Letter to the editor | Toomey’s reckless record

October 8, 2013 

Sen. Pat Toomey’s record of hurting our veterans just keeps growing.

Despite a backlog of more than 900,000 Veterans Affairs claims, Toomey has voted against every VA appropriations bill in the Senate. He also voted against the Veterans Job Corps Act, which was intended to provide transition training and jobs for our returning men and women in uniform.

Now, Toomey has voted to shut down the government.

When given the opportunity to open it again, Toomey voted to keep it closed. He knew full well that, during the shutdown, veterans would not receive compensation, pensions or education benefits.

Apparently Toomey had no problem voting for two wars in which thousands of soldiers risked their lives, but he refuses to care for them when they return home.

We need folks in Washington who are committed to constructive cooperation.

Toomey has shown he would rather engage in a reckless political stunt than do what is right for our military.

Nadia Lehtihet

State College

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