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October 8, 2013 

About 50 people toured the Garman Theatre on Friday. Most were in favor of saving it.

There was one attendee who is very knowledgeable and he said the Department of Health would require the developer to mitigate the mold before he tears down the building. He must wrap the building and mitigate then start to tear down. If he doesn’t, all the neighbors — including people going to and from the courthouse — would be affected.

The majority of people coming out of the building after the tour were pleasantly surprised that the damage isn’t nearly what they expected. Of course, they were not shown the top floor in the back of the building where the worst damage is.

But that could be rehabbed or torn down and the original theater building can be saved.

Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Assocation has been saying this since day one. Isn’t anybody in authority listening?

The conservatorship and covenant have laws and rules that have not been followed.

JoAnn L. Knupp


The writer is a member of the Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association.

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