim for the annual photowalk. This will be my 4th: Santa Fe, State College and Bellefonte preceded Millheim. 


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